Delicate strands the hue of autumn leaves float carelessly above this young man's head, falling on slender shoulders to end in feathered tips that bounce with every movement. His build is average yet thin, without giving the appearance of frailty. Under slightly tanned skin, musculature is certainly there, betraying the strength that lurks beneath. Behind long lashes are a pair of round eyes, the shade of a brilliant sky with a faint amber ring around the pupil. His limbs are a bit long for his age, with his height reaching five feet and five inches.
A plain brown tunic covers his torso, stained with dirt in places. It's cut loosely, allowing for better air movement in the fabric. Guards wrap around his forearms and wrists, showing wear and a few scratches that may be teeth marks. A pair of thick gloves are tucked into a belt around his waist, which is equipped with a few pouches for useful items. Pants are durable hide, with high reaching boots to protect his shins from harm.


Born in the dark recesses of High Reaches Hold, Kevkah was one of five children. Much more outgoing than the rest of his family, he was not content with the life of menial cooking and cleaning that they did. In fact, he realized this quite early. At the age of ten he began shirking the small chores given to him, running off to play at every opportunity. By the age of twelve however, the boy left home to join the minecraft. He stayed in the main hall for a while, before he was given the opportunity to obtain a wher egg. He succeeded, and when the beast hatched they were assigned to learn in the mines of Xanadu, shipped there to continue their training.


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Brown Kevsk


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