Portrayed By Nastya Pindeeva (older); Georgie Hobday (younger)
Gender Female
Aliases Kaliena; Kali
Dragon Blue Ujinath
Place of Birth Irondell Cothold, Torince Hold, Emerald Isles
Current Location Xanadu Weyr
Occupation Craftrider (Jman Smithcrafter)


Average in height, the Turns have done little to diminish her tomboyish looks, though much of her youthful features have matured. Her long, oval shaped face and strong jawline is framed by thick, long and wavy auburn hair that tumbles down past her shoulders if left unbound. Bright and expressive blue eyes are set above a small rounded nose and a thin-lipped mouth completes her plain and comely features. Her build is slim but toned, especially through her arms due to her Craft as a Smith, but even in her prime Turns she lacks much in the way of feminine curves.

The clothes she wears are often simple and made of sturdy fabric that can withstand her work around the forges. A plain tunic with mid-length sleeves is worn under a thicker fabric over-shirt or vest, a wide belt looped above her waist and capable of being just an accessory or to hold various tools. Pants are made of similar sturdy fabric, form fitting to her lean build and tucked into knee high leather boots. On her shoulder, she wears a Craftrider's knot, her rank set as Journeyman and the colors marking her from Xanadu Weyr. A woven thread of cerulean blue notes the color of her lifemate, while the pin used to hold the knot in place bears the Smithcraft insignia.


  • Can be brisk in her politeness and awkward around those she doesn't know
  • Prone to sarcasm and snarky remarks; can be a bit of a joker too but her humor is often very dry
  • Hides behind a seemingly easy-going attitude
  • Is far more humble and light-hearted with those she knows and those she trusts
  • Still has issues handling failure; some comments she'll take to heart when they shouldn't be
  • Distrustful of men but bonds well with women
  • This 'distrust' often clashes with her ability to 'love' anyone when enough trust is gained
  • While not often seen with them, she adores and loves her twin daughters and son

Things That Everyone Knows

  • She was once Weyrsecond, though stepped down not long after Sr. WW Thea's passing
  • It took until she was in her early 30's to become a Journeyman Smithcrafter
  • She's known in Xanadu for her craftsmanship and specialization with tools, blades/weapons and jewelry/accessories
  • She hunts on occasion and is quite proficient with a bow
  • Her relationship with her brother, Th'ero, is strained and she does not visit him or willingly talk to him

Things That Everyone Doesn't Know

  • Prone to insomnia or anxiety driven restlessness when overwhelmed
  • Ujinath can often help but when he can't she resorts to drinking a fellis laced sleeping aid, often mixed with wine
  • She is still struggling with many of her insecurities
  • Flights are often a source of strife for her
  • Emotions are what bind her and her relationships reflect that but also feed into the above issues
  • Has come to some new understandings of herself and her views on love
  • Weyrmated to Mur'dah, but also involved with (and loves) Ashwin
  • While not public knowledge (yet) that she has two partners the arrangement is agreed upon and known between all parties


  • Not long after arriving in Half Moon Bay Weyr, Kaliena was already struggling to fit in. Oddly, she became friends with Zi'on and later that relationship grew to something more.
  • She was Searched by Zi'on's bronze Suldith and Impressed blue Ujinath from Shadhavarth and Teimyrth's clutch. Candidacy was enough of a shock to her; weyrlinghood was even more so.
  • After Graduation, she moved into Zi'on's weyr and later became his weyrmate
  • She decided early into being a Wingrider to focus on a Craft instead, choosing Smithcraft out of all those available to her
  • Her Apprenticeship was put on hold as she became pregnant not long after being accepted
  • The pregnancy was difficult on her emotionally and physically; mostly due to her young age
  • She changed after her twin girls were born; things between her and Zi'on began to dissolve
  • Her relationship eventually came to an end and a bad one at that; without much warning she packed up a few of her belongings and fled Half Moon Bay, leaving behind her daughters
  • She took up residence in Xanadu Weyr and resumed her Craft work
  • Gained a few friendships and felt more at home than she had ever before
  • Eventually she confronted Zi'on, with the support of her friends, and brought the girls to Xanadu to live with her permanently.
  • Developed a strong friendship with Mur'dah, rider of brown Kalsuoth
  • Was promoted to Weyrsecond and held the position for sometime before stepping down not long after Sr. Weyrwoman Thea's death
  • Later becomes Mur'dah's weyrmate; a few months later she is pregnant with their son, Keruthien
  • Not long after the birth, they decide to pack up and leave Xanadu, moving to Ierne Weyrhold.
  • The move is short lived. On transport to Xanadu, Kalsuoth breaks his wing. Grounded and uncertain if the brown will ever fly, Kiena uproots yet again and moves her and the children back to Xanadu
  • Not long after reaching her 30th Turn, Kiena is promoted to Journeyman Smithcrafter
  • Recently, she's been seen more and more in the company of another brownrider — both in Xanadu and in Fort


Name Relation Location Position Adoptable
Ilentho Father (deceased) Irondell Cothold Fisherman No
Kenali Mother Irondell Cothold Common Woman No
Ilenki Brother Irondell Cothold Fisherman Yes
Th'ero Brother Fort Weyr Weyrleader, rider of bronze Velokraeth No
Mur'dah Weyrmate Xanadu Weyr Wingrider, rider of brown Kalsuoth No
Keruthien Son Xanadu Weyr Child No
Ashwin It's Complicated? Fort Weyr Wingrider, rider of brown Rinxyth No
Zi'on Ex-Weyrmate Ista Weyr Weyrleader, rider of bronze Suldith No
Eliana Daughter Xanadu Weyr Child No
Ezsrisa Daughter Xanadu Weyr Child No


Cursed and Lonely Brown Beast
If ever a firelizard were to look more furred than suede, this brown is the one. His damp-earth colored hide is subtly patterned with lighter and darker shades, creating an incredible illusion of fur across his stocky form. Only his paws and wings are free of this coloring, leaving the former simply brown while the latter are darkened with a faintly rosy hue. When extended his wings tend to cup forward, mantling like a cloak around him.

Born to the Wilds Green Mockingjay
Nearing the largest size for a green, she still holds all the agileness and sleekness her color is best known for. She carries her slender and lithe form with a surprising grace and confidence, but her whirling eyes are always watching the world with a wary and suspicious look and never does her frame seem wholly relaxed. Bright eye catching lime green spreads out over her back, from her wedged shaped head and down the curve of her neck, pooling over her wings and down to the very tip of her forked tail. From this lime green, the hue gradually darkens to a richer forest green along her muzzle, throat, chest and the curve of her toned sides and limbs. The same is repeated on her wings, the edges dipped in a darker green that lends a stark, but subtle, contrast. Similarly, her legs end in the same darkened hue to complete the overall effect and lending a gentle beauty to her, despite the toughness her behavior and build suggest.

Northern Lights Blue Tuaisceart
Small and slim is the general structure of this blue firelizard. He isn't a very impressive sight structurally as he seems a little bony and could probably cause some discomfort with small bony limbs. But his coloration makes up for that fact. At first, even that isn't anything special to behold. His paws, legs and underside of his throat and jaw are coated in a dusty blue-gray color, much like a mountain side, dusted with snow. At the tops of his shoulders and thighs the gray hue gives way to the darkness of a clear night's twilight, speckled lightly with bright blue specks that could be called stars. The real beauty of his coloration comes when he spreads his gangly wings, revealing brilliant turquoises, rich indigo almost turning to the shade of purple and cerulean highlights swirling in the canvas of dark twilight membranes.


Fly Fly Away Blue Ujinath
This small blue dragon is lithe and limber. Thin of frame, there is no extra girth added to him, his limbs are fit with adequate musculature without being overdone. A long whip-like tail protrudes from strong hips and moves with ease to adjust his weight as needed. Broad wings fold neatly at his back. Cerulean blue washes over the hide of this dragon. Flecks of white give his flesh some texture, but are so small that they are indistinguishable even from a few paces. The ridges on his back fade into a deeper blue that runs down his spine and over the edges of his wings, creating an outline of his skeletal structure when viewed from above. A slender head ends abruptly in a squarish and angular snout. Deep set eyes whirl behind large ridges, making them look larger than they are and somewhat cat-like. Splayed paws have toes arranged in a V-shape, with feet a bit larger than the average dragon in terms of his size. Razor sharp claws of boney white sit on his feet, a dangerous foam sitting at the edge of the sea of blue. Curved and white, they look like polished marble in the sun.


Note: Most of these images are of Georgie Hobday and round randomly throughout the internet.


Here are a few songs that more or less relate to Kiena or remind me of her in some way be it from her past, a certain aspect of her personality or from a certain scene! Any noted with NSFW are… well, not safe for work due to content be it lyrics or video!




Title OOC Date Cast
Panic at the Dis... Innovation Hall? (Calisiya is Searched) June 14, 2016 Calisiya, Kiena, Ujinath
Finding Kiena for Calisi November 25, 2016 Kiena, Risali
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