Kamari is a plump young woman with wide hips, whose shoulders match. On a smaller woman, the wide shoulders would be out of place, but on her 5'8" frame they fit perfectly. Her auburn hair is kept cropped short, and often spiked in the back, with long sweeping bangs in the front. Her face, slightly round, is graced with pert lips and wide-set, dark green eyes.

Kamari is usually dressed in some variation of tight leather pants, with a fitted tunic vest, often in dark blue. She wears a simple silver chain with a carved pendant, inset with a dark green stone triangle.
Kamari is in her sixteenth turn.


Kamari is the only daughter of Mari and Kamer, two cotholders from the Fort Area. Once she hit sixteen, she decided to travel around Pern to see different places, and figure out what she wants to do with her life. She gets by through trading small sketches or sculptures that she makes in her free time, or picking up odd jobs wherever she happens to land at any given time.


Name Relation Location Position
Mari Mother Kamer & Mari's Cothold NPC
Kamer Father Kamer & Mari's Cothold NPC




Title OOC Date Cast
Xanadu Hatching, April 20, 2008 April 20, 2008 Alara, Amarante, Andis, Arkoss, Calandria, Candia, Chaitra, Delenn, Delynni, Heeva, Hesketh, Kamari, Keziah, Laera, Lorena, Makri, M'iri, Myesha, Naliah, Nalkor, Niva, Orla, Pike, Rhelia, R'in, R'miel, Ryski, Serina, Tarish, Varien, Yezan, Ysa, Zevida, Z'kiel
Random Log: Orla Teaches a Class 2008 Heeva, Kamari, L'alie, Laera, Loren, Myesha, Nalkor, Orla, Rhelia, Ryski
Random Log: The Experience of Weyrlinghood 2008 Kamari, K'vin, Z'kiel
Cooking in the Kitchen 2008 Kamari, Myra, Trian (npc), Zevida
Hair, Tears, and Dead Fish 2008 Delenn, Kamari, Kitty, Niva, R'in, Ryski
Gathering in the Clearing 2008 Heeva, Kamari, Lorena, M'roc, Senkyou
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