If luck and the Turns had been a little more kind, one would have been able to call Kisa plain. Such kindness, however, has clearly not been in abundance. Her bland, lusterless brown hair is streaked here and there with gray and is pulled back very tightly into a braid that reaches her waist. Her muddy brown eyes are set deep in her skull, bordered by crows feet and very few lashes. Her sharp, beaklike nose perches above a thin mouth turned downward at one corner. This is clearly not a mouth known to sport a smile.
Her manner of dress, though very plain, shows she knows quality. The fabric is well woven and solidly constructed. She wears a very sturdy blouse that buttons up to her jawline with sleeves that end tightly about her wrists. Her trousers are similarly sturdy, woven of a thick brown fabric that end tucked into her heavy boots. A thick hide belt encircles her waist.


Kisa was born and raised a trader. As were her parents. And her grandparents. Six generations of trader stock at the very least. And though she could drive a wagon with the best, she never did develop a knack for haggling. What she lacked in trading skill she made up for in management and accounting. Beasts or men, she could keep them in line and working at peak efficiency. And no one could fault her book keeping. She may not have been good at making money, but she was legendary in her ability to make a mark stretch.
All this earned her respect. It did not earn her love. It was said (very quietly and out of her earshot) that she had only room for marks in her bed. When she finally did take a mate, it was more a matter of convenience than desire. A business deal. Or so it appeared from the outside. Five childless Turns later, they separated. No drama and no trauma. They simply called it quits.
Much to the surprise of the caravan, Kisa gave up the trader life two Turns later and struck out on her own in search of a new life.


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