K'ael is handsome, though a bit baby-faced. He has wavy brown hair cut short and brushed forward. His ears stick out a bit too much on either side. His face is always shaven smooth, even around the dimples he has in each cheek and is a bit rounded, though still maintaining a chiseled look. The most noticeable part of K'ael's face are his bright blue eyes, which seem to light up when he smiles. Mike maintains a muscular physique by frequent exercise routines monitored closely by his Azaeth. He has broad shoulders and stands at about 5'11".

K'ael is usually caught in a simple t-shirt and pants when he's off duty. When he's transporting though he has a set of leathers he wears, they're worn, but warm.

K'ael wears a knot indicating he is a bronze rider at Xanadu weyr and a member of the transport wing.


Michael is the youngest brother of bronzerider R'miel. Like his older brother, he was born on a cothold outside of Grayson owned by his father. He spent the majority of his life farming grapes with the rest of his family. Some winters were harsher than others, but generally life for the youngest of four brothers was far from exciting.

Michael was 18 turns when his brother impressed at Telgar, and suddenly his eyes were opened up to a world outside of Grayson and the farm. A few trips :between: and the younger farmboy was hooked. He wanted to see all of Pern now, and be able to come and go as he pleased. But most of all, he just wanted to be closer to the dragons. After a little planning (very little) he packed his bags, announced he was leaving to his family, then up and left for Telgar. Of course it wasn't long until Mike realized he was going to need to find some work, and he was basically without skills. This meant it was dredgework for the young farmer, and he quickly took up a job unloading under Telgar's transport wing.

Telgar however wasn't very far from his home, and he noticed that as the harvest was coming in he was running into his father more and more often. Growing tired of the constant nagging and guilt trips (as he saw them) from his old man, Michael up and left a second time. This time after packing he hopped on the first dragon leaving, and ended up at Ista Weyr.

Michael, like the rest of his brothers, has a natural love of women and a certain charm about himself. Being younger though, he lacks a lot of the finesse that his older bronze riding brother seems to have acquired.


Name Relation Location Position
Angelica Mother Grayson Hold
Dietrich Father Grayson Hold
Azrael Brother
R'miel Brother Ista Weyr Rider to Bronze Arinith
Uriel Brother
Gabriel Brother
Maiya Daughter (Suraiya) Ista Weyr Child
Misha Daughter (S'ya) Xanadu Weyr Child
Milo Son (Leona) Ista Weyr Child


Not Too Golden Bronze Pommel
Large as bronze firelizards go, this guy uses his size for the good of the others; a protector in every way. His rippling hide shimmers with a near-golden sheen, such a pale brassy bronze equally spread along his muscular chest to his straight mid-sized legs and long tail. Wispy flecks of white lighten the tip of his broad muzzle with his head slightly arched up, though his headknobs lay flat on the skull and darkened to a more burnished bronze The rest of his body is sturdy, built for moving, darkening ever so slightly in color along his back to contrast the lighter belly and the more pallid whipping tail behind him. Large semi-translucent wings are a-washed in such a pale yellow that is easily mistaken for a queen's, yet nearing closer to white than a bright sunny gold. His intelligent whirling eyes are always eagerly alert, ready to please, protect, or hunt.

Shadows of Dawn Bronze Hilt
Dark bronze hide is speckled with flecks of lighter copper, the stars dancing across his back and haunches, the dark portions like an eerily light sky. Dark ridges lurk in bronzen shadows, running the length of his body, while each miniature headknob seems to dwell in a shadow of its own. Wings can not even be persuaded to lighten, and bring dawn, for they are the same dark hue - the only sign of the new day to come is a small patch of golden-bronze on his nose.

Grass Green Blade
Though of a precisely average length for a green, this firelizard is anything but. She's slender to the extreme, a gust of wind would probably bowl her over, even a calm breeze would appear to be enough to make her sway a little. Her colouring is a pale green, with hints of dry-wheat yellows and browns here and there. Even this is less than average though, patchy bits of colour valiantly trying to cover her, but hints of grey show in the gaps.


Forged in the Fires Bronze Azaeth
Forged by a master in the fiery pits of the underworld, this bronze's hide has been touched by the hues of liquid sacrifice. Deepest blood red tinges his hide, dark bronze forever tainted by the copper rivers as they outline each of his powerful muscles making up his torso. Great wingsails of hammered bronze are reinforced with spars of dark iron, the same hue present in spirals along each of his forelimbs, like gauntlets strapped to a great warrior. Mighty haunches darken to a hue difficult to distinguish from mahogany, the same saturated color casting his tail into shadows, making the size of his already large form seem hard to judge, only the coppery ridges down his back providing a clear line of where he ends and the shadows begin. Yet, despite the ambiguity of his back, his head is a series of straight, neat lines, creating a square muzzle painstakingly crafted to perfection, the true look of a fighter from his defined eyeridges to his blunted headknobs.


Title OOC Date Cast
On Siblings and Half-Siblings April 15, 2011 Eledri, K'ael, Karona, Laera
The windy Waters: Rescue at Sea April 17, 2011 D'son, K'ael, Landers, Pyriel, Ryeokie, Thea
K'ael and X'hil Both Get Lucky (Seryth Rises) April 22, 2011 D’son, K'ael, Thea, X'hil, Inimeth, Azaeth, Seryth and Kinseth
A Commission Breakthrough May 13, 2011 K'ael, Karona
Half-Sibling Bonding May 15, 2011 Flandynn, K'ael, Karona, Zip
K's in the Kitchen May 17, 2011 K'ael, Karona, Keziah, Kiley, Zip
More Lessons Learned May 21, 2011 Amelia, K'ael, Kiley
Trials and Tribulations of a Headwoman July 01, 2011 K'ael, Milo (npc), Ocelara, Zip
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