Gentle lines dawn across a face weathered honey brown. Her deep eyes waver on the edges of gray and green, creased at the edges with the signs of someone who spends a lot of time laughing. Her nose is slightly straight and narrow, overshadowing blush-colored lips spread in a generous smile. Her neck curves gracefully into rounded shoulders and slender but powerful arms. Her waist is slender, and so are her hips, and the majority of her modest height is leg.
Alie wears a heavy riding coat made of dark brown leather, reaching just above her knee and slitted to mid-thigh. Beneath the jacket she wears a red tanktop, blue denim jeans, and fingerless gloves to match, and a sturdy pair of black leather boots. Her long blonde hair is unbound, cascading to her thighs. On one shoulder is the knot of a Journeyman Glasscrafter, and on the other is the patch of the Quasar Wing at Xanadu Weyr and a knot marking her as Weyrsecond with a brown thread for her bond, Adinaeth.


Born in the general vicinty of Half Moon Bay Hold(No one knows quite for sure, because Alie's mother gave birth on a ship), Alie came into the world headed from one continent to another. Born of sturdy seacraft stock, she quickly learned the things that most sailor brats know-how to bail out, tie knots, and go down below when the weather got rough. For the most part, Alie was quite content to follow her father halfway around the world and back. Unlike most children, she saw things most people would never hope to dream in their lifetime. Eulalie was very content with the world.
There are some who say having women on a ship is bad luck, and just plain stupid to have children. On a trip from Fort Seahold down to Ista Weyr sometime before Alie's 12th Turnday, bad weather struck off the coast of Southern Boll. Alie's father was swept over the side when a wave broke over the deck, and washed beneath the keel. When the hurricane-ravaged ship found its way back to land, they were off-course, swept back to the Eastern Islands. Alie was taken to be with her mother at Ierne Weyrhold. She lived there for a Turn or two, before she was sent to learn the craft of working glass. With determination and skill, she quickly rose in rank and became one of the youngest Journeymen in the Glasscraft. She was again sent to Ierne Weyrhold, this time to set up a shop and send other promising youth on to the Hall. In her 18th Turn, she was picked out of her shop by Brown Bergerath, who demanded a statue of himself, and insisted Alie could only create her masterpiece as a Candidate at Xanadu Weyr.
As a candidate, Alie met Matteo, a seacrafter after her own heart. On the sands, Eulalie was found by brown Adinaeth, becoming L'alie. It was soon discovered that Adinaeth, or Adie, was the most peculiar dragon most people had ever met. Not only did he enjoy talking to just about anyone, he seemed to be obsessed with two things - the color pink, and midnight remorse. Through their weyrlinghood, T'eo and L'alie's friendship deepened. Eventually they became weyrmates. After 6 Turns together, L'alie gave birth to T'eo's first daughter, Teila - on the same day that Aeris gave birth to T'eo's first son, Aereo.


Name Relation Location Position
Larabell Mother Ierne Weyrhold Resident
Javoson Father Deceased Deceased
T'eo Weyrmate Western Weyr Weyrleader with Bronze Raenth
Teila Daughter Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat
Zee Daughter Xanadu Weyr Toddler
Surie Daughter Xanadu Weyr Infant
Alistaur Son Xanadu Weyr Infant


Slithering Snake Brown Iceberg
Dirty brown hide seems to be stretched awkwardly over his form, darker streaks haphazardly appearing along his long, serpentine neck and narrow, elongated body. Muddy green hues tint his stomach, clinging to the underside of his tail, covering his limbs completely, even casting an odd tint on his ebony-based talons. His head appears as if it's been compressed, overly stretched between his flattened head knobs and large nostrils. His wings are long and narrow, like the rest of his body, as the same ugly brown inhibits wing sails and wing spars.

Brown Kitty and Brown Ribbit (ghosted)



Brown Adinaeth
Pale khaki is highlighted with blonde-tinted brown, intermingling as the hues slip over the wide back, rounding the barrel-chest that is his torso, coloring darkening along his stomach, along the underside of his tail, and down the insides of his limbs, never, however, coming close to the dark color of his ebony talons. Despite the roundness of his torso, his hindquarters slip smoothly back, sweeping into a long, lean tail. Wings possess the same fit appearance, darker hues inhabiting the leading edges while the translucent wing sails are the same pale khaki as his back. A rather short neck extends, upon which rests his head, the stubby muzzle giving way to defined eye ridges over large faceted eyes. Sepia ridges contrast with his hide as they daintily slide down from between his rounded head knobs, over his back, to the tip of his tail, drawing attention over his entire body.
Adinaeth is proudly adorned with riding straps. But these are no oridinary riding straps! Oh no, these are Adinaeth's special riding straps. The leather is skillfully adorned with lots of glittery sequins. Pink sequins to be exact, sewed onto leather straps died hot pink. Only the highest in fashion for Adie!
Adinaeth is 17 Turns, 10 months, and 1 day, with a length of 30.11 meters, and a wingspan of 50.18 meters.


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