At sixteen, it's already obvious that Keldan isn't likely to ever reach any great height, clocking in at an even five-foot-seven, with a slim but strong frame, his physique sleek and athletic. Where some people might view a thin youth as fragile, that is not the impression that Keldan tends to give, with broad shoulders that angle into narrow hips and strong legs. Soft, wavy black hair is trimmed to just below his ears, kept as neat as possible and often pulled back into a short tail to avoid letting it get too messy. That hair acts as a shadowy contrast to his eyes, which are a mellow hazel in color, sometimes dipping into green, his eyes almond-shaped and serious, with sharp brows above them and long, fine lashes. His nose is neat and long, set just above his mouth, the only real thing on his face that suggests a sense of delicacy, lips well-shaped without being too feminine. His jawline is angular, with a hint of a curve, and he has a small birthmark on the very back of his neck.
Because he spends most of his time on an island, Keldan has learned to dress appropriately while still trying to stick to his own preference for maintaining a neat appearance. He has on a short-sleeved collared shirt made from undyed fabric, light and nicely tailored, with a loose, flowing vest of sage green worn over it, kept closed in the front by a couple driftwood toggles. His long legs are accentuated well in a pair of knee-length tan cargo-shorts with folded hems and a slight beading detail near the pockets. His shoes are simple slip-on boating shoes made of a pale bluish-white cloth with heavy duty leather stitching, likely good for dealing with sand and water. Around his wrist, neck, and one ankle, he wears fairly simple accessories made from wooden beads and shells, seemingly foisted on him by someone with only a loose understanding of how to make jewelry of any kind.


Keldan, the only son of Kadesh and D'len, has always been a serious-faced, serious-minded, all around serious sort of person. A deep thinker, he can often be found lost in thought, seemingly a sharp contrast to the energy and extroverted nature of his sister, Kyra, who he usually spends time with. Having grown up primarily with his mother, Keldan doesn't have much of a relationship with his father, so he tends to be quite close to his siblings - half-sisters Kyra and Zelda, and half-brother Branyn. Despite his cerebral nature, he isn't someone who tends to ignore the physical side of life and enjoys running around with his sister or working to maintain a physically fit body (with no real interest in musculature). Many people tend to think that being such a quiet, serious type means he has no sense of humor, but they'd be wrong. Keldan's sense of humor tends to be wry and dry, but it's definitely there. Since he's recently turned sixteen, he's been giving a lot more thought towards what he wants to do when he gets older. Reading books isn't exactly a career. Half Moon Bay Weyr has helped him with that, providing him with a decent understanding of marine animals and giving him the idea to work towards eventually joining DolphinCraft. While it's not an entirely solid decision yet, he's enjoying learning as much as he can about ocean life.


Name Relation Location Position
D'len Father Ista Weyr Greenrider
Kadesh Mother Half Moon Bay Weyr Junior Weyrwoman




Title OOC Date Cast
Shoes On or Shoes Off (Keldan is searched) September 02, 2014 Keldan, Kyra, Giroux, Kera
A Food Showdown Between Two Greenies! September 06, 2014 Kyra, Kiena, Mur'dah, Kaitro, Chrystyne, Keldan, Idrissa, C'rus, S'ai, Ka'el, Briari, Kera
It's Raining Candidates September 09, 2014 Darsce, Giroux, Keldan, Kiena, Kyra S'ai
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