Unapposing, Kristhalis stands about five foot ten inches tall in height, with a slender build. While his fingers might be better suited to the of a musician, a few of the right hand are stained by the ink he uses to write with. From behind thick dark lashed peer a pair of pale blue eyes; their corners crinkled just slightly as if a permanent reminder of a million smiles. His features still cling precariously to a delicate nature, with high cheekbones and a narrow chin, but his prenominate nose and expressive full lips more than sufficiently bestow upon him the title of handsome. Beyond his triangular face is the blackness of his tresses, silky and with just the smallest hint of blue highlights, and in length might reach to brush against his slim shoulders. However, presently every last strand has been pulled back and into a low runnertail at the base of his neck.
Dressed simply, Kris wears a long sleeved, and heavy green tunic secured at the waist with a wide weyrhide belt dyed a nondescript brown. Beneath there is a thinner undershirt, it's white color seen at the elbow where both it and the over tunic are rolled up just at the elbow. There's not any adornment on these, or the muslin slacks in black that cover his long legs. Their hem disappears at the ankle into wide cuff leather boots in deep sepia, a few scuffs here and there show they are not likely new. Upon one shoulder is an intricately beautiful knot displaying proudly his position as Masterhealer of Pern.


Son of K'halis and Kirstin. He is the twin brother to Tanthalis, though some may say they look little alike. He carries the same fair skin and dark hair of his brother and mother, but that is where the similarity ends. Being smaller at birth, his constitution has always been a bit frailer, his frame more delicate. Always sick growing up he spent many a day nestled in the infirmary, but for some odd reason it did not turn him off of them and when he came of an age he joined the healer hall at landing to begin his own studies when he was 13. He had mostly outgrown his childhood weaknesses. He has also an older sister, Lyn, a bluerider and Dolphineer and a younger sister Lisle.
Kristhalis thrived at healer hall and threw himself into his studies and not long after reaching Journeyman was called by Master Chiron to become his personal assistant due to his attention to detail, diplomatic handling of people and as well as his skill. So while many others in his classes were going off to posting he stayed at the hall which seemed to suit the man just fine. His brother died in The Plague, the one that nearly took his mother as well. During a renegade raid to retake an injured renagade Kristhalis was attacked and left for dead and suffered permenent damage to his left leg to cause him thereafter to walk with a cane.
Soon Kristhalis became well known for his work in Obstetrics and Pediatrics and started getting called to assist on such cases and soon enough taking on cases of his own. After a failed infatuation with the Craftmaster he fell in love with the Master Maharet, an odd pairing if ever there was one, but a relationship that suits both fine. At the young age of twenty Five he became a master in the craft and only a few turns later did Master Chiron pass on the knot of Craftmaster, a move only unexpected in its timing not in its subject. While craft matters keep him busy, he still gets called in for all difficult Obstetrics cases which in some cases has him traveling around pern a dragon back.
During one of these flying visits he met the then apprentice Healer Delenn and instantly became infatuated with the young man, an infatuation that was allowed to grow once the young man made Journeyman. Though fate was cruel..and not long after Delenn impressed to a dragon and became D'len keeping them apart a little while longer. As soon as the rider graduated, Kristhalis moved at least parttime to Xanadu weyr as Weyrmate to the rider. No doubt causing gossip around the hall regarding his relationship with Maharet, though both masters seem happier then ever.
However, time was not kind to Kristhalis, and his heart was never the strongest. His niece Laera's pregnancy was an incentive for Kristhalis to remain at Xanadu, and a great distraction for the Healer. However, in the end, the Healer succumbed, surrounded by family and loved ones. He was laid to rest in a grand ceremony, fitting of a Master Healer.


Name Relation Location Position Status
Kirstin Mother Deceased Headwoman PC-deceased
K'halis Father Unknown Unknown Unknown
D'len Weyrmate Xanadu Jman Healer PC
Maharet Partner Healer Hall Master Healer PC
Ly'am Son Western Weyr Rider PC
Lyn Sister Healercraft MasterHealer PC
Tanthalis Twin Brother Minecrafter Journeyman Deceased
Lisle Sister Ista Weyr Retired WW PC
Laera Niece Xanadu Rider PC
Larisa Niece Dolphincraft/Xanadu Craft and Weyrbrat NPC
Alixander Nephew-Lisle's son Ista Weyr WeyrBrat PC
Liva Niece-Lisle's Daughter Ista Weyr WeyrBrat PC
Analis Niece-Lisle's Daughter Ista Weyr WeyrBrat NPC


Slinky Predatory Gold Orla
She is a lengthy lady, this pale gold from the tip of her elegant nose to the very end of her narrowed tailspade, sleekly built for speed and a sort of lounging grace. Her hide is very pale butterscotch, stretched finely over a delicate face and on to sweptback headknobs. A swanlike neck fades into her narrow shoulders and down to a slender body, built lithe and for stealth in the skies, with finely shaped forearms with their wickedly curved talons to the well muscled bunching of her haunches. Fashioned of near splendid membranous silk are her wings, diaphanous shading that somehow supports her in flight. Somehow they remain fastened to the slender ivory boning of her wingspars, a fluttery fan of her intentions that shadows a cloak over her body.

Bold Green Glaisne
Mostly this firelizard, large for her colour, is extremely green, and quite a bold hue at that. Her feet look like they have been dipped in mud, glistening as though wet. Wings are also tipped with mud brown, though the main portion is the same bold green as the rest of her. This firelizard's colour isn't the only thing that stands out, she also doesn't seem capable of sitting still, in fact she'd probably even twitch in her sleep.


Title OOC Date Cast
Random Log: Survival Camp Day 3 2008 Amarante, Arkoss, Chaitra, Delenn, Heeva, Keziah, Kristhalis, Laera, L'alie, Lorena, M'iri, Myesha, Orla, Rhalin, R'in, Ryski, T'eo, Z'kiel
An Early Arrival 2008 Laera, L'ton, Kristhalis, Kereth
A Crowd in the Cavern 2008 Arkoss, Delenn, Kristhalis, R'miel, Ryski, Vivian
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