Gentle waves of brown dribble down her head, some hair held back by her ears, the rest drape in tiny tendrils along her back and shoulders. Her bangs are long enough to hang wisping to the left, curling around her left cheek. She has a soft-edged rectangular face that allows for any smile to show pert cheeks. Her eyebrows are a soft and thin curve like accent marks above her eyes and those eyes are a deep earth brown that has a hint of copper. A subtle stroke of her nose ends in a tiny point. Under her nose, she has full pink lips that seem to pout naturally.

Her long and slender neck leads way to reveal the shell necklace hanging there. She wears a pink top that is held to her body by a few ties. Two ties are in a bow behind her neck and the other two are tied at her back close to her waistline. The top is sleeveless with the neckline falling low to show cleavage of her full bosoms. A delicate embroidered pattern of a feline is on the front of her top. There is slight toning of her arms to gently emphasize some muscle. Her skirt is a small cloth wrap that is buttoned down the front of the right thigh. It has swirls of sky blue and lavender dancing about and the hem ends at her knees. Slender legs are shown and delicate feet stand inside soft pink flax slippers.


Daughter of Kaldwin and Laluin, a product of a brief rebound affair with an old lover, Kathara is the youngest daughter of Laluin, with an elder sister and two half brothers. Laluin settled at the Weavercraft Hall while being pregnant with Kathara. While recovering from the heartbreak of losing the father of her children, she gave birth to Kathara at the hall.

Kathara had been more content to fall in the footsteps of her mother. She took up sewing as a skill and had joined the weavercraft at twelve turns. Not long after the start of her apprenticeship she discovered she had no aptitude for the needle whatsoever. Spilling dyes, dropping stitches, jamming looms 'Catastrophe Kat' caused more than one weaver to consider early retirement. A teacher eventually suggested that she take a break from her studies to refocus.

Taking the advice, she moved to Cove Hold to stay with her sister, a Journeyman Tech crafter. Since she didn't want to outlive her sister's hospitality, she tried her hand at the Tech craft, attempting to fix some her sisters work while she slept. The result was a resurgence of the nickname 'Catastrophe Kat'. She stayed with her sister for a turn until she passed her fifteenth birthday, when she moved on to live High Reaches Weyr.

After talking to a few vendors on her first day at High Reaches, she began taking up painting and sculpting. She would take in scraps and broken items from others to turn into artworks. Marks came easy after showing some of her work to others in the Living Caverns. Quickly, she had her own vending spot, selling her art pieces. However, the bitter cold weather drove her to warm climes.

At seventeen turns old, Kathara moved everything she owned to Xanadu where she spend the first few days on the beach. She is still at Xanadu even a turn later.


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