A curious young man of eighteen turns with a slightly splindly appearance, being around six feet in height and thin, Keirsey's rangy limbs adding to the adjective 'long.' His eyes are a cool hazel, set over a long, thin nose that draws its line down past high cheekbones to a small, rounded chin. Medium-length sandy hair is kept off his neck in a small ponytail, clothes equally efficient: a simple buttoned shirt, cuffs rolled to the elbows, is presentable but not remarkable, while his black breeches are free of holes but do end an inch too short on his long frame.


Keirsey was born in Telgar Hold and decided to apprentice in the nearby Star Craft when he was of proper age. A curious mind energized by new ideas, Keis quickly gravitated towards investigating physics and testing out his own theories. Now a senior apprentice working on his journeyman project, he has left the crafthall to live at Xanadu Weyr for a period of time, the place chosen for its known progressive attitude towards the sciences and other technology.


Name Relation Location Position
Seline Mother Glassblower
Kevros Father




There are no RP logs for Keirsey

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