Pure blond hair is braided tightly down to her shoulders then allowed to hang free before being gathered up in a messy bun and secured with a dark amber colored ribbon. Plump cheeks fill out an otherwise thin face, helping ease the prominonce of her button nose. Calloused, nimble hands are scarred, and she's about medium height, plump, but in shape. She almost always has a serious expression set in dark blue eyes, and a curious one with a twist of her lips.

Dressed in a hard-wearing non-descript tunic, she has a belt slung around her waist that holds a variety of mining tools and whatnot. It helps keep a pair of just as non-descript pants up, and they are tucked into boots that have evidently seen some hard times. Apart form that, she's not wearing anything of note apart from a small gold chain aroudn her neck with a amber-colored crystal.


A sound in the night after nine months of waiting, and Kanta was born to Journeyman Composer Dirkle and Journeywoman Kansa both of the Harper Hall. Their first child, Kanta was blessed with the ability from day one to get them to do what she wanted, even as she continually welcomed her three siblings, Diaena, Mitchell, and Jordain. As the oldest of the quartet, Kanta was charged to continually keep her eyes out for all three of them, and to treat them well, and to encourage their interests. For the most time during her first ten to eleven years, all of their interests strayed to music; then the family was split. Kansa was assigned to Crom Hold for the winter, and Mitchell and Kanta with with her, while Diaena and Jordain stayed with Dirkle. A Teaching Assignment, they both went as Apprentice Harpers, and as family; it turned out to be a very eventful stay as Mitchell was Searched by Telgar Weyr. That winter hatching, he impressed to a blue, even though they could not stay to say 'congratulations'.

On the way back, the mother-daughter pair stopped by the MineHold, to talk to the Master Miner; they ended up staying for the end of week, teaching and helping. As things go, it ended up being what pulled Kanta from HarperCraft to MinerCraft; she was fascinated with the way things went in the mines, and with the whers themselves. She was very passionate about the subject, and was sad when they eventually had to go back to Crom. Kansa noticed this, but was unsure if she wanted her daughter to go into that 'dark and dirty work', so she said nothing. A couple turns later, at thirteen, when asked if she wanted to continue in the HarperCraft, Kanta said no; when asked, she was transferred to Miner CraftHall for a few experimental turns.

Those turns went as well as things go; she learned quickly and was always generally nosy in terms of what there was to do. Whers really fascinated her the most, and she quickly adopted them in terms of her 'specialty' even though they had nothing to do really with the whole art of mining; more of the safety and the help that they gave when partnered. When she graduated from apprenticeship at the age of twenty one, she was told to pick her overall specialty outside of general Mining; without a second though, she quickly chose WherHandling.


Name Relation Location Position
Kansa Mother Harper Hall Harper Journeywoman
Dirkle Father Harper Hall Harper Journeywoman
M'chell Brother Telgar Weyr Rider to Blue Mussoth
Diaena Sister Harper Hall Harper
Jordain Brother Harper Hall Harper


Dances with Death and Darkness Brown Medi
This brown firelizard is long, lean, almost gaunt in appearance. Skin and bone, his brown hide is darkened with midnight but is pale in some places, almost as if his skeleton has been painted outwardly onto his hide. His wings are long, agile, but bony and nimble and look as if they can be easily crushed. They fall around his battered russet body like the shrouds wrapped around a dead body before burial. His spidery mahogany talons are long, with the faintest hint of bone brown across the top. The front right paw is dusted in grizzly bear silver and brown, as if wearing a metal glove. The talons on that paw almost outsized for a firelizard, the scythe of the Grim Reaper of old.

Destined in Song and Soul Green Nobility
This vibrant firelizard is large for a green, with long agile periodot wings meant to carry her far and fast through the skies. Her glimmering olivine legs have the appearance of being frosted over, the mellow spring green shades stretching up and over her shoulders. A pale golden halo seems to underlie the emerald and jade dappled patterns that ripple over her curvy body, as if giving this green an authority higher than that of another of her color. As if to underscore her importance, her brilliance, a gilt copper filigree lies beneath her bottle green neck, shoulders and long elegant muzzle. The patterns delicately resembling the veil of a bride. As the patterns scroll down her back, they become delicate caligraphy, the alphabet ancient and unknown. It winds its way along her spine and down her tail, which darkens until at the tip it becomes nearly as dark as the night sky itself.


Indecisive Gold Kask
Ore, lumpy, unrefined as if straight from the mine forms the rather dumpy appearance of this gold wher. Her face is short and squat, a bit flat along the planes of the muzzle and littered with brassy contaminants within the yellow metal. Her torso is blocky, while the points of her limb and wing joints jut out at odd angles over the cover of a brassy discoloration. Small, stubby wings winkle heavy wingsails in dull bronzed hues along the rough, thick skin of her back. Her tail is fat and bulbous and the tip tends to drag downwards as if damaged in her extraction. As a final insult, a fine layer of dusty brown has hardened over the crust like hide to dull whatever metallic sheen she should show to a muted shade.

Around her neck is a thickly padded metal and seude collar, the rounded, short spikes dark against the hide of the gold Wher. The leather of the collar itself has been dyed a deep, vibrant shade of violet, the dark color standing out against the golden hues of the wher's hide. Thick rings dangle from the collar, allowing for a lead to be attached to it, so Kask can be led when necessary.


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