Cute would likely be the first word to come to mind when describing Kaeda - a slim girl with big, dark brown eyes and tight, golden curls. Hair is kept relatively short, each ringlet bouncing around her ears and face. Her long, narrow nose is unmarred by freckles, and full lips may, in the future, earn her the adjective 'pretty' once she does a little more growing up. Slender in limb and body, she's nearly 5'9", the majority of her presence in her height - and not in nonexistent curves.

She wears rather simple clothes, a long tunic belted around her slender waist falling around her hips, dark brown pants cladding her legs, the ends tucked in boots that come partway up her calves. Occasionally, simple bangle bracelets adorn her thin wrists, a simple pin stuck in her curls now and again.


Kaede's early years were rather blissful - the only child of a Mindhealer and a brownrider - she grew up spoiled both by parents and by their peers, a cute child constantly doted upon by all. Of course, all good things are bound to end, and shortly before her fifth turnday - not long after she began to become precisely aware of the benefits of being an only child - it suddenly came to a screeching halt.

A foster child came to stay - a boy three turns older than her - a boy who never went away. Her parent's attention was suddenly split between the two of them, and while no one could ever even begin to suggest that she was neglected or forgotten, her carefully built world suddenly was no more.

The next few turns were filled with the normal bumps and competitions of siblinghood - resulting in broken arms for both of them, long talks with the supervising Harper after school time disagreements, and the eventual forging of a close relationship between the two. When Kaede was 12, and her brother 15, he was Searched - and Impressed, a large bronze, leaving Kaede to once again adjust to the changing dynamic - both with her favorite (and only) sibling and with her family's attention.

It was a scant six months later that she asked - and received - permission to apprentice to the Harper Hall. Determined to earn her own accolades, she's been working there steadily ever since, eying a law specialization, as she draws ever closer to the rank of Senior Apprentice.


Name Relation Location Position
Mother Healer Hall MindHealer (Sr. Jman)
Father Fort Weyr Brownrider
Brother Fort Weyr Bronzerider




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