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Kyra is a young woman, seemingly in her late teens, who would probably find the description of 'petite' a little generous. She's short, probably only about five feet, five inches, and has the physique of an acrobat or ballerina: slim, athletic, and not overly copious on curves. Her hair, cropped short into a feathery pixie cut, is a deep, rich mahogany brown that often looks black in the right light and when it gets wet. Off-setting the darkness of her hair without stepping outside of the color family, her large puppy-ish eyes are actually a warm honey brown nearing amber-gold; a few flecks of green suggest they may, in fact, be hazel. Her features add to the overall fae perception her hair and size might create, with a narrow chin, smooth cheekbones, and a strong but gently curved jawline. If her ears were pointed, it would be complete, but they are, sadly, just ears. She has thick and serious eyebrows above those big eyes of hers, which tends to keep her from looking overly waifish, a fine, small nose, and a full, soft mouth, with lips that usually look like they've been getting chewed on. Her skin is blemished by an impressive degree of freckling, from her face down over her arms and likely over the rest of her, but is otherwise a smooth light cinnamon, darker if she spends time in the sun. Because of her height and modest curves, it's not abnormal for people to confuse Kyra's age, as she typically looks younger than she really is.
Seeing as she tends to travel between different climates, Kyra's typical outfit tends to involve a lot of layers. She has on a loose, sleeveless shirt that reaches just past her thighs, made of a bright, light salmon fabric with a keyhole neckline. Under it, she has on a short-sleeved white shirt that she keeps tucked into a pair of olive cargo pants that have hems with ties on them, to make shortening them at will a little easier. Over it all, she usually wears an open, robe-like jacket with a fabric belt around the middle. The jacket seems to have been clumsily knitted out of some undyed wool, so it ranges between grey and greyish brown, with the sleeves long but the neck usually wide enough that it nearly goes to her shoulders. Her shoes are just sandals, seeing as she hardly needs to take an hour to change those, ones that strap around her ankle and the back of her heel so that they're not likely to come off unintentionally.


Born in Fort Weyr, Kyra has lived pretty constantly in a state of never living in any constant state. Her mother, notorious for a lot of things, wasn't really involved with her father - they were always just friends - but that didn't mean they were bad parents. Kadesh, always a source of fun and lessons best learned earlier rather than later, and her somewhat doting, serious-minded father, managed to raise her (and her brother Branyn) fairly well, despite living in different weyrs and eventually in different parts of Pern. At the moment, Kyra primarily lives with her mother at Half Moon Bay Weyr, but she often travels out to Fort to see her father as well, meaning her ability to withstand temperature changes has come along to the point where she muses she could probably live on the Red Star. Kyra has grown up as something of an oddity, in her way, with a penchant for climbing and trying to be increasingly flexible for no apparent reason. She spends most of her free time in the ocean, the rest of it in trees, and usually with some friends she's known since she was younger.
For the past few turns, she's been considering what she wants to do with her life, however, as many young Pernese tend to, and has started training with people at the Weyr to hopefully become a hunter some day. At least, as she puts it, she'll be able to hunt if she needs to, even if she doesn't take it on as a job. Fishing is another hobby she enjoys quite a bit and it's not uncommon for poor Kadesh to come home to a large fish planted neatly in the kitchen sink, waiting to be dealt with. Kyra's relationship with her younger brother is amiable, considering they don't see each other very often, with her brother off in Igen Weyr most of the time doing his own work. She gets along well with Zelda, her half-sister, and will usually drag her out for fishing when she comes to visit Half Moon, while she and Keldan, the two closest in age, can sometimes be found together, though Keldan tends to be decidedly more sedate than his sister.


Name Relation Location Position
Br'yn Father Fort Weyr Bronzerider
Kadesh Mother Half Moon Weyr Goldrider
Branyn Brother
Jenyn Brother
Keldan Brother Xanadu Weyr Candidate
Zelda Sister Fort Weyr Kitchen Worker




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