Kalyra is a fairly tall woman, standing at a height of 5'6". Her skin is a ruddy color, almost a light mocha brown. Her hair is a dark ebony black that flows down to end at the middle of her back. Her ebony black hair is slightly wavy and has a fair amount of volume. Her eyes are a vivid jade green in color that are quite expressive and are framed by ebony black lashes. Not far above her eyes are two pencil thin slightly arched eyebrows that are a midnight black in color. She has a small pert nose with a light sprinkling of sand brown freckles overtop of the bridge of her nose and her upper cheeks. Her lips are of medium thickness and are a light salmon pink in color. Despite her willowy build she is fairly well-muscled, which can be seen in her upper arms. Her hands are calloused and she has a couple small silvery-white scars on the back of her left hand. Her breasts are slightly larger than medium size. Kalyra's legs are of medium length and are on the lanky side with a fair amount of muscle around the upper part of the legs but looking a bit more spindly around the lower part of the legs.
On this particular day she is wearing a light yellow tunic that is tight fitting and conforms to her frame. The tunic is the color of terran buttercups, a light soft yellow that seems a rather intense shade. It has a V-neck style collar, with little red and purple flowers embroidered around the V-neck part of the tunic. The V isn't too deep and stops short of revealing her breasts. The sleeves of the tunic are slightly too long and the cuffs of the tunic are carefully folded back for that very reason. Running from the tops of her shoulders to the cuff of each sleeve is an embroidered line of little pink and red flowers, which soon coil their way around each cuff. The center of the tunic is a plain buttercup yellow devoid of any embroidered patterns. The hem at the bottom of the tunic is perhaps another story, with an embroidered vine wrapping itself right above the hem, with little pink and purple flowers embroidered to look as though they are growing from the vine. She also wears loosely fitting wherhide (wherry hide) pants that are undyed, leaving them a natural tan brown in color. The tan brown doesn't contrast too badly with the buttercup yellow of her tunic and the two seem to match quite well. The wherhide (wherry hide) pants are also embroidered with flows along the hem, the flowers being a dark purple and light blue in color. The pants are a little faded and thinned out around the knees, meaning it is rather old and well-worn. The bottom hem of the pants are also embroidered with flowers, these ones being a mixture of red and pink with green leaves. Last but not least she wears a pair of wherhide (wherry hide) sandals, also a light tan brown in color. Her sandals are rather plain compared to her clothing, though they do match the overall outfit.


Kalyra was born in Igen Hold, the youngest of three siblings. Her brother Cevyr was six turns older than her and her other brother Kailev was four turns older. Although she was born in Igen Hold, her mother Siyana and her father Galdes were both traders and did not live in Igen. Her parents were part of the Tavril Clan trading caravan that ran an annual route from Igen Hold to Fort hold, stopping at several minor holds along the way. Kalyra had it easy since she was the youngest and her parents expected her brothers to be good examples for her. As a young child of six turns old she was given simple duties to do such as feeding the runners Menk and Shaldo and checking over the wares to make sure they were packaged properly. She looked up to her brothers but they found her annoying since her parents usually didn't let them go anywhere without taking her along with them. She was able to go to gathers fairly often since her parents would go to gathers in order to sell their wares. Her mother sold jewelry and her father sold furniture, so they tended to make a fairly good profit. Her family wasn't rich but they lived well enough, a middle class income to be true.

Kalyra didn't mind traveling from place to place but sometimes she wished they could stay in certain places longer. She'd made some friends during her travels and hated not being able to see them all the time. Her mother seemed to notice her discontent and so she gave her more tasks to keep her busy and take her mind off it. Kalyra had a natural talent when it came to dealing with runners, especially Menk and Shaldo, the two runners that drew their wagon. Her mother thought she might be better off as a beastcrafter one day, but her father thought it best she follow in her parent's footsteps an become a trader. Her parents even had an argument about it, her mother saying she wasn't cut out for being a trader. The matter remained unsettled with both her parents deciding to simply leave the matter until she was older. Luckily at the age of nine turns she made friends with another kid that was traveling with the trading caravan. His name was Khalor and he kept pulling pranks on people and causing trouble, often dragging Kalyra into the middle of it. Her parents had hoped she'd find a friend that would keep her out of trouble, not in trouble. They didn't have the heart to tell her she shouldn't spend time with him anymore though.

At the age of ten turns she was given a runner for her turnday. A docile little dun mare that she named Sundra. That way she wouldn't have to always ride on the wagon, she could ride Sundra alongside them. Of course the challenge to learn the ride was the first thing she had to overcome. Sundra wasn't a very large runner but Kalyra still had a hard time getting up on the runner's back. She sat awkwardly in the saddle and her brother Cevyr had to give her a lesson about how to sit properly, otherwise she'd possibly fall off when the runner started moving. Kalyra was a little scared at first when the mare actually began to walk forward, clinging to the saddle horn so tightly that her knuckles turned white. The mare had a smooth easy pace and soon Kalyra felt reassured and let go of the saddle horn. The next time she rode the runner she was much more confident and with more practice she was able to ride the runner beside her family's wagon when she wanted to. If she wanted to ride in the wagon she could just tie the mare up to the back of the wagon and have her follow along. The trading caravan stopped every once in a while so the mare got plenty of rest. Her father made her aware that she was fully responsible for the care of the runner and that if she couldn't take care of the mare properly he would sell her.

Now that she was older she played a much more important role for her family's trading. She helped to set up the stalls at the gathers and lay out her mother's wares for viewing. She was good at coming up different displays with the jewelry that tended to catch the attention of several customers. Not only was she responsible for her own runner's care but she was allowed to take over almost full duties of looking after Menk and Shaldo. She still talked to Khalor once in a while but both of them were often busy. Her brothers handled the physical work such as carrying furniture, which suited her just fine. She spent two more turns traveling with her trading caravan and going to the gathers they stopped at on the way. She seemed content but there was also an underlying restlessness. It could be seen when she rode her runner some distance ahead of the trading caravan by a couple meters. On her twelfth turnday her parents pulled her aside and had a serious talk with her. She was at the age where she could be accepted as an apprentice in almost any craft she wanted. It was a hard decision for her to make but in the end she chose the Beastcraft. She liked working with runners and she wanted to actually know what it was like to just live in one place for once. Her father seemed angry at first but he didn't forbid her from it. A few days later she was sent off to Beastcraft Hall with some basic belongings.

Life at Beastcraft Hall was interesting to say the least and not at all what Kalyra had expected. Instead of working with runners she found herself involved in lessons and chores. There was a lot more apprentices than she had expected as well, she didn't know so many others were involved with animals. She made friends with a small group of other apprentices by the names of Tolly, Salira, Vakkol, and Sumi. There was one thing they all had in common, which was their love for runners. She learned about many different things such as the biology of different animals and their behavior. She worked hard for two turns and would have for longer had not a message not come through that her father was dying and she was to go to Igen Hold as soon as possible.

She was allowed to leave since it was a family emergency and she called upon the transportation of a dragonrider for the first time. Her mother had supplied the funds and she was given her first dragonrider on the back of a blue. She would never forget the incredible ride but she didn't get much time to enjoy it. Worry for her father kept her from enjoying much of anything. Her mother filled her in once she arrived as to what had happened. Her father had purchased a new runner since Shaldo was getting old and wouldn't be able to draw the wagon much longer. He'd picked up the runner's hoof to inspect the shoe and didn't realize how skittish the runner was. When a gryphhawk swooped down not far off from the runner after it's prey. The runner had been startled and kicked out, one hoof connecting with her father's temple. Her father had been rushed to the infirmary but according to the healers the head trauma was extensive. The entire family waited in the waiting room and it proved to be a long restless night. They greeted the morning with the grim news that Galdes had passed away during the night.

It was nothing more than a stupid accident and to Kalyra is was unfair to lose someone that way. His death has served no purpose, not that she would have felt much better if it had. She told her mother she wasn't going back to Beastcraft Hall and would remain a trader for a while. It had been what her father had wanted and she didn't feel like she could so readily work with runners after what had just happened. Her mother made the decision to stay at Igen Hold for a short while so everyone could get everything together. It wasn't a good idea to travel while everyone was grieving as they might make a mistake, such as forget to properly hitch the runners to the wagon or worse. Kalyra took her father's death hard and spent the next two sevendays moping around or lost in thought. With the support of her brothers and her mother things were a little easier, she wasn't the only one grieving after all. After another few days they finally set out back on their trading route, selling the skittish runner that had killed her father and getting a sturdy but docile runner by the name of Halk.

From that day on she remained a trader of the Tavril Clan trading caravan and helped her mother to sell jewelry. A turn later her older brother Cevyr left them to apprentice to the StarCraft, which took both Kalyra and her mother by surprise. Not the fact that he left of course since he did leave word but the fact he'd apprenticed to the StarCraft Hall. He'd given them no indication previously that he was interested in such things. Kalyra was fifteen turns old at that time and yet it seemed like in such a short time she had learned so much. She still missed her father but it was a turn since it had happened and she'd learned to accept his death. Little did she realize that soon she would be leaving the trading caravan too, but for entirely different reasons.

It happened the day before the gather at Igen Hold. Kalyra was helping to set up the stall when she heard footsteps from behind her. She turned around and found herself facing a man with the knots of a blue dragonrider. She saw his blue had landed in the courtyard of the hold some distance away. She glanced at the blue curiously, she could make out the bright cobalt hide even though the blue was a fair distance away. She greeted the dragonrider politely and introduced herself. He introduced himself as L'koy, rider of blue Kalkreith of Igen Weyr. He told her that Kalkreith wanted to asked her if she'd be willing to stand for Igen's latest clutch. To say it was a surprise was an understatement, she'd never really considered the possibility of becoming a dragonrider. She'd always though she'd either be a crafter or a trader, though she was hardly suited to the life of a trader. Perhaps it was that reasoning that caused her to accept his offer, though she honestly doubted her chances. She figured that if she didn't impress she would just return to the trading caravan she'd known for most of her life. She said goodbye to her mother and brother and gathered her belongings. Then the bluerider took her to Igen Weyr and once their she received her candidate knot.

Candidacy wasn't much different from being an apprentice, consisting of a lot of lessons and chores. But she found the lessons interesting, well some of them anyway. There was a lot of knowledge to take in and a lot to adjust to. She didn't really know a lot about dragons other than things she had heard from other people. Life in the weyr was far different than life as a trader. She found the culture and attitudes a little bit different but she learned quickly. She made friends with two other candides, a former apprentice WeaverCrafter by the name of Taviya and the son of a bluerider by the name of Kaliam. The months went by much quicker than she expected and the hatching seemed upon them far before she felt she was ready. Kaliam seemed to be confident that she would be fine and impress, but she wasn't so sure. She cared a lot about what her friends thought of her, what would they think of if she didn't impress? She was woken out of her cot early in the morning when Taviya shook her awake and thrust her candidate robe at her, informing her that the eggs had started to crack. She got ready as quickly as she could and put her candidate robe on, following after Taviya with a mixed expression of hope and worry.

The sands seemed unbearbly hot that day as she stood on the sands nervously, glancing from the eggs to all the people in the stands. She should have paid more attention to the eggs however, for one cracked just behind her. The young blue dragonet almost bowled her over as it rushed past her in search for it's lifemate. The blue dragonet impressed to a young girl from Keroon. The humming intensified and more eggs hatched, and this time she was paying much more attention. She kept a close eye on the group of eggs nearest to her. A tiger-striped egg began to rock and then split open, revealing a cinnamon brown dragonet. Seeing the dragonet wobbling in her direction she stepped to the side to get out of the way. The cinnamon brown dragonet butted his head up against Kaliam's knees, and he sank down and called out the name Kiroyuth proudly. The hatching continued and she watched the dragonets impress one by one…to anyone but her or Taviya. It was getting near the end of the hatching and only four dragonets were left on the sands calling for their lifemates. Two blues and two greens remained in search for their lifemates. She was surprised when an ivy green dragonet veered towards her and the next thing she knew she was gazing into her lifemate's eyes. She knelt down and hugged her new lifemate, declaring the name Melynth.

She was a changed person after that, Melynth became the center of her life. Much of he time was spent adjusting to the new bond and the fact Melynth was going to be with her for the rest of her life. Aside from that there was weyrling lessons to abide by. Once she became relatively accustomed to the bond she started to associate more with other other weyrlings, K'liam in paricular. Looking after a young dragonet wasn't an easy job, especially mucking out Melynth's couch. A job she wasn't very fond of though the green dragonet was worth it. Melynth proved to be a strong willed and stubborn dragon at times, leading to arguments between dragon and weyrling. The arguments were usually not that serious though. It was more like Melynth was testing Kalyra's authority. Melynth grew quickly and at the end of two turns she was a full 24.3 feet in length, not the largest green out there but a fair size. They eventually graduated and were tapped into a wing, and given the job choices for a dragonrider she selected delivery. Melynth was a fast green and made a great courier, delivering messages and small packages quickly and efficiently. K'liam on the other hand had chosen firefighting and were tapped into a different wing. For a long six turns she and her dragon served as couriers for their wing. Melynth had many flights during that time but other than the occasional one night stand due to the flights she had no relationships so to speak of. She remained friends with K'liam during that time but never did it becoming anything more.

She was content just to have Melynth in her life, but after six turns she did become a bit lonely. Perhaps that is why when Melynth rose at the beginning of the turn she allowed brown Kiroyuth to catch her. After the flight Kalyra finally admitted to herself and to him that she did have feeling for him but she hadn't wanted to ruin their friendship. After that they started a relationship and dated for a couple months and Kalyra found herself falling completely in love with him. Everything changed when K'liam's brown flew another green because shortly after he asked her to meet him in his weyr. When she did he explained that he didn't think he could date any longer and he thought it best that they just remain best friends. She was so angry that he'd been leading her on the past few months that she simply left. Even more infuriating was that three days later another friend told her that she'd seen K'liam and the other greenrider together a lot and though they might be dating. She confronted him over it and he had the gall to admit to her that he liked the other greenrider better and she'd just have to get over it. Kalyra told him they couldn't be friends anymore and then left. She had thought for all those turns she had known him and the way he'd just trod over her feelings like that left her feeling betrayed. She couldn't stand seeing him around and she couldn't really escape him because she would see him eventually since they lived at the same weyr. But she realized that her jealousy and anger would only get the worst of her is she stayed. So on impulse she applied for a transfer to Ierne Weyrhold, figuring there was no chance of seeing him down south. Also, she had never been to a Weyrhold before and wanted to learn more about the south and what living at a Weyrhold was like. Getting away from K'liam was not the whole reason after all. Now she's settling in at Ierne Weyrhold and getting to meet new people.


Climbing Vines of Ivy Green Melynth
Light hues of ivy green sweep up the muzzle of this medium-sized dragon, continuing on to encompass her whole head. Her muzzle is medium in size, neither dainty and narrow, nor broad and flat. Her eyeridges are smooth and narrow and are a light ivy green in color, covered in small faded speckles of pine needle green. Her whirling eyes are alight with an intensity that is richly enhanced by pine needle green circles that surround each eye. Near the back of her head are two pine needle green head knobs, which are narrow and rounded. Her neck is slender and graceful, made up of a solid light ivy green background with streaks of pine needle green that run from the back of her neck to stop just past the middle. Her neckridges are medium but narrow, all of them triangular in shape and ivy green in color. Her well-muscled shoulders are a light ivy green in color, with a couple streaks of pine needle green overtop. Her front legs are a light ivy green in color, with misty bands of spring green coiling over the ivy green. Her front feet are a pure light ivy green in color, each sporting a set of ivy green claws. A smooth sheen of spring green can be seen upon her belly, though it soon lightens to a ivy green upon her sides. Her wings can be considered to be medium, falling in between being long and narrow and short and broad. The tops of her wings are a light ivy green in color, striped with bands of pine needle green along the trailing edges. The undersides of her wings are a plain pine needle green in color. Her hind legs are a light ivy green in color, speckled with spring green spots. Her hind feet sport a set of ivy green claws that have a jagged edge. Last but not least is her long tail, which is a little over half the length of her body. Her tail is a light ivy green in color, with a single pine needle green streak that runs for the base of her tail all the way to the very tip.


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