Mystery lies enshrouded in exotic beauty: long, straight black hair frame a heart-shaped face with soulful, dark-green eyes and light brown skin. Petite in stature, Khetsiyah blends althetic and curvy with the right mix in-between. The marks of her trade mars the smooth skin of her hands, forging calluses that prove she lives not the life of leisure. Often attired in clothing with boho flare: rich, dark colors with creative designs to complement. Around her neck, she wears a silver bird-in-flight pendant on a long silver chain.

Common Knowledge

Khetsiyah's life is simplistic: born and raised in Xanadu, she walks the same path as her parents, taking apprenticeship into a craft of her calling. As soon as she was able, she took up the craft of making glass; the mysteries and beauty beheld in molten glass sung to her soul and so here she is, hoping to one day master the art of glasswork.


Basic Stats

Black hair, dark green eyes, curvy petite standing at 5'2.



Evi: Enchanting, charming, willing to take rubbish for a firelizard egg

Nessalyn: I swear she was stealing and stalking me.

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