When a boy reaches manhood, he can find himself falling into many different categories of stature far different than the one he was in as a boy. A small, awkward child may grow to be a strapping confident fellow. Your brash teenage flirt into a belly-large, selfish man. Aging is a wonderful thing when youth is still attached to it, and Ka’el, once a lanky smithcraft apprentice, has done so impressively.

Once a boy, now a man, his body is that of one who knows what it means to toil. He’s somewhat tall, though not excessively so, and his build does fall into that ‘strapping’ category as mentioned above. Muscles are defined, shaping his torso, arms, and legs. Although not excessively bulky, strength is evident in his youth. His face has lost the soft curves of childhood. Cheeks once pinchably cute by a doting mother have slimmed to show a strong jawline. Eyes are a striking shade of blue, made brighter against the contrast of dark brown hair that he tends to keep trimmed. Shorter in the back than the front and always combed away from his eyes unless the atmosphere is informal.

Clothing, although kept simple, lingers on the border of ‘casual’ and ‘professional’. Think office wear. Trousers are dark gray, the boots beneath polished. A crisp white collared shirt is worn above them, with or without a tie and jacket, depending on the occasion and audience. But always present is an intricate knot with bronze threading woven through. The tasseled sign of Xanadu’s Weyrleader. On the ring finger of his left hand, a ring is worn. Braided, bronze and gold.


Kale comes from a large family that has one thing in common: Agriculture. Born in Black Rock Hold the 6th son of six boys, he's the youngest of the Crestwood clan. They are a family of growers who have seemingly perfected the craft of corn cultivation which is passed along from generation to generation. From a young age, each Crestwood boy learns the importance of the kernel, the value of it in both a monetary sense and as sustenance, and the history of their hold and its importance to the world at large.

Yes, the family takes great pride in what they do, though there is always one black sheep, or in this case, rotten ear in the family. While Kale did understand the significance of agriculture, it simply did not interest him as a lifelong career. Even from a young age, it was apparent to his parents that their youngest did not seem to have the natural instinct to growing as their other boys did. Sure, the grunt work was done efficiently: lifting and stacking and shucking and such, but the art of growing seemed to have bypassed Kale. His interests were, oddly enough, more centered on things that lacked life. Queer things such as the newest imports of metals that were used for who knows what machinery.

Not that this stopped them from apprenticing him to the farm craft at age thirteen, much to Kale's opposition. But such was tradition, and no amount of feet dragging could stop the inevitable. He apprenticed under a fine journeyman who was filled with more knowledge than he was patience. An unfortunate combination for Kale, who never could seem to find his niche in the field, and it honestly was not for a lack of trying. It became apparent rather quickly that the sixth born son did not seem to have what it takes, and he was dismissed from his apprenticeship just six months after beginning it.

But this opened a door for Kale, whose itch for metalwork still nagged him daily. An Apprenticeship at Smitchcraft Hall is what he yearned for. To learn the basics from the best and hone the ability he knew he had in him to something grand. But his parents were opposed to his absurd dream and refused. It wasn't until a few months shy of his fourteenth birthday that, worn from their rebellious son's hardheadedness, that they relented. To an extent. He was allowed to apprentice the smith craft, but not in Smithcraft Hall. Instead, he was sent to Xanadu, a closer and more affordable area. He would have a year's time to prove himself and his cockamamie idea worthy, else he'd return to Black Rock Hold. A deal that would've been fine…if the quality of teaching at Xanadu was anything near that of Smithcraft.

Surprisingly, it was. Or at least, in Kale's opinion it was. In his turns as a smithcraft apprentice, the boy learned much and was eager to learn much, which gained him the favor of the acrimonious Journeyman, Orik, who became his mentor. And thus Kale toiled and practiced and grew fond of both his smithy and of Xanadu Weyr as a whole. More friends than enemies were made, and life went along swimmingly for turns.

Then, he was Searched. Once for a failed clutch of only two surviving eggs. Yumeth's. And then again for the more prosperous pairing of Sahazyth and Orionth. During candidacy, more friends more made. Kale grew to learn more of himself and of his desires for his future. More Weyr-like ideas formulated, taking the place of his strict hold-bread beliefs. What did he want for himself? What would he do in the slim chance that he Impressed this time? Candidacy, while exciting, was also a time of complexity. It was the point in which he came to a crossroads. Which path would he choose?

Kanekith chose for him upon hatching day. A bronze rider? Him? Apparently so, for when he left the sands, there was a hungry young bronze with him. Weyrlinghood was a whirlwind experience of trials and triumphs, friends kept and friends dismissed. Learning to become a dragonrider tore Kale, now Ka'el, in half. The Weyr half and the hold half. How could he face his family after becoming the very thing they have been raised to be against? It was a troublesome time for him, growing more reserved than his friends had become accustomed to. But he trudged through, performing well and successfully graduating, with nearly all of his ties still intact!

A new chapter of his life came with dragon riding. A member of Galaxy. Search and Rescue! What was in store for him? Many adventures came with his training with the men and women of his new wing. Life certainly didn't become any easier, but he learned quickly and his bond with Kanekith only grew with the challenges. A leadership flight? That certainly wasn't in his life plan, but when one is a dragonrider, life is sometimes hard to plan. And thus, with the rising of the Senior's queen, he found himself the new Weyrleader of Xanadu. Unprepared and doubtful, the young rider had an entire new set of responsibilities to face, but he did face them and with time, experience was gained, and with experience came confidence.

Currently, he still resides as Xanadu's Weyrleader and father of one child.



Skyler - Newborn


Skyler - Ready To Go


Skyler - On the Beach

What is it like to have a child? What should I expect? What should I prepare for? These represent only a single drop of the thunderstorm of questions that I had at the beginning. These are just a few of the questions that I would've asked my father, if I still had one to call father. Everyone had their opinions. From riders to the kitchenstaff, every person had their advice for me. Whether or not they had a child of their own didn't matter. Everyone seemed so knowledgeable. I was given words of how to bathe the baby, what to clothe the baby in, how to rock a baby, how often to bring the baby for checkups, whether to foster the baby, how often the baby should sleep, how much the baby should eat. I was given luck and warnings. I was told that having a child changes lives. That having a child could strain things. There were so many words. Words that could fill journals and books and tomes, and so I felt both over and under prepared when he finally came to be. But of all of the things that were said, they all forgot something that I found out on my own.

No one told me how fun it would be.

Raising Skyler has been the most fun thing I've ever done. He is my partner in crime. My buddy. My boy! I find myself wanting to do things with him rather than without, no matter how mundane the task. My life is far more entertaining now that he's in it, and with each day that passes his personality grows that much more. He is … funny. He is friendly and outgoing. He fears little and loves largely. He likes to give hugs, not handshakes. If given the chance, he'd play in the sand every day. In the beginning, he was a small, pink, squishy thing that simply was. Now, he is a miniature person who has his likes and dislikes and preferences. I'm learning more about him with every minute that we spend together, and the mystery of who Skyler is is chipped away one tiny piece at a time with every new thing I discover.

But, being a father is still scary. There are new questions now to replace the old. As the turns come, will I continue to be a good father to him? Will I provide to him what he needs? As he grows from a child to a man, will my love for him remain as unbreakable as it is now, or am I destined to allow it fall away as my father's has towards me? Can I support my son in all that he decides for himself when he is able to decide for himself, even if his decisions are not what I would want for him? The future always seems so far away, but it never really is. What will it hold for my boy? What will it hold for us, together? I worry, but at the same time I do not, for when I'm with my son, be it in the nursery, at home, or walking along the sands of the shore, I feel that there is nothing in the entirety of the universe that could turn me from him. He is a boy who will never doubt that his father loves him. Of this, I swear.


Name Relation Notes
Sori.jpg Weyrmate "She's like nothing I've ever experienced. Like no woman I've ever met. She's my weyrmate. My best friend. My heart. My dance partner. My pillow. My strength. My weakness. My everything. She is someone that I've sought before I ever realized that I was seeking anything. Soriana brings out the best in me. She makes me want to be the best version of myself because I want her to look at me and see a man that she's proud to call hers. With her, I laugh the most. With her, I wear no mask. Why should I? She's seen the worst parts of me. The fearful me. The guilty me. The jealous me. The spiteful, hateful, grudge-holding me. The hurtful me. And yet, she said yes to me and has chosen to walk with me towards a future that is us and ours, together. I think of her, and she makes me smile. She makes me brave. She makes me better than who I am without her."
XanIcon_zps73e83df7.jpg Friend "There aren't many people that can take Xan in doses larger than minutes. He … takes a bit've getting used to, but once you're his friend, you've made a friend for life. I learned that a long time ago."
Marel1_zps85fa9d4f.jpg Friend "I like Marel. I don't know what it is about her, and it's weird because for turns she was just Thea's Kid to me. She seemed so much … younger in my memories, and that was only a few turns ago. Now she's…she seems older than her turns, and sometimes I forget she's still young. Now that we're not weyrlings together, the time I see her will be even less. But I'm determined not to let our friendship fade or turn into something ugly. I don't know why, but I care a lot about her, and I'll be damned if I let another friend of mine turn to distant memory."
JennaIcon_zpse0dfafac.jpg Friend "I knew Jennabelle from Weyrlinghood. She's tough. She doesn't take much crap from anyone, and I think that's a reason why people believed her to be such a … bitch back then. She wasn't, truly, but no one believed me! Despite what anyone said, I liked being around her. If it wasn't for her, I probably would've never passed strap-making. She's smart and vicious in the way that when she puts her mind on a goal, there's no stopping her. Maybe that's what got her into Galaxy."
NikoIcon_zps5856cd82.jpg Friend, I think "Niko is new to Xanadu. A wherhandler, and there aren't many of those to speak of that actually come about and mingle. Not that she mingles much. She is like their lot in that way. Keeps to herself. Has a weyr entirely out of the way of everyone else's. But, she seems like a good person with a hidden past I feel is darker than she lets on. There've been moments already. Moments of "almost". Almost talking about things that fall deeper than the surface. Almost letting something spill. Almost… She's guarded, but that's alright. I like her, even if there are things about me that she doesn't."
Kera_zpsb88b91de.jpg Friend "Kera is a girl who comes from … well. I don't know where she comes from, but it isn't important. What's important is that she's an okay girl who has grown on me, and I'm finding that I enjoy her company more and more. Still, she finds herself in far too much trouble, especially when it comes to Mur'dah. She can be a bit awkward around others, but I can tell she tries to make friends and fit in, and she hasn't done anything off-putting to me. She apprentices in healing and plays a good game of kickball."
Innes Friend "Innes is great fun to be around. She's so short! She's also the only person that Kanekith has ever searched, and for that reason she remains special to the both of us. She's been a Junior for a time now, but even so she still seems a little .. unsure of herself. I'm afraid sometimes she'll decide that the knot isn't one that she wishes to wear anymore and we'll find ourselves without her, but I hope she sees Xanadu as her home now. Home is a difficult place to abandon."
M'kal Friend "I still consider M'kal a friend, even though lately he's someone that I, as a Weyrleader, worry about. As much as I try to keep personal things separate from my duties, it's sometimes near impossible to. I worry because of his problems with Marel. I worry because of his problems within Galaxy. His disinterest in his duties. It's concerning."
Angelique Friend "Assistant Headwoman of Fort. My Fortian friend! Meeting her was purely accidental. It was our first trip to Fort as Weyrlings after just learning how to go Between safely. We had to mingle. Show off our manners and politeness to other-weyr-folk. She was there. I spoke to her. I hardly have issue speaking to people, and she was a friendly sort that I took a liking to straight off. She's easy to speak to and doesn't take herself too seriously, though she does take her job very seriously. I like a person who knows to have fun but at the same time is goal oriented and has a purpose. She was kind when Kanekith was ill, and I'm glad she was able to come to my graduation."


Playboy in Shining Armor Bronze Kanekith

Like metal that has been left to the elements, a deep, ruddy bronze sweeps over the back of this powerful creature. Murky hints of midnight touch upon his neck ridges, washing down over the length of his spine. Thin streaks of polished metal show in contrast, light coming through the darkness, though they fade out along the length of his long, forked tail. Lean muscle shows beneath his metallic hide, accentuating strong limbs and the proud way that he holds his head. Each of those sturdy legs seems to have been coated in a coppery hue, giving the impression of softer undertones there and along the length of his broad chest. Heavy paws show support his athletic frame, each one bearing thick black talons. His nose and eyeridges have also been polished to a lighter tone, shading keen, whirling eyes and standing out against the backdrop of his wings. While each wing-spar seems thick and stable, the webbing stretched between them is mottled, as if some spots had rusted. A pale green starts to streak through, darkening like tarnished bronze at the edges of his wings.


The King of Wolves Bronze Alloy

Bursting through tones of burnished bronze and earthy browns, this stout little warrior is rippling with muscle, promising an almost kingly reign from looks alone. His muzzle is long and tapered, near enough to be considered close to a canine's snout, drizzled with crimson against the jaw line. Tarnished gold laps up between his eye ridges, circling in a crown that falls like blades in all directions down the sides of his face. Neck ridges rise from his back like fangs meaning to ensnare a victim, coated in deep browns and flares of bright orange-bronzes. Layers of color mottle down his sides as if he were truly a furred creature, as the way it plays on him makes it seem as if he has tuffs rippling down his brazen form - darker coats layered on lighter ones. Brushed over his back are long wings, reaching far with gleaming promise of fiery bronze wrapped into each wing-spar, sails dusted with ash. Robust legs are wrapped in a dense green-bronze, finalized with black talons on each digit.


"Will you let me borrow your heart?"


Album: The 20/20 Experience, Part 1 and Part 2
Artist: Justin Timberlake

Applicable songs that fit certain situations of Ka'el's life!

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And Because Ka'el is a Guy

Dress On
Body Count


Title OOC Date Cast
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Innocent January 03, 2014 Ka'el, Soriana, NPC weyrfolk
An Explosive Gather January 04, 2014 Innes, Inri, Ka'el, Kera, Kiena, Kimmila, Mur'dah, M'raz, Nyalle, Soriana, Thea, Th'ero, Zahleizjah
Yeah, Something Blew Up January 04, 2014 Ka'el, Kiena, Soriana, Thea, V'dim
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Combat 101 January 09, 2014 K'nid, Ka'el, Kiena, Kera
Rain and Falling Down January 12, 2014 Idrissa, Ka'el, Soriana
Smith meet Smith January 12, 2014 Kiena, Johhny, Kera, Ka'el
Running from Work January 13, 2014 Ka'el, Kiena
In Sickness January 14, 2014 Ka'el, Soriana
Far Too Quiet January 15, 2014 Soriana, Ka'el
Up on the Star Stones January 16, 2014 Ka'el, Kiena
Pie, With Cream January 23, 2014 Ka'el, Kiena, Mur'dah
Boot Scootin' January 24, 2014 Ka'el, Kera, Ja'ken (npc), Suka (npc)
Remembering Inkfoot January 24, 2014 Ka'el, Soriana
How many drudges does it take to... January 26, 2014 Ka'el, Johhny, Kera
Visiting Ista January 27, 2014 Cenlia, Ka'el, Kimmila, Th'ero
Clean Hands and Practical Gifts February 01, 2014 Ka'el, Kiena
Candidate and Weyrling Mixer February 07, 2014 Ka'el, Kera, Kiena, Mur'dah, Naeda, Naris, Rhysanna, Soriana, S'rorn, Sundari, V'dim, Zi'on
Borrowing Blankets February 08, 2014 K'nid, Ka'el, Kera
Tonight and Tomorrow February 08, 2014 Ka'el, Soriana, Kanekith
Handling Problems February 09, 2014 Ka'el, Mur'dah
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Higher Standards February 11, 2014 Ka'el, Soriana, Thea
From One Weyrleader to Another February 13, 2014 Ka'el, Th'ero
One Month At A Time February 14, 2014 Ka'el, Soriana
How (Not To) Share News February 16, 2014 Innes, Ka'el, Kiena, Mur'dah, Soriana
The Long View February 18, 2014 Ka'el, Soriana
Winteritis February 20, 2014 Innes, Ka'el, Soriana
Shades of Gray February 21, 2014 Ka'el, Kiena
Winter Wonderings February 23, 2014 Ka'el, Soriana
Hazards of Construction February 26, 2014 Ka'el, Kera, Soriana
Suspicious Activities February 27, 2014 Ka'el, Kera, Soriana
Happiness Is... March 01, 2014 Ka'el, Soriana
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A Breath Away From Death March 06, 2014 Ka'el, Kera, Innes, Praela (npc), V'dim, Isobeth, Kairoikyriath, Kanekith, Moncerath
A Picnic of Advice March 07, 2014 Ka'el, Soriana, Thea
Patrolling for Trouble March 09, 2014 Innes, Ka'el, Soriana, and NPCS Atreyo, Beatrice, and Mud
Life is a Zoo! March 10, 2014 Ka'el, Soriana, Alloy, Dusty, Haruhi, Joy, Nugget, Toral
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That Spring Feeling...(Mating Flights Lesson) March 13, 2014 Innes, Ka'el, Kiena, Soriana, V'dim, and Weyrlings
Raining Contentment (A Vignette) March 17, 2014 Ka'el, Soriana (sort of)
Half a Clue March 18, 2014 Ka'el, Soriana
Is it /Really/ Haunted? March 20, 2014 Ka'el, Kera
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Craftriding (Kera is Tapped) March 25, 2014 Ka'el, Kera
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