He is a tall man, roughly six foot four due to being perched on long slender legs. A medium circular scar marks his right hand. He is thin and almost pale. His Pectoral, Bicep, and Deltoid muscles are highly defined. His face is rough with clean teeth and deep set blue eyes. His hair is short, unevenly cut, and is a dark blonde-black. He often wears medium quality leather clothing, such as a light undershirt, a dark leather jacket, and leather shorts.


Johhny was born in Telgar Hold. The mother had perished soon after birth and the father, Jekl, cared for him until he was taken into apprenticeship by a smith on his 10th turnday. His apprenticeship started off to a good start but at 13 turns, when working with a hot chunk of Iron it slipped out of the tongs after being pulled from the furnace, charring a circle onto his right hand. After it was treated he was left with a circular scar that is a constant reminder of that day. He continues his work as an apprentice, learning to work various metals, extrude metals, and to make various tools. Soon after his 15th turnday he was assigned to Eastern Weyr to work out riding straps and various tools needed. During his time at Eastern he became acquainted with dragons and their smaller cousin, fire lizards. Exploring the Weyr he ran across the weyrs woodworker, Malarn, who gave him a few lessons on woodworking. After a few turns of practicing his woodwork skills and improving his smithing he was assigned to Xanadu Weyr as an apprentice smith.


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Title OOC Date Cast
Dragonwatchers January 10, 2014 Eltanin, Johhny, Naeda, Soriana
One Eighth Short of a Mark January 11, 2014 Darsce, Johhny
Smith meet Smith January 12, 2014 Kiena, Johhny, Kera, Ka'el
Najara of Eastern, not Western. January 12, 2014 Najara, Kera, Johhny
How many drudges does it take to... January 26, 2014 Ka'el, Johhny, Kera
Anxious Assumptions February 02, 2014 Johhny, Mur'dah
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