While she is tall she could also be considered long; her chest is long, her arms are long, and her legs are most certainly long. But for all her length, she isn't exactly the thinnest of girls, packing a bit extra weight around her arms and most certainly her thighs and lacking greatly in the bust area. While it may look average, her weight is certainly over what would be considered the target weight of her height of 5'10” rests. And for all her length it is no wonder that her face matches in a particularly long oval shape. Her nose is certainly long enough to match with a wide bridge and the tip of her nose being a little extra large and settled between large eyes. Her eyes are a dull sort of hazel, looking almost gray in coloring. As if to add salt to the wound, her hair is brown and falls particularly limp around her face, not framing or drawing any particular attention to her face or any feature about her. She is no darkly tanned woman, rather, she is pale from the lack of adventures to the outside world during her Apprenticeship.

She wears not fine clothing or flashy clothing that would stand out in a crowd, instead settling on the dull and almost mute colors of whites and soft grays. The gray colored shirt she wears fits loosely, looking more cut for a man than a somewhat curvy woman and looking entirely unappealing. Her pants are the only thing that really have a flare to them as they are more loose fitting than the shirt, held on by a belt and looking a little more fit for a woman but the shirt detracts from this appeal as it hangs down almost to her thighs and giving her a rather straight appearance than a curvy woman. Upon her feet are worn out boots that have seen better days and are close to their expiration date.


Kiley was not born into a small family of Crafters, but she was born into a family of crafters. Her parents were raised by some rather traditional holders who believed that they should have as much children as possible before they became too old, but that didn't stop them from becoming Crafters either. They were almost always busy with their Craft duties and then their children, many wondered how they managed to keep it all together. Though it was easy considering one was a Harper and one was a Baker. Ellie, the Harper trained wife, often saw her children with Harper lessons while the Baker, Jerol, mainly worked in the morning hours so that they could all be together at night. However they did it, they managed to keep their nice little family together. And the fact that the older children also would go off to Apprentice somewhere or to Weyrs made things easier when they eventually took off from the nest.

Kiley was the third daughter but the fifth child in the family and two others followed her later. She was not spoiled, nor was she forgotten. She was simply there as the mild mannered child who often occupied herself when the younger ones threw fits or when the older ones were off doing their own thing. She was the simplest child and she was considered a blessing when she was old enough to really maintain herself. These times of occupying herself was filled with friends of her own age or learning to read books that were more complicated than the ones of her age group. But her reading didn't go to the typical topics of what most children would consider reading. She was fascinated by technology and wanted to learn how it worked. Once her reading wasn't enough for her, she began trying to explore more than she should in the technological things. Needless to say: she broke most of what she tried to explore and was reprimanded. Not that what she broke wasn't able to be fixed ever again, but it did warrant punishment.

On her twelfth Turn, she decided that she wanted to learn from the Computer Craft. Her parents didn't frown on such a decision as most of the older children also decided on Crafts that they would all go to different crafts. So with their blessings, little Kiley went to learn about computers and technology as was her deciding. It was also some time later that she received a letter from one of her older brothers, who had a habit on doting on the youngest girl in the family, that contained something that he made while at the Smith Crafthall. He made her a rather large bracelet with a charm upon it, it was large enough to last her awhile but could be adjusted to fit her small wrists. The letter that came along with it was a motivational one to push her forward in whatever she chose to do, supported her and told her that the charm was a good luck one.

Kiley went on to learn the Craft, but along with this, she began to grow slightly reclusive with her learning and even more so when the point in time came to where she reached puberty. Limbs became awkward, her chest became slightly larger and she was teased by the boys who were going through their own experiences. Embarrassed by the situation, she only fell further into her studies to hide herself from the embarrassment, hoping to emerge later and to go without being teased. Though the teasing had stopped after awhile, she never really came out of that shell. She had grown more fascinated by technology than with people and began to study away the rest of her teens, determined to walk the tables at eighteen if she could help it.

But she did not get promoted at eighteen, despite all the studying she had done on her own and the pushing she did. But that isn't to say that she never got to walk the tables, it came later at the age of twenty after her final project. Elated, she found herself with a new rank but then found that she had no one to really celebrate her accomplishment other than her family through letters. She remained where she was for a Turn before she took a short leave to visit with her family, staying with them for a few months and catching up with all her siblings. It was then that her mother began to urge her to get married and it soon became a sensitive topic to the young woman. She later returned to the Hall but was unable to truly get comfortable with people as she knew most of those who were there already and couldn't make a niche to carve herself into.

It was at the age of twenty-three when she was offered to transfer to Xanadu Weyr. And despite her hesitations, the urge to actually have a new start is what drove the woman to accept. And there she went, hoping to break out of her shell by arriving in a new area where she knew very few people and to make friends while pushing forward with her Craft.

Name Relation Location Position
Jerol Father Cove Hold Baker Journeyman
Ellie Mother Cove Hold Harper Journeyman
Leriol Brother Harper Hall Harper Journeyman
Relli Sister Weaver Hall Weaver Journeyman
Ellije Sister Eastern Weyr Greenrider
Jeriel Brother Smith Hall Smith Journeyman
Kiley Self Xanadu Weyr Computer Craft Journeyman
Ijele Brother Tanner Craft Hall Tanner Apprentice
Orellie Brother Cove Hold Child
The Fox Bronze Hardware
Red-gold and crimson shades glisten along the broad chest and muscular body of this rather vulpine looking bronze. His regal head is wedged-shaped and his long angular muzzle is shaded with a hint of copper. Voluminous wings are deep shade of bronze mixed with green and are edged in pale gold giving the illusion of a rather large cloak. There is stateliness to his build, a way that he holds himself, for even his long and slender tail is carried with a fine manner.
Title OOC Date Cast
Rude Welcoming April 23, 2011 Kiley, Pyriel
A Meeting of Minds April 23, 2011 Eledri, Kiley
A Drink in Rememberance April 23, 2011 Donakan, Kiley, Laera, Landers
Why the Weyrsecond Should Get a Lip Ring April 24, 2011 Kiley, Pyriel, Ryeokie, Thea, Muir (npc), Marellea (npc)
Meeting in the Rain April 26, 2011 Kiley, M'nol
The Dangers of Sorbet May 06, 2011 Kiley, Pyriel
PETA's Got Nothin' on E'gin (Kiley and Ryeokie Are Searched) May 09, 2011 E'gin (npc'd by Thea), Kiley, Ocelara, Ryeokie
Sorbet Aftermath May 07, 2011 Kiley, Pyriel
Vengeance Thy Name Is Ryeokie? May 09, 2011 Kiley, Pyriel, Ryeokie
Meadow Meeting May 01, 2011 Kiley, Shellie
System Shock May 12, 2011 Aqueepoli, Kaede, Kiley, Pyriel, Ryeokie
A Few Days Later May 09, 2011 Iessrien, Kiley, Pyriel, Ryeokie
Coming To Terms May 10, 2011 Aqueepoli, Iessrien, Kiley, Pyriel
Lazy Morning May 12, 2011 Iessrien, Kiley, Pyriel
Candidate Picnic May 14, 2011 Ecoatleth, Iessrien, Karona, Kiley, Pyriel, Silion
Valuable Lesson May 15, 2011 Kiley, Pyriel, Thea
Disturbed (Egg Touching 2) May 15, 2011 Briana, Kiley, Lorelai, M'nol, Pyriel, Thea, Seryth
Collection of Thoughts May 15, 2011 Briana, Iessrien, Kiley, Mirai
Girl Talk May 16, 2011 Briana, Kiley, Olarya
Weeding Winter May 17, 2011 Aqueepoli, Iessrien, Kaede, Kiley, Pyriel
K's in the Kitchen May 17, 2011 K'ael, Karona, Keziah, Kiley, Zip
Distraught (Egg Touching 3) May 16, 2011 Flandynn, Karona, Kiley, Landers, R'iahn, Thea, Seryth
Fishriders of Pern (Event by Kiley & Pyriel) May 18, 2011 Briana, Dany, Iessrien, Karona, Keziah, Kiley, Landers, M'nol, Pyriel, Thea
"The Little Mucking Boy and The Secret of Rainbows" May 19, 2011 Iessrien, Kaede, Karona, Kiley, M'nol, Pyriel, Thea
Family Day at Xanadu? (CP - Pyriel) May 19, 2011 Briana, Flandynn, Iessrien, Jeriel(NPC), Liyen(NPC), Karona, Kiley, Naelyn(NPC) Pyriel, Rainer(NPC)
Discouraged (Egg Touching 5) May 19, 2011 Karona, Kiley, Landers, Thea, Seryth
Attached May 21, 2011 Iessrien, Kiley, Pyriel
More Lessons Learned May 21, 2011 Amelia, K'ael, Kiley
Restless May 22, 2011 Iessrien, Karona, Kiley
The Logic(?) of Love May 22, 2011 Flandynn, Kiley, Thea
A Lesson in Finesse May 22, 2011 Aqueepoli, Briana, Flandynn, Iessrien, Karona, Keziah, Kiley, M'nol, Ocelara, Pyriel, R'iahn, Little Brat (npc'd by Thea)
Sleepy, In Space May 22, 2011 Briana, Iessrien, Karona, Kiley
Space Sick May 22, 2011 Keziah, Kiley, Landers, Ocelara, Pyriel
Life in Space May 23, 2011 Flandynn, Keziah, Kiley
Theories in Space May 23, 2011 Karona, Kiley
Futures and Belonging May 24, 2011 Briana, Kiley, Landers
A Day in Summary May 24, 2011 Iessrien, Karona, Kiley, Pyriel
Statistics, Bets, and Dragons May 25, 2011 Aqueepoli, Flandynn, Kiley, Pyriel
Stuffed Full of Marks May 25, 2011 Aqueepoli, Kiley, Pyriel
More Talk of Futures May 25, 2011 Briana, Flandynn, Keziah, Kiley, Landers, Ocelara
Unknown Variables May 26, 2011 D'son, Kaede, Kiley
A Bounty of Robes May 26, 2011 Kiley, Pyriel, Thea
Traveling For Food May 27, 2011 Flandynn, Karona, Kiley
Pastries Full o' Hiccups May 27, 2011 Briana, Iessrien, Kiley, Pyriel, Shellie
Herding the Flock May 29, 2011 Iessrien, Kiley, Pyriel
Survival Camp - Arrival May 29, 2011 Briana, Iessrien, Kiley, Landers, Pyriel, V'dim, AWLMs (npcs)
Survival Camp - Fetching Water May 29, 2011 Iessrien, Kiley, Landers, Pyriel
Survival Camp - Fishing and Swimming May 29, 2011 Briana, Flandynn, Kiley, Landers
That's One Way To Crack An Egg May 31, 2011 Aqueepoli, Iessrien, Karona, Keziah, Kiley, M'nol, Pyriel
Taste The Rainbow June 01, 2011 Iessrien, Kiley, Pyriel
Stan and the Pan June 02, 2011 Aqueepoli, Briana, Iessrien, Kiley, Pyriel
Nets, and Stan, and Trees! Oh my! June 02, 2011 Aqueepoli, Iessrien, Kiley, Pyriel
Get Lost June 02, 2011 Keziah, Kiley, Landers, M'nol
When Midnight Comes A Rockin' June 04, 2011 Aqueepoli, Briana, Flandynn, Iessrien, Karona, Kaede, Keziah, Kiley, Landers, M'nol, Pyriel
Bittersweet June 05, 2011 Ers'lan, Kiley
Predicting Pirates June 06, 2011 Kiley, Zi'on
A Computer For A Weyrwoman June 07, 2011 Enka, Kiley, Zi'on
Visit to Western July 11, 2011 I'srie, Kiley, P'rel
Western's Kiley Receives Another Visitor July 12 2011 Ers'lan, Kaldrozen, Kiley
So We Meet Again November 7, 2011 Ers'lan and Kiley
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