Gender Male
Current Home Xanadu Weyr
Place of Birth Tillek Region
Occupation Bartender
Hair Black
Eyes Blue
Played-By Rob James-Collier

At just over six feet tall with black hair and eyes justifiably called "piercingly blue," Jonteim has the good fortune to be handsome without straying too far into the territory of pretty. At 6'1" tall, his build is such a one that probably requires at least some upkeep, trim but not chiseled, with a complexion that's more fair than olive, not really pale but probably one that sunburns in the summer, one that will show early crow's feet from squinting at the sun sooner rather than later. Although his features are well-made with a straight nose, a fine smile, dark brows, and the occasional dusting of a beard along his jawline, it's really his eyes that stand out among them - bright, electric blue with sparse lashes.

A well-kempt sort of person, Jonteim typically keeps himself neatly shaved, nice and tidy, though without straying so far as to enter the territory of prissiness. He keeps his dark, brown-black hair clipped tidily short, never letting it get long enough that the strands fall across his forehead farther than his eyebrows. His attire shows a similar attention to detail, preferring dark colors - midnight blue, black, dark red, everything neatly tailored to him and in good repair, with the blander colors of beige or brown reserved for working attire. In fact, his wardrobe borders on "dandy" in style, with his buttons always set just so, his cuffs nice and crisp, little bits of attention to detail overall.


Once upon a time, there was a boy named Jonteim who grew into a young man that fell all but naturally into the Vintner Craft. And, if this were a fairy tale, there would follow a romance, some obstacle to overcome, and a the requisite "happily ever after." But Jon's story is a little different. He also has a tendency to keep his lips sealed about his past, so here's what can be divined:

  • From the Tillekian region, though it's uncertain whether that means the Hold proper or some outlying brewhold
  • Apprenticed to the Vintner Craft in his early adolescence, and seems to know enough of the Craft to suggest that he stuck with it for a few Turns
  • Left the Vintner Craft sometime before walking the tables, and spent a Turn or two as a Trader
  • Came to Half Moon Bay Weyr with a little money and landed a job as a bartender at the Tiki Lounge
  • Was Searched for Kairoikyriath and Zeruth's Clutch by Dymone of green Eirimenth


You can also view Jon's logs (including non-Xanadu ones) on Dreamwidth.

Jonteim has had a total of 8 scenes in 2014 at Xanadu Weyr.

Title OOC Date Cast
New friends! (Elements of Harmony) September 03, 2014 Briari, Chrystyne, Eltanin, Kaitro, Jonteim, Kyra
So a greenrider walked into a bar... September 08, 2014 Jonteim, Dymone (NPC by S'ai)
Not off to a good start. September 09, 2014 Briari, Jonteim, Kyra
Maybe you can call it progress? September 11, 2014 Briari, Chrystyne, Jonteim
Old habits die hard. September 12, 2014 Jonteim, Kyra
Maul Me Maybe September 13, 2014 Eltanin, Chrystyne, Gaedrielle, Jonteim
Did you feel that? (Egg-Touching) September 17, 2014 Briari, Chrystyne, Jonteim, S'ai, Soriana
Eyes, look your last. September 26, 2014 Jonteim, Kaitro

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