Amber colored hair, streaked with darker brown strands, is worn short. His hairstyle is smooth and straight, almost bowl-shaped, at the top, but the lower portion of his hair is layered slightly to give some texture. The rider's skin is smooth and with a clear complexion. His eyes are sapphire, with a faint tint of violet to them, and they shine with health and general happiness. There is nothing very remarkable about his facial features, save his stubbornly set jaw, which may perhaps be the only physical manifestation of one of this personality traits. L'ae is neither remarkably tall nor short, but between these two extremes at what could be considered average height. However, he may perhaps seem a bit smaller, since his frame is somewhat rangy and the man is, in truthfulness, scrawny, seeming at times more like someone in late adolescence than a man in his twenties.
Wherhide pants, loose so as not to be uncomfortable in a warm climate, are held in place by a wherhide belt that encircles the rider's small waist. So as to not blend in with his pants, the wherhide belt has been dyed a darker color than his pants and the ends of the belt are tipped with a reddish dye. Tucked into his pants is a dark blue tunic, a chance from the monotonous coloring of his wherhide pants and belt. This tunic is loose, but not to the point where it is excessively baggy or hides most of his body. For shoes the rider has chosen to wear a pair of sturdy black wherhide sandals.


Laise was born in Butterag Hold where he lived out a rather normal childhood. As normal as you can get with thirteen siblings, all but three older. What can you say, his mother loves children. Only problem with such a large amount is that attention must be split. This may be a cause of his certain demeanor. But, that'll be said later on.
Getting bored at home Laise decided he would rather "travel all over Pern!" or well, get out of Butterag. Just before his thirteenth turn-day he managed to convince them (or maybe pester them enough) to let him leave. Of course they set it up so he would go live with two of his older siblings for awhile. This would be Jariom and Maisy at Eastern Weyr. Mostly Maisy since the presence of Jariom there wasn't known at the time.


Laise isn't arrogant like some of the males in his family, at least not exactly. Instead if you had to describe him in one word it would probably be 'stubborn'. He wants /what/ he wants and /when/ he wants it. Otherwise be ready to hear complaints. He also doesn't have any qualms about doing whatever it takes to get attention. Small pranks are only the beginning. So yes, people should cater to his needs but not since he's this wonderful and superior person. He doesn't believe he is, but people should let him have what he wants. Or else hell's to pay, if he's feeling like that at the time.
Laise isn't really a bad kid, or spoiled. He just seems like he wants to be spoiled, who doesn't. And when attention is hard to get (thirteen siblings and all) you have to work for it. In fact, he can even be quite enjoyable and sweet. All those good things, and has quite the innocent face but not on purpose, it's just how he looks. Also he doesn't want to be called sweet or cute, what thirteen turn-old in his right mind would?


Name Relation
Alexiana Mother
Mairin Father
Jerialle Older Sister
Merilla Older Sister
A'ran Older Brother
X'eron Older Brother
Jariom Older Brother
Riana Older Sister
Maisy Older Sister
Lexia Older Sister
Malexan Older Brother
Aldaya Older Sister
Marasilla Younger Sister
Saram & Callor Younger Brothers (Twins)
Seian Son (Mianyi)


Softly Dappled Bronze Dayl
He is a large firelizard, strongly built with heavier bones than most display. Cimmerian bronze is his dominant color, and it glows across his body in a softly dappled pattern, from his loftily held head down to his trailing tail. Faded brass shows up in his wings, appearing almost bleached when they are held close to his body. Topaz shadows his head, giving him the delicate gemstone coloring to look arrogantly upon someone, while padparadscha flirts with his neck and curls along his back in an amorous display of vivid hues, the color slowly deepening until legs are nearly oxidized black, over ebony talons.

Blue on Blue Embroidered Blue AJ
Blue is this firelizard's color and it covers and wraps his body in a cloak of seeming sameness, every aspect of his hide a brilliant cerulean. His neck is long, sinuous before it curves up onto a proudly held head, eyes of whirling red the only discordance to his blue. Wings are translucent, throwing midnight ribbons of color from the refraction of light as his shadow on the ground. The rest of his body is stocky, solid as he surveys his surroundings and then coils up the long length of his tail around scintillating sapphire talons. Despite all this, he would be ordinary except for the trailing designs that cover his entire body, similar to the careful stitchwork made by holder's wives. It is only the same blue as his hide, leaving the fanciful sprays and decorative knots something there to be almost seen, but fading simply into the patterns of his hide if looked for too hard.

Patchwork Blue Patch
Blue from all over the spectrum seem to have been put together to cover this blue's hide. From deep indigo to the palest of ice blues. Upon head, sky blue touches cerulean touches indigo, all patched together as if some weaver's grand quilt. Graceful neck sports a fine assortment of midnight and aqua, melding down onto strong back before shifting to denim and ice. Large wings are graced with powder blue and azure. Tail, the darkest part of this beautiful creature is indigo and midnight, patched together with perfect stitches. Strong legs finish off this firelizard's body, coloured with the full assortment of blues and ending in ebon talons.


'X' Marks The Spot Blue Loraenth
After the rays of sunlight, which turn his hide rainbow looking, pass over this small dragon, a deep royal blue coloring appears. The royal blue appears on his hide with glimmering bits of forget-me-not-blue speckled all over his back and stomach. The speckles fade into a picturesque view of the sky; light blue starts at the bottom and becomes a darker sky blue as it moves across his chest. Large splotches of crystallized hide, which looks to have been sugar coated creating a light baby blue color; the splotches resemble clouds in the sky. Azure vines twist and twine about his neck, leading up to his eye ridges. Large oval orbs stare out curiously, the colors of the rainbow swirl together in pure happiness. The nape of his neck is of a teal shade with navy blue glittered upon it; the glittered navy blue continues on down to the tip of his tail. Each of his legs is composed of a mosaic of all different shades of blue such as: azure, navy, baby, royal and sky. The blue continues on down to his large talons, mixed together with a bit of silver and gold to create a unique coloring.


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