==== Dolphin Craft Apprentice

Kaelik or just Lik
Sex male
Position Dolphineer
Craft Dolphin Craft
Rank Apprentice
Specialty Marine Biology
Age 12
Birthplace Little Sandy Hold
Home Monaco Bay Weyr

Harper's Bait (Shanty Songs n' Poems)

Young Kaelik has a love-hate relationship with Harpers, in that he loves to hate them. Noisy, nosey Know-It-Alls with all their fancy laernin'… setting around reading and writing and playing their silly songs in the shade while others sweat and toil in biting winds and pelting rains and scorching sun just to eek out meager livings… just to SURVIVE! He takes great pleasure in making up songs and poems to show friends and family that if he can do it anyone can do it so Harpers can't be all that special. Any difficulty he has had in learning letters and arithmetic has in no way influenced his opinions on the matter. None whatsoever! (That's his tale and he's sticking to it…)

Below are few examples of his “Harper Bait” as young Lik likes to think of it.

(It may be important to note that Lik is careful not to sing, chant or recite anything in front of other Dolphineers. If the local pod and random passers-by have been 'treated' to his performances from time to time, whose to know?)


A small, wiry lad (no more than 12 hands high) with a short shock of shaggy sun-bleached hair and a well-tanned hide. Overly large ears stick out to frame a storm of freckles surrounding quick, bright blue-green eyes and and a small slightly upturned nose. Long, delicate fingers dance at his side in a restless rhythm as he chews his low lip pensively.

Generally, he's found wearing trousers of dolphin blue sinched at the waste with a snug leather strap and a loose white shirt rolled up to the elbows. He's normally barefoot. Upon his right shoulder are the cords and knots of an Apprentice of the Dolphin Craft. Worn about his neck is a thin leather choker beaded with several small colorful shells.

RP Hooks

Sea Crafts
Whether Sea Crafter, Fish Crafter or Dolphineer, this lad is has an interest in what's happening and he sees the former two as 'cousin' crafts related to his own latter Hall.
Little Sandy Hold
Perhaps you're familiar with this small cothold or one of the others of the former Half Moon Bay community. Perhaps you might recognize a familiar freckle-faced kid.
Just another kid
Holdbrat, Weyrbraat or just another Junior Apprentice, Lik always has a friendly smile for a fellow youngster.
Busy Apprentice
An eager young apprentice with something to prove, Kaelik is often off busy running errands or repairing equipment. On occasion these tasks bring him to lands beyond Monaco Bay, though in that case it's usually a seaside community like those in Xanadu, Ierne or Honshu waters.
Always on an eye out to add something to his collection of shells, bones, feathers and other natural oddities, this little scavenger can be found just about anywhere, though rarely far from the sea, in search of his next bit of treasure.


A child of several generations of Seacrafters in the small seaside cothold of Little Sandy Hold, Kaelik had his whole life planned out. He was going to find a fire-lizard nest, sell the eggs and get rich. Oh yes… and then he was going to become a swimmer with the Ship-fish and learn were all the schools of the best fish liked to swim and every net cast would be full forever-after! That was his life, in a nutshell. Or seashell. There were sure to be some sort of shells involved. That is until the whole of Half Moon Bay had other ideas. People always talk about how the ground shook and the Weyr-sands went bad. Fewer took note that the waters trembled their fair share, too. Kaelik's parents argued to stay when other's fled, declaring there'd be better fishing with less competition. Kaelik watched as his older siblings were among those lost to the turbulent, boiling waters that followed in the last of the local bay's violent tremors. So the family fled, joining the last refugees of Half Moon en-route to Monaco Bay where they are now trying to sort out how to put their lives together again.


While Kaelik lost two siblings during the exodus from Half Moon Bay, several fellow refugees have since since become close as family. Lik, like most on Pern, was fostered communally with other children of Little Sandy Hold and while he recognizes his familiar blood bonds, Auntie Gael and Uncle Jak are the ones he most recognizes as a parental-figures. Sweet Auntie Gael and Good Old Uncle Jak stayed to the final days of Half Moon because of the remaining children while his birth parents stayed for the remaining fish. Something he's not soon to forget…or forgive.

Merlik Father Journeyranked FishCrafter +27 turns
Kira Mother Journeyranked FishCrafter +21 turns
Sweet "Auntie" Gael Adopted Auntie Watches the little ones +55 turns
Good "Uncle" Jak Adopted Uncle Helps cook and barter +63 turns
Baelik Baby brother Cry baby -11 turns
Ta Adopted brother Terrible Two -10 turns
Kirlik Lost brother Apprentice FishCrafter 17 r.i.p.
Mira Lost sister Apprentice SeaCrafter 15 r.i.p.

Dolphin Craft

Lik is excited to be one of the Shipfish Folk. Er…. Dolphineers, that is. While he doesn't know any of them, hardly at all, he's already started to emulate and idolize the handsome Journeyranked Kalen, companion to Atlas. As a result, he dresses just like the older Dolphineer sans his blue gray Crafter's jacket, rolled up sleeves and barefeet. Sadly, that has resulted in Lik always loosing his sandals and forgetting where he's left his jacket last. Kaelik is equally smitten by Kalen's adorable twin sister and fellow Dolphineer Journeyranked Lyzaen, companion to Dori. The poor lad is torn between deciding which twin is prettier, braver or smarter. Either can leave the normally enthusiastic and outspoken Lik tongue-tied, blushing and appearing just a bit dimwitted in their company as he is willing to go to nearly any extreme to prove himself worthy of their attentions.

Hailing from a small seaside cothold (Little Sandy), Lik is a talented beachcomber and scavenger and has an intuitive grasp of marine biology. He knows where most birds hide their eggs as well as when they lay them, where to find the tastiest shellfish and other natural treasures of the shoreline. Clever son of a FisherCraft family, he adds to this a fair share of fish lore as well. He had an impressive collection of shell and bones before his family abruptly fled the Half Moon Bay. He envisions his future as a Dolphineer to be working with the pods to better understand the behavior of fish and other edible sea life so the the lives of the FisherCraft are that much more easier and prosperous.

(Lik is a little worried after he heard that the ShipFish Folk Dolphineers normally didn't take apprentices until they were of 13 turns or even much later. He hopes to prove himself before his age might become an issue.)


Title OOC Date Cast
Two For One! September 30, 2019 Kaelik, Risali, Samuven



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