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16 Turns
XAW Weyrling
High Stream Hold



Kinzie is small and slight standing at 5'5'', seeming almost fragile were it not for the slight hint of muscle perhaps from more manual chores. Her dark, ebony black, hair has been tied back with emerald green ribbon. A few loose strands have been left wild and combined with a short fringe her hair seems to frame her face accentuating the colour in her vivid blue, grey eyes. Her features are angular but feminine and her full lips give her an almost childlike appearance.

Kinzie is wearing dark hide riding trousers that fit tightly to her hips and a pair of riding boots that seem to be well worn, her top is a heavy long-sleaved cotton tunic that flows down to her upper thigh and a thick hooded full length jerkin, the tunic has been pulled tight around her waist by a black hide belt with a detailed brass buckle in the shape of a runner and a simple belt knife hangs from the left side in a leather holder. On her shoulder she wears the knot of a Weyrling at Xanadu Weyr.




Kinzie was born into a small holding only a few days ride from Ruatha Hold near to Ruatha River, her mother and father dealt in the trade of herdbeasts and runners and Kinzie learnt to ride from a very early age. Kinzie was one of six siblings and has three brothers, all older, and two sisters. Sadly when she was only eight turns old her father died while tending an injured herdbeast, her mother and brothers struggled to make sure the hold continued on and Kinzie learnt much about the day to day care of the animals of her hold.

It wasn't until her mother made the choice to remarry that Kinzie made the choice to leave her home and her hold. She did not agree with her mother's chosen suitor and he disapproved of her most of all as she had always been a rather free spirit, something which her father had encouraged. So now she took her skills and knowledge and decided to look for work on her own, she moved from area to area for a while finding work where she could in the stables of nearby cots and holds and soon she learnt that she had a real gift for racing runners.

Kinzie worked for a racing stables for a while, riding and helping train the new runners, the head stablehand was a kindly man by the name of Biran and she felt she had found herself a home. But as with everything Kinzie seemed to be a magnet for trouble and it wasn't long before her talents were noticed by some of the underbelly of the racing circuit. By a mix of intimidation, threats and bribery they persuaded Kinzie to help them fix races and this continued until she was almost caught at Ruatha Hold slipping weights in to her runners saddle. Kinzie was terrified of leaving incase they threatened Biran or her new found family at the stables but she knew she had to escape before she was caught. With the help of the kindly stablehand she packed all her belongings and as much food and water as she could carry before heading out into the night, she travelled as far as she could before bartering a ride on a trader caravan and then finding passage with a group transporting runners and herdbeasts to Xanadu Weyr.

When she first arrived at Xanadu Weyr Kinzie's plans were short term; find some work, make some marks and move on. Things never quite go the way she plans them and soon she found herself working for C'yr for room and board while working part time as a stablehand at the Weyr stables, she really started to take to weyr life and was just starting to make herself comfortable when yet another suprise catches her off guard and that was being searched by R'owan and Bronze Nyunath for Xanadu's latest clutch.



Name Relation Age Location Position
Trenzien Father +30 Deceased
Kinera Mother +28 High Stream Hold Holder's Wife
Trenera Brother +6 High Stream Hold Stablemaster
Kizien Brother +4 Keroon Beastcraft Apprentice
Reneran Brother +1 Harpercraft Hall Harpercraft Apprentice
Nera Sister -1 High Stream Hold
Enziera Sister -3 High Stream Hold


Origami Aircraft Brown Origami
In comparison to the egg that it left, this little brown firelizard is paper-thin and dangerously light. Appearing to be made up entirely of sinew and sharp edges, he gives off the impression of being able to inflict tiny cuts with just the movement of his wings in the air, or perhaps the flick of his overlong tail. He also looks like he could be blown arse end over teakettle by a gust of wind or a particularly strong sneeze, but what can you do. His hide is also something of an anomaly, the dark iron of his egg somehow giving way to a flit that borders on the color of pale parchment. Only his wings are a tad tarnished, blotched here and there with what looks suspiciously like klah when dropped on paperwork. Curiouser and curiouser.



Femme Fatale in a Feather Mask Green Szadith
Swirls and whorls of shimmering iridescence dance across the tourmaline hide of this sturdy, stately dragon, tracing abstract patterns that seem to shift fluidly just beneath her skin. Gold and emerald feathers brush delicately along the lines of her lean, aristocratic muzzle, slicking upwards before fading into a faint malachite haze along the sharp tilt of her eyeridges. The patterning continues down her long neck, spreading out over broad shoulders to curl down her forelegs, ending in a subtle lace spread across forefeet tipped in gilded talons. Opalescence continues along the spars that spring from shoulder blades, twining vine-like along substantial wing bones. Vivacious color pales as spar becomes sail, fading into creamy jade with only the faintest hint of gold threaded through. Like fine gauze, her wing sails are nearly translucent - mere delicate accents to the rich vibrancy of her hide. The rest of her solid frame is similarly wreathed with subtle highlights of sapphire and topaz beneath agate hide, blossoming in fantastical florets from belly to haunches before fading into nothing more than a faint suggestion along her robust tail.



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