Sandy-brown hair falls in thick curls about this young man's head which has grown long enough to tie behind his head in a runner tail. Long eyebrows arch over dark blue eyes that overlook his elongnated nose. Dispite his age, he looks to be older than he really is, given his angular face and hints of stubble on his chin. His skin is a light tan, suggesting that he spends quite a bit of time in the outdoors. The young man is lithe in build, being neither tall nor short, though the length of his arms and legs suggests he may grow later in life.

He is usually wearing a light green tunic with short-sleeves, though underneath the tunic is a laced-up long-sleeved shirt that ends at his wrists and fits tigthtly against his muscled arms. Upon his legs he is usually wearing a pair of gray breedches which are held up by a tanned belt, and tend to fit loosely about his legs and are perhaps over-long and fall past his ankles. The ends of the pants are usually stuffed in his blue wher-hide boots, which are a bit frayed at the edges but still in usable condition.


Kaitro grew up in the lower caverns of Xanadu Weyr, a weyr brat by nature and a product of a flight. He was quickly fostered off once he was old enough and was raised by his milkmother Kalisa. He grew up with a few other fostered children and considered thim part of is family as much as his real parents, even though he is not related to them by blood. As with all children, Kaitro had a bit of a mischevious streak, especially when paired with his siblings, which ended him in no ends of trouble.

As he grew older, however, he started to work in the kitchens and soon found that he had a love of cooking. Soon, he was frequently working in the kitchens or cleaning, or even serving tables when the need arose. He quickly learned a reptuation for trying new things, whether experimenting with food or even activities. This, of course, earned him with a bit of torment from his peers, which he took with optimistic stride. At the moment, he is toying the idea with starting an apprenticeship at a craft, and has been well known to sit with crafters and attempt to learn their different crafts in hopes of finding one suited for himself.


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Putting It All Together Blue Wensith

Woad-speckled patterns of indigo mark this dragon, a dark blue shade that's spotted and flecked with darker blotches along his dorsal surfaces. His back, his tail, even out onto his wings, all of them are spattered with those midnight spots against hide that is itself only a half-shade lighter. Along his lower surfaces - starting beneath the chin and extending down along his belly and the insides of his legs - that same whorbled design is made in reverse, thin veins of ghostly white traced against the darkness of his hide in irregularly curving patterns. In places they're dense enough, evocative enough, that it might almost seem one could draw a picture from them, but in the end the patterns reveal nothing and everything, an indication more of what's on the mind of the viewer than anything else. He's a sturdy creature, with a blunt muzzle and compact body that has his paws set in a wide stance beneath him, but his tail is long enough to make up for it and his wings seem to match that tail, extending past his rump when folded. The underside of his tail is heavily marbled with white on one of the forks, but not the other - an asymmetry that may be more obvious in the sort of dim lighting where this dark-blued dragon might all but disappear save for that scattered tracing of white. Were he to make that attempt at stealth, he'd be well advised to keep his wings folded, for while the backs are speckled darkly, the underside of those sails is traced with wispy white like fair-weather clouds stretched across the blue of the sky.


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