This young woman takes obvious pride in her appearance. She is a little shorter than average height, but always holds herself tall. Her long black hair shines like silk against her dark skin. Her black eyes appear to be just a little too large for her square-jawed face. She's not overly thin, but not overweight, either.
Today, she's wearing a pair of near skin-tight pink pants and a white blousy shirt. A long tan vest falls to her knees, nearly meeting the tops of the tall boots dyed the same color as the vest which her trousers are tucked into. Her hair is plaited into what seems to be a thousand tiny braids not even the width of her smallest finger; the bells and small charms in her hair making her quietly chime as she moves.


Kasle is a native of Xanadu Weyr. She was born there, her parents were born there, and her grandparents were born there. Three generations of her family have lived at Xanadu and nowhere else. Well… Except for her mother, but that's another story. Kas is well known among the guards. She used to follow her mother around all the time when she was on duty, after all. She used to say that she wanted to be a guard when she grew up, but she was quickly disabused of that notion as she got older: She just isn't wired to be "on" all the time like her mother has to. She would much rather be free to run around, to create… Not to mention, the discipline is tough! And she's the kind of girl that sees the good in everyone, no matter if they're acting shifty and up to no good. Instead, when she was old enough, her father introduced her to the gardeners. From then on, Kasle was hooked! Working in the gardens, tending to plants both useful and ornamental, gave her a sense of accomplishment. As long as she pays attention to them and makes sure that they've got the water and nutrients they need, plants will thrive! When they don't, there's always another season to plan for.


Name Relation Location Position
Leklala (NPC) Mother XAW Guard
Sh'un (NPC) Father XAW Bronzerider
Lunah Younger Sister XAW Seamstress
La'on Youngest Brother MBW Greenrider
Bailey Daughter XAW Baby


Alien Green Nimare
So dark as to appear nearly black in low light, this green firelizard's hide is the shade nightmares are made of: a verdigris so devoid of light as to become a stalking shadow. Her movements are both fluid and yet odd in some way, her whip-like tail given to quivering, even lashing.

Smaller than average eyes set deep under protruding 'ridges give the impression of staring, and the nearly spiked ridges along her neck and back promise pain for those who dare to touch her without her approval. Claws of muted silver and overly-pointy, white teeth also appear to be meant to inflict injury, while sleek, long wings rustle like a cloak of darkness about her mobile form.

Flame-Licked Fluff Bronze Toast
Diametrically dissimilar to many a sleek and smooth bronze, this pudgy puffball is pure pleasure for those of a particular palate. His sweetness satisfies cravings for cuddles with a sturdiness belied by his soft appearance. Textures etched in toasted bronze tease the eye, conjuring an illusory carapace of crisped crenellations and craters sheathing all the ooey-gooey delicacy he possesses within. A bronzed-brown like scorched sugar lends prominence to eyeridges, the color dwindling in depth where burnished peaks begin to rise and fall to creamy valleys in uneven dips down his neck and further across the rest of his frame. The color is most uniform across the spread of his wings, faltering little as it wraps down to torso, leaving only his limbs and the last third of his tail as near-virgin ivory with a diffuse glimmer of bronze. Here, the burgeoning brulee bubbles that might have manifested as they do across the rest of his saccharinely saporific form lack the needed time under fire baking within his shell to coax the potential into being.


Toss of the Dice Blue Dovirauth
Every aspect of this blue is willowy and thin, narrow of neck and chest and limb. Viewed alone, he is long and stretched, elfin features leading to delicately curved headknobs, which in turn frame thin, pointy ridges that spike from the back of his neck. Tapered legs give him an almost felinic gait, slow and ponderous when he walks, swift and sure when speed is of the essence. Smooth cadet blue shrouds his upper half like the hood of a cloak, maw and 'knobs dipped in a faintly darker color. Pale periwinkle rings his neck like a collar or ruff, thin in the front, bulkier in the back, splashes of twilit darkness ticking it throughout. This same deep denim sweeps over membranous wings, a fine filigree pattern wrought in steely tones giving him an almost feathered edge. The rest of him is cloaked in a soft sky-blue gradient, broken only by midnight boots and gloves that push up all four legs. It's only when he's next to others that his diminutive size becomes apparent, as though some trickster gave him every beautiful hallmark of height except the actual height itself.


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