Kire is a tall lanky boy that seems to be all knees and elbows. He's fifteen years old and he's in the middle of puberty. He has acne on his cheeks. He has black hair that is cute short and spiked up. It's held in place by some hair gel. Kire has soft blue eyes and a round face. He has a rounded chin with a cleft down the middle. Kire's neck is like the rest of him on the scrawny side. He looks like he needs a good meal. You can count his ribs as he has a thin chest and thin arms and legs. Kire's has a nice six pack, but it's more from being thin then being in shape. He has long fingers on his hands. Kire wears a long blue tunic with short sleeves and a pair of brown work pants with brown bots. The clothes seem a little bit on him although they fit his length. Around his waist is a black belt with a knife in its sheath on his left side. On his shoulder is his junior apprentice knot of a double cord mainly red with a white secondary in a single loop.


For as long as Kire could remember he looked up at the stars and wondered about what was out there. He loved to sit outside on clear nights and watch the night sky. Even when it was very cold out he'd bundle himself up so he could climb as high as he could in Fort Weyr to view the sky. His mother was greenrider named Allasa and his father was a Normas. Kire is the only child that the pair has had so far and it seems like the only one, which isn't surprising considering his mother is a green dragonrider. When he was 12 he got accepted into the Starcraft at Telgar hold. At 15 he was close to become a senior apprentice and has been allowed to leave the Hold to go study under a Weyr Starcrafter at Xanadu Weyr.


Name Relation Location Position
Allasa Mother Fort Weyr Greenrider
Normas Father Fort Weyr


Thick as a Brick Brown Ogedei
This is a squat put powerfully built firelizard. It is comprised of odd angles and strange lumps, and its back curves much like a rolling hillside. All over its body, gentle patterns like the earth of a freshly plowed field run, from just behind his head, down his sides, and to the tip of its forked tail, over a background of dark russet-brown. A network of spidery, dark brown veins run over his back, looking much like cracked, dry ground. Oddly, its feet seem slightly flat, and there are sooty patterns at his 'heels', as though they're scuffed. Whorl-like patterns of black drape across his wingsails, like lacy black curtains of black spinner-silk spun over them.

Sandstorm Clouded Brown Temujin
Roiling dust settles in a diffuse pattern over the desert hide of this nondescript firelizard. Vague shapes, as though seen through an opaque swirl of smoky-looking sand that churns its way down the head, neck and shoulders to engulf the stone-strewn dirt smudged on his flanks, hindquarters and tail with its gritty cloud. His tent-like wings are the color of turbid sky veiled with a pall of silt-like debris through which the sun penetrates but dimly.



Title OOC Date Cast
A Double Explosion March 23, 2009 Cenlia, Enkavir, Kire, M'iri, X'hil
Turnday Booze-Out in the Tavern, Some Yelling, a Weyrsecond's Punch, & a Pitchfork March 24, 2009 Cenlia, Kire, Rogawani, X'hil
A Present for Cenlia March 25, 2009 A'di, Cenlia, Kire, Rogawani, Thea, X'hil
Of Sand and Stars March 26, 2009 Kire, Thea
Starry-Eyed March 26, 2009 Enkavir, Kire, Thea
Starcraft Deliveries March 29, 2009 Kire, Rogawani
Bathtime Gone Awry March 31, 2009 Aeryn, Enkavir, Izellah, Kire, X'hil
Tunnelsnake Round-up March 31, 2009 Kire, Myra, Rogawani, Thea
Sheep and Booze and Gossip April 01, 2009 Cenlia, Kire, X'hil
Under the Table vs Out the Door April 03, 2009 Kire, Thea
Late Night Lounge Lizards April 03, 2009 A'di, Alric, Enkavir, Jeffin, Karashi, Kire, Rogawani, Thea
Another Kitchen Explosion April 03, 2009 Enkavir, Kire, Thea, Zevida
Baby Abandonment April 04, 2009 Enkavir, Kire, Myra, Senkyou, Thea
Beach Picnic and Stargazing April 04, 2009 Cenlia, Eledri, Kire, Rhasmir, X'hil
Goading a Goldrider April 7, 2009 Enkavir, Kire, Rhasmir, Thea
Visitor from Ierne April 9, 2009 Kire, Rogawani, Slidra
Wilderness Egg Hunt April 14, 2009 D'had, Kire, X'hil
Rude Awakening April 17, 2009 A'dar, Enkavir, Jessamin, Kire, Riyontali, Thea
A Busy Morning April 20, 2009 D'son, Enkavir, Jessamin, Kire, Liya, Nenowyn, Niva, Riyontali, T'maz, Thea
Don't Ask Just Drink April 24, 2009 D'had, D'son, Kire, M'gan, Satoris, Taerah, Thea
Ale Puddle Fun May 1, 2009 Cenlia, Kai, Kire, Morlanol
Cupcake Chaos May 14, 2009 Kire, Morlanol, Rei, Riyontali, Rogawani, Sabrina, Thea
It Was a Dark and Stormy Night May 26, 2009 D'had, Kai, Kire, Morlanol, Sigam, Thea
The Domino Effect June 25, 2009 Chaton, T'burk, Kire, Niva, Jessamin, Vora, R'zel, Tellus
A Coca-Cola Clastic July 1, 2009 Aoriya, Dylon, Enka, F'yr, Hyrlon, Jessamin, Kerys, Kire, M'nol, M'tri, Orventa, Phylicia, Sigam, Zafirah
Castles in the Sand July 4, 2009 F'yr, Jessamin, Keziah, Kire, M'nol, Phylicia, Sigam, Thea, Theodore, Y'ki
A Sudden Storm July 9, 2009 F'yr, Keziah, Kire, M'nol, Niva, Sigam, T'burk, Thea, Vora
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