Name Kellan
Played by Corentin Huard
Gender Male
Current Home Xanadu Weyr
Place of Birth Ierne Weyr
Occupation Baker
Status Senior Journeyman
Hair Auborn
Eyes Honey Brown


At five foot eight inches tall, Kellan is not the largest of men. What he lacks in height, however, he makes up for in muscle tone. His body, while lean, proportionally muscled with a focus on tone over bulk. Outdoorsy at his core, Kel's smooth flesh boasts an enviable tan. His face, while squared jawed and masculine, dances on the edge of being almost to pretty. Full lips, straight teeth and large honey-brown eyes are complimented by high high cheek bones and a clearly patrician nose. His hair, gold touched auburn, is neatly trimmed, cut close to his skull in the back and growing progressively longer as it gets closer to his face in artful disarray.
His clothing, while simple, is well constructed, a white sleeveless tanktop gracing his torso, the cut masterfully crafted to show off his tan and the lean lines of muscle in his torso. Tan linen pants gird his hips, clearly tailored to make the most of his carefully sculpted form. A knot, marking him a senior journeyman in Bakercraft and a resident of Xanadu weyr can be spied hanging from a belt loop. On his feet a pair of simple, but study leather sandals finishes off the outfit.


Born and raised in Ierne, Kellan faced a great many challenges, challenges common to those not fortunate enough to be born into a craft, or a weyr. With a younger brother to care for, Kellan spent most of his formative years doing what he could to make his brother's life more comfortable. He was fortunate enough to be taken under the wing of the local baker and after years of laboring in secret was informed that the baker had made arrangements for him to be properly trained.
In Ista, Kellan excelled at his craft, the fact that he had found his one true love in the bakercraft ovens not lost on his instructors. He was good. Good enough that he moved through the ranks quickly, attaining the rank of Sr. Journeyman by the age of twenty two. Determined to attain the rank of Master, he spent the next three years at Ista, declining multiple offers to stand in favor of focusing on his craft. At twenty five a personal matter had him accepting a posting at Xanadu Weyr with the promise to his instructors that he would continue to apply himself in hopes of eventually obtaining the rank of Master.



Name Relation Location Position
Lukas Brother Ierne Inn Manager



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