Kera's long dark brown hair is pulled back into a thick braid that reaches her lower back and is bound in several places to keep the hair from frazzling out of the braids. She has moderately tanned skin with darkened freckles spattered across her nose and cheeks. Light brown eyes nearly match the streaks in her hair that have been sunbleached by Rukbat's rays. Kera has plump cheeks that seem to pull her lips into a smile quite often due to her bubbly manner. She's looks to be in her late-teens, athletic and of tall height.

Kera seems to take the layering approach in keeping warm in cold weather, wearing several old long sleeve pullovers. Faded red and green peek out from under a pale blue thick knit outer layer that is very snow worthy. She wears scruffy looking hide pants, a few patches in the more worn areas, and and old pair of fuzzy toed boots that look big enough to wear a couple pairs of warm socks. The knots on her shoulder show she's a Senior Apprentice Healer and a Greenling of Xanadu Weyr. She has a medium sized pouch with several stuffed sections belted around her waist, a small knife afixed to the belt.



Kera's father, Keral Tinen, is a Beastcrafter and her mother, Eran, is a Dolphineer, both Journeyman posted to Rubicon River Hold, and both continue to excel within their chosen fields. They instilled that drive to learn and excel in Kera as well. Born and raised at Rubicon River, she was exposed to the various animals of the beastcraft as well as many differant dolphin pods over the turns. Most of her days were spent out in the sun helping her parents in one way or another. While her parents each hoped she would follow in one of their own crafts, Kera chose instead to join the HealerHall. The Healers had always worked closely with Dolphin and Beastcraft, and she spent many early turns to helping plant, grow and harvest various herbs and other plants. So it did not really surprise her parents when she showed an apptitude for healing techniques.

Kera was accepted into the HealerHall a couple of months into her twelfth turn. She did well in her classes, and really enjoyed outdoor classes the best. Particularly when it came to tending the herbs and plants that she later helped harvest. Over the next couple of turns, she made some friends, some not-friends and even learned a few things along the way, earning the rank of Apprentice in the process. A couple of months before her fifteenth turnday, she was informed that she was being posted to Xanadu Weyr to continue her studies and to get more 'infield' experiance, and go to Xanadu, where she is to report to their ranking Weyrhealer. And it gets her a little bit of space and freedom away from home in the Rubicon River Holding.

Her first couple of sevendays at Xanadu Weyr were spent tryin to make friends at her first posting, trying not to get lost in the confusing maze of the Weyr, and working to adjust to Weyrlife. She had better luck making friends among some of the Weyrlings than with her fellow apprentices in the dorms, even though she was charged with assaulting one of the Weyrlings. Kera met alot of interesting people, and a couple of odd ones. Spending most of her time with her manuals or on duty, the apprentice is constantly told by her Journeyman and friends that she needs to get out and about more. On an occassion where she was doing just that and getting a bit of sun on the beach, one of her friends, who she just happened to have a crush on, dropped from the sky with a little one in need. For a couple of reasons, she named her new little brown lizard Minimur.

Over time Kera's problems among her fellow apprentices in the dorms got worse. A few incidents the young healer would like to forget. Tint being added to her sandsoap, causing her to be dyed purple from head to toe among them. Due to miscommunications and sheer bad luck, Kera has found herself across from a very intimidating Steward or Headwoman more than once. The outcome of those meetings never good from Kera's perspective, one reason she's not as outgoing as she used to be, so the apprentice has been keeping to herself alot.

From one turn to the next, some of Kera's friends went on to become Weyrleader and a Weyrwoman. Some were searched and impressed to another Weyr. Others joined Xanadu wings, and works at their duties while trying to get back into their crafts. One such, M'kal, she studies with sometimes when duties allow. About a turn after being posted, she worked up the nerve to ask Mur'dah to a Festival and had a nice outing. A couple months later, she realized he was just being nice, and she was just being stupid. Kera was dissappointed but didn't let it affect her studies or duties, another reason she's not as outgoing as she used to be. What would be the point, she'll probably be reposted soon anyway. Most apprentices would have been reposted to two or three differant places in the time she's been posted to Xanadu. The promotion to Sr. Apprentice Healer caused her to redouble her studies. Her duties have been gradually shifting to be more hands on with the patients, and less mopping and scrubbing.

One evening while enjoying a meal at the cafe, a would be emergency ended when Ujinath, Kiena's blue dragonmate, decided Kera should be a candidate for Luraoth and Sharuth's clutch. Some friends were made throughout the candidancy. While she wasn't on the infirmary duty roster, she kept up with her studies when she wasn't doing daily posted chores. With the exception of being lost at Camp Swamp, nothing out of the ordinary happened until she was shoved in a wrinkled robe and herded onto the sands with the rest of Xanadu's candidates. Most of the evening was a blur. Memories of snickering at Praela's dramatics, dodging searching hatchlings, and the heat are overshadowed by finding Moncerath's hiding spot, so to speak. For now, Kera is bonding with her dragonmate and learning all those things she needs to know to care for Moncerath properly.



Name Relation Location Position
Keral Tinen Father Rubicon River Hold Beastcrafter
Eran Tinen Mother Rubicon River Hold Dolphineer
C'rus Weyrmate Fort Weyr Wingrider
Cyrel Son (npc) Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat
Nikita(NPC) God-daughter Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat


Lilacs Among the Misty Forests Green Moncerath

Earthy green wraps the wiry frame of this dragon like the mottled shades of jade one might find in the depths of the forest. It's an enchanted hue that's dark and rich as if she is a creature that uses the woods as her refuge. Her head is slim and notably long, with a slender, pointed muzzle. Her slender neck is graceful and elegant, carrying ridges in a cerulean hue like studded jewels placed to accentuate her grandeur. Light catches upon these points like sapphires in the greenery. Toe pads are tipped with the same hint of blue, as if each has been daintily dipped, but the claws that extend from her paws reflect in wickedly sharp onyx. Her chest is a lighter hue than the rest of her body, fading to a lighter olive that runs along her underbelly. Unusually long limbs give her a lanky, runner-like stature. A forked, whip-like tail dangles down behind her, flicking with her moods. Upon her back are a set of oversized wings with thin, yet strong spars and nearly translucent azure webbing stretched between them.

//Thanks to the Xanadu SCo. for an awesome dragonmate! //


Designer Environmentalist, Passionate for Causes Brown - Minimur
Such a pretty thing, this svelte brown, with his delicate, feminine features and his soft, well-coordinated colouring. The fairest of blondes colour his fine-boned head, swept back along his headknobs and the elegant curve of his neck, colouring his 'ridges right down to his tail. Blonde fades into a soft, toffee-like shade that complements the gentle taupe that is draped over the rest of his slender figure. In all his delicate proportions and sweet appearance, he's quite a looker - right down to the glossy honey of his wings and the red soles of his dainty paws.

described by Pol. Thanks Pol!!!

Iridescent Gold - Polgara
Shimmers of goldenrod dance in faded bands along the sleek hide of this large, and yet quite dainty golden firelizard. Showing off broad ribs that give way to a narrow waist. Her long sinewy tail seems nearly twice as long as what is considered normal, though in truth it is not much longer. A hint of bronze shadows are faint and give a sense of depth to the yellowish swirls and faintly pearl spots that sweep across her long wings. Her nose and head are freckled with light hues of gold that swirl and combine into a pair of ribbons that intertwine along her sleek neck.

described by Keziah. Thank you Keziah!!!

Bullish Brute Bronze - Weasty
Thick and muscular, this bronze firelizard pushes the limits of just how big a beast of his color can be. His head is blunted and the rest of him seems to be bullish in design, heavily muscled and with short, broad wings meant more for gliding than quick flight. His hide is an even, pure bronze hue that's brightest at his headknobs and neckridges, as if those places were polished. He's utterly free of markings, even his wings - which are simply a paler hue of bronze than the rest of him.

decribed by Aglaia. Thank you Aglaia!!!





Title OOC Date Cast
Xanadu Obstacle Games January 14, 2015 E'tan, C'rus, Kera, Reya, Kiena Innes, Mur'dah, T'revs, NPC'S: Daved by Kera, Ellie by Kiena, Ezzie by Mur'dah, Praela and Xha'il by Innes, Benraam by Reya
Off-Camera Tooning Around! January 30, 2015 Moncerath, Varmiroth, Velokraeth, Jaicoureth, and Dremkoth
Don't Tell Mur'dah February 22, 2015 Kera, Kiena
Tastes Like Igen February 25, 2015 Ashwin, Emalyn, Kera, Kiena
Shy in the Caverns April 11, 2015 E'tan, Abrael, Kera, C'rus
From Toys to Training May 15, 2015 Abrael, Esiae, Kera
Ladies' Night May 22, 2015 Esiae, Kiena, Kera, C'rus, Idrissa, Darsce
Pawsitively Purrsuasive June 18, 2015 Esiae, Gerazal, Nikita (NPC), Janaya, Ezsrisa (NPC), Eliana (NPC), Darsce, Kera, N'talya
Frigid Waters (Janaya's search) June 30, 2015 Janaya Gerazal Maorin Kera
Fish are Friends! Not DragonSnacks! (Zhianna is searched) July 07, 2015 Zhianna, Kera
Emergency Summons! July 20, 2015 Innes, Janaya, Kera, Maelle, Maorin, Quillan, Zak, Zhianna
Calm Before the Storm July 26, 2015 Kera, Janaya, Maelle, Maorin, Quillan, Zak, Zhianna
Kairoikyriath's and Saburath's Clutch Hatches July 26, 2015 C'rus, Esiae, E'tan, Innes, Is'ac, Kera, Janja, Jaya, Maelle, M'ori, Neyuni, Q'll, Zan'ri, Zhai & Various NPCs
Wing Transfer? July 27, 2015 N'talya, Gerazal, Kera
Dragon Oiling 101 July 28, 2015 Idrissa, Jaya, Kera
Breakfast Delivery July 29, 2015 Is'ac, Kera
Only a Crazy Person Doesn't Like Bacon! July 31, 2015 D'had, Kera
Fresh Bandages. July 31, 2015 Q'll, Kera
WEe little BeASTY! August 1, 2015 Aglaia, Kera
This Round Goes to the Sheep August 4, 2015 Jaya, M'ori, Kera
I Will Get You Back For This August 15, 2015 Gerazal, C'rus, Kera
Now Serving Sheep #2 August 17, 2015 Is'ac, Kera
Bonfire Bash August 23, 2015 Esiae, Kera, Flitter Aegnor, Zan'ri, Gerazal, Solya, B'yrl, S'dny, Idrissa
You're What?!?! August 25, 2015 Idrissa, S'dny, Kera
Up Up annnnndd Right Back Down. August 29, 2015 Jaya, Kera
A Bronzling Takes to the Skies August 31, 2015 Is'ac, Jaicourath (C'rus), Kera
Bounding Toward an Adventure September 2, 2015 Jaya, Kera
Blue Cascade in the Caverns September 13, 2015 Gerazal, Jaya, Tevla, S'dny, Kyzen, Rezia, Aegnor(C'rus), Polgara(Kera)
Once More (with Feelings) October 02, 2015 Gerazal, Kera, Soriana, Tealonie
Reasons to Celebrate October 11, 2015 C'rus, Ka'el, Kera, Soriana
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