Black hair slides in waves down this young woman's head and frames a ovalish face. Two large, cloudy blue eyes stare out unblinkingly at the world. Her nose is a little small for her face and her mouth is upturned and full.

She's wearing a simple dress of blue with silver trim along the v-neck'ed centre. She is curvy for her rather short height and has lost a good deal of weight recently causing her curves to be that much more profound. Around her waist is a simple brown belt with a pouch and small case. The dress ends around mid calf and she wears simple wherhide boots. Slung around her back is a long simple looking lute case and on her shoulder is a knot bearing her apprenticeship to the HarperHall as well as her posting to Xanadu Weyr.


Born as a Happy Child outside of Xanadu Weyr, Kotone grew up in a warm and loving household. Her mother was a retired Journeyman Harper and her father a retired brownrider by the name of K'ran. They had come together later in life and Kotone was the lucky blessing of their coupling. The young girl was quite active for her first few years. It was unfortunate for the young girl that she began to lose her sight at around five turns. By the time she was seven she was compeltely blind. While this was a staggering blow for her parents, they did not let it hamper their young child. her mother doted on her continually and taught her from a young age to learn to play the lute, her mother's own. When the young girl was old enough to enter the Harper Hall, her mother all but forced her way into the Hall. She showed that Kotone could play and sing very well, and that was enough to allow the young woman entrance. It has been a few turns from then and she now has a posting back at Xanadu Weyr as an apprentice Harper. For the young girl to return home has brought great excitement to her.


Title OOC Date Cast
Xanadu Hatching, August 01, 2007 August 01, 2007 Alaye, Alinaine, Brighid, Cherin, Esher, Ethne, Felandre, Fyrion, G'rism, Harleanne, Jynniphire, Kacen, Keziah, Kotone, L'alie, Lanthiel, Meira, Mellonath, Neamon, Parra, Q'reni, Quiath, Raelin, Rh'al, Senkyou, Shida, Sianne, V'dim, Zekiel
Xylaihl and Kotone January 2007 Kotone and Xylaihl
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