Lear has no outstanding features, though his rather wavey, messy, mop of brown hair might make him stand out - it really does have a mind of its own! His stature is slightly small, his waist slightly rounded. His face has a slightly rounded edge, though his features are well defined. Slightly raised cheek bones gives Lear a cheery expression. Eyes of a deep chocolate brown hold a smile much of the time. His lips are not even, his bottom lip being slightly more plump than his upper one.

His clothes, have a new addition - a new looking, soft cotton button-down shirt, dark brown in colour. It has long, loose sleeves ending in wide cuffs. The cuffs are trimmed with deep ruby ribbon, as is the collar. Two stripes of red ribbon also border the button band, and the buttons themselves are slightly mismatched and wooden. On close inspection it reveals that this shirt isn't exactly brand new, the bits of ribbon trip having been added with stitches that are small, careful, but slightly wonky. Possibly covering once-frayed cuffs, the buttons probably aren't original, either. His deep wooden-coloured trousers fit snug, the fit suiting his shape, with the hem resting over stout boots. Each bow tied to exact standards. All looking clean, sharp and rather too neat.

On his shoulder is the knot of a Xanadu Bluerider

Lear appears to be in his late-20s.


Lear is not worldly wise. His home has always been somewhere around Ista. His way of living has not really got him noticed by anyone, anywhere. He is not skilled, he is not famous for any heroics, he is just… Lear! His family have held different careers within Ista and this has led him to try his hand at different crafts. He tried his hand at woodwork, but the dust annoyed him too much. He tried his hand at the sea-craft but the scales on the fish annoyed him too much. He even tried cloth-making, but if his stitching wasn't exact - it annoyed him. The one thing he was good at was cleaning. This ended up being his basic chores in life. He would clean, sort and organise anything that was asked of him.

It finally came to pass that his exact nature became frustrating for his parents, and they suggested he try for a life of his own. He agreed but they were rather surprised when Lear decided to goto Ista Weyr in search of a job.

A new phase of his life has just began, and at this time its ticking all the boxes. He has managed to secure a position as a Launderer at Ista Weyr. Though he has only been there a short time, his high standards are becoming well known. It was a strange day, with Lear actually relaxing and chatting with a fellow new Resident, Iroha, when D'son's Bronze Inimeth made the portly Lear actually run out of words by searching him to stand at Ista Weyr. The day was full of surprises as at the same time F'yr's Brown Zaruath Snarled Iroha for the same candidacy. Lear had a great candidacy. He got to clean, organise, sort, clean, launder, touch eggs, clean, organise for pretty much most of the time. Not to forget being part of 'THE WASH FALCONS' and becoming the nibbler of pies! He made some excellent friends, and amazingly managed to keep clean and tidy!!

The day of the hatching came, and Lear was a mess. His robes had been starched within an inch of their lives! He stood with his fellow candidates and watched as one after another they became Weyrlings. The last egg hatched, one that he had been particularly fond off, and a blue which made him comment to people around him that possibly the hatchlings had been effected by the Flue that had attacked Ista. Lear couldn't help watching the sorry looking creature, his face wincing as he noted its horrid shuffling giant. He continued to watch it, and then he realised that it was watching him - and impression was made. L'ar and Blue Sisketh are now an intresting pair, one that needs time to bond, needs time to get used to each other, and needs time to take over the world!!!!!


Name Relation Location Position
Aaron Father Ista Hold
Lendra Mother Ista Hold




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