Soft, golden blonde hair has grown out some, flowing past her ears, the ends curling towards her face in little spikes. Her eyes are greyish-blue, lined with a darker blue. She's about average height and size, though seeming a little on thin side and a tad pale. Her eyes have a slightly haunted look, or perhaps it's a tad confused instead. Her hands show the hints of calluses though most seem to have faded away.


Kitani was born in a small holding near Xanadu, and is basically a middle child. Niether the oldest, nor the youngest, just one of the easily forgotten inbetweeners that tend to have to fend for themselves. Course this had it's pluses, she wasn't as quickly noticed when it came time to picking mates, as it was for her older siblings, nor the one picked for doing the stuff only for littles to do.

Of course this can be quite the downfall as well, for this left plenty of time to sneak of and explore and get herself in trouble with the boys and herself. It was this last bit that did her in, for she was a bit indiscreet with one little 'affair' and was caught. Unfortunatly she didn't like the consequences, being confined to the holding, and snuck off in the middle of the night. She was found the next morning, wondering nearby, dirty and covered in dried leaves with a gash on the side of her head and no memory of anything. As the day went on, it was discovered there was a lot she didn't remember as well as the fact that the wound was infected. Nothing life threatening, or so she was told, but she had to stay in bed for several days.

Though she gained her strength back fairly quickly, her mother seemed unwilling to let her do more then mend clothing and tried to coddle her more then she needed or wanted and so after several months of being kept indoors, she declared she was well enough to try and earn a living and headed for the nearby Weyr for a possible job and to get away from her clinging mother.

In time, she came to Impress Mionarracth who was just as quiet as she was and they both supported each other. She became a bit less of a recluse and actually got involved in the StarCraft. Most nights her and Mio can be found out on the beach or a few other places, gazing at the stars and taking notes.


Name Relation Location Position
Undisclosed Mother Undisclosed Undisclosed
Undisclosed Father Undisclosed Undisclosed


Blue Oberon
A large and rather square head is the source of the aquamarine and navy blues which race down its powerful neck and form twin pools along its back and over its chest and stomach. Legs, thin yet not frail, are made of hued stone, a dark midnight blue coating the whole of that masterwork of masonry. All three shades sweep over his powerful haunches and separate forming even thirds of color, divided by the same pure aqua tones which paint his wingsails with a contrast which can not fail to catch the attention of any who spare him half a glance.
Oberon is 47 centimeters in length with a wingspan of 76 cm.

Blue Puck
A chestnut overcoat has been tossed over a dusty blue-green form. The dirty, nearly grey tone is still visible upon his slightly thick tail and over his haunches and all four paws as if a last ditch effort were made to make himself presentable while in the middle of some messy task. Only his wings, twin sheets of lovingly polished sienna are free of blemish as even the chestnut overcoat has its share of ebony oil stains along its from and edges.
Puck is 4 Turns, 11 months, and 11 days old and is 51 centimeters in length with a wingspan of 81 cm.

Green Titania
Tavern green skims over this young lady's belly and chest, making a gentle contrast with the deeper forest green which flows over her back, trapping the mute green shade of her body and wings between the twin lines of contrast. Along her side, hidden when her wings are folded, is a collection of gold colored spots.
Her muzzle is slim and compliments her long graceful tail perfectly. Legs are long and slim, hinting at a clumsiness which is never seen in such a graceful green. Talons are hidden from sight in her dainty paws unless threatened.
Titania is 5 Turns, 12 months, and 6 days old and is 41 centimeters in length with a wingspan of 66 cm.


Blue Mionarracth
A midnight blue of such a deep shade that it rivals the night sky has been spilt over this half-formed runt of a beast which vaguely resembles a Dragon. There are, after all, two navy wings though they appear ripped and stunted, and that pale, thin whip-like appendage at his rear might be a tail. Four thick stumps serve well enough as poorly defined legs and the stunted neck serves well enough to support the elongated, pointed head with the large bulb at the end to house the overgrown nostrils. His chipped canines, permanently exposed, give the pitiful creature a semblance of constant anger no matter the emotions which the oversized orbs which serve as his eyes might whirl with. As if attempting to make up for the obvious shortcomings of the beast, flashes of bright gold and green steak down his back in a valiant attempt to distract the eye from the ridges along their path, no two of which are the same shape and size. Yet even that effect is destroyed by the teal patches which pepper his form and give the impression that his hide has died in those places and is ready to fall off at the slightest touch.
Mionarracth has a length of 25.05 meters, and a wingspan of 41.75 meters.


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