Standing just shy of the six foot mark, this young man's build isn't all that slight. But he isn't 'built', either. His shoulders are wide, and his arms are muscled. His chest doesn't stick out with muscles though. Too bad, huh? His dark brown hair is unruly, spiking naturally and randomly on his head. His eyes are a much lighter shade of brown, and his cheek bones are… well, there. His neck boasts a long thin scar, just where the neck and jaw bone meet. His skin is tanned lightly from the sun.
He wears a uniform - yes, that is what it is. Uni! He wears a cotton shirt with a number of pockets, these pockets being of different colors. Black, gold - one even of bronze. The bottom half of the uniform is a pair of tan colored cargo pants which stop just below his knees and are held at waist level by a brown belt. He wears a pair of light brown boots. On the underside of each of his wrists are a few thin white scars - contrasting against his tanned skin. Oh, cuts? His shoulder bears his knot, a double cord colored Igen's black and gold, arranged in a single loop - Weyrling. Strapped to the side of his belt is a small hand knife.


Kylin was born and raised in a small mountain hold in the mountain range north of Fort Weyr. He isn't much more than a common holder. His father had the hobby of hiking, a thing which was often done by the members of the hold. Kylin and his two turn older brother took up that hobby at young ages, going on trips with their father every few seasons. Survival skills were learned, and Kylin took joy in these trip. When he reached the age when he was to choose a craft, something both his parents wished for him to join, theyoung man was undecisive. His older brother had joined the Beastcraft - but Kylin just couldn't make up his mind.

Thus he continued living in the Hold, doing chores and taking evenmore trips into the mountains, many times on his own. On one of these trips he didn't suspect that helping a trader from Fort Weyr pick up spilt cargo would lead to any harm. As it turns out, the trader had been infected with a 'plague' which Kylin contracted. A few weeks later the young man was taken, passed out, from a cave by a man - later to be brought to a hidden infirmary. Too bad it was the Renegade infirmary.


First Put Out the Light Blue Cyprus
Upon a shore at midnight darkness reigns, powerful shadow hues enfolding this firelizard's bulk. He's big for a blue, in muscles at least a savage amongst the civilized - broad and brawny, where his fellows are slim and delicate, rough edged. Deepest indigo rolls out across his strong back, meeting with the whirling tempest of seafoam that washes over thickened wingsails, to crash in moonlight at the very fringes. Across his nose and down his tail, a tattoo of striking markings, outlandish and unknown seem to be stippled in a mist over the face of timor, casting the midnight into silvered edges. Exotic angles distinguish his features, from the tilt of his storm-toned head to the curve of sword-sharp talons, dull and steely blades.


Escutcheoned Heart Bronze Fulcioth
Illusory scales of paled enamel accentuate the underside of a solid neckline, interlocked crescents flowing over ripples of sinew and muscle to a robust frame. Cenobitic and dignified, prominent cheekbones partnered with distinguished eye-ridges add acuity to his natural stockiness. Headknobs rise eminently from a sloped cranium, twin minarets swathed in the same brassy lamella that his stately chest bears. As though stricken by a spear, a roughly heart-shaped splash of ichorous color stands in striking contrast upon the escutcheon of his breast. Darker, burnt shading casts esoteric shadows along the line of his spine from the tip of his broad muzzle to the end of his intimidating tail-spade. This darkness spreads across his shoulders, rich bronze varnished with the soot of incinerated palimpsests, granite and vellum ash delineating the breadth of his shoulders reaching to dust the spindles of his wingspars. The very gossamer of his wingsails appears as stretched, cured hide upon the frame, an evenly ecru hue laminated with metallic gloss. Diminutive neckridges descend the column of his spine, weathered stonework monuments which play host to faint roundels of oxidized alloy, encroaching loam and lichen faintly visible upon the base of each ridge.


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