Kass has a broad face, knowing dark eyes under epicanthic folds, and uncut, barely brushed black hair which has been shoved out of his face and left there to its own devices. The darkness of his hair, brows, and eyelashes outlines every feature with a certain intensity; the rest of his face is flat, smooth and regular. Somehow it adds up to stubborn, maybe a bit aggressive, slightly accusing even when he doesn't say a word.

He's dressed for work - rough brown and black fabrics that won't mind a little mud, much less show it. There's a leather corded necklace around his throat whose nadir is hidden under his clothing. He seems to prefer soft-soled leather shoes.

There's an air to him of… not quite unsavoriness, but a certain amount of the ne'er-do-well, perhaps. Maybe it's the mistrust in his eyes.


A vagabond, Kassander doesn't say much, and when he does, it's generally not his life's story in one sitting. His looks place him somewhere inland, but his accent places him out on the coast near Rubicon River Hold.


Name Relation Location Position
Cassandra mother deceased

Kass has many siblings but is estranged from them. If you want to play one, go for it. No promises it will result in a ton of RP, but it'll certainly mess Kass's day up.




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