When not bound in a neat updo, thick dark, sable hair tumbles in loose waves around a heart- shaped, expressive face. Surrounded by a fringe of dark lashes, round blue eyes, almost appear wide with innocent wonder or astonishment. Naive? Hardly. But she certainly looks it. Uninhibited, a free spirit, lacking self-consciousness, her mobile features quite easily form often comically-exaggerated expressions of emotion that she is not afraid in the least to display when the impulse strikes. Not a beauty in the classic sense of the word (her nose is a touch prominent), she's pretty enough, but really doesn't seem to give her appearance much thought.

The skirts and dresses she wears are finely-sewn, appropriate as befitting a journeyman harper, but certainly nothing fancy. Her tall, slim frame looks good in just about anything she wears, though mostly they're chosen for color and comfort rather than style, she seems to have an innate taste for clothing with creative flair.


Joelle was born in Fort Hold to parents involved in the support of the nearby halls, her father a tanner specializing in curing the thin, delicate hides required for instrument-crafting, her mother an herbalist. The eldest of nine children, Joelle had plenty of opportunity to both hone her skills with young children and gain responsibility. Not that she needed to learn how to relate to them, no. That comes all too naturally to her (as her mother is fond of saying, "Joelle has yet to grow up"). That's not to say that she is immature - she is quite responsible. She's just young at heart, a free-spirit, spontaneous fun with an irrepressible sense of humor. Long story short: she's an instant party waiting to happen.

Growing up at Fort Hold had its advantages, too. Having plenty of opportunities to baby-sit crafters offspring, she earned enough marks to both gain experience in working with young children and help augment her parents' payment to her start in the Harper Hall - the craft she'll tell you she always knew she would enter. While she's a fairly good singer with a rich alto, it's the bell-like sopranos most in demand; while she does occasionally participate in group numbers, she is not a sought-out soloist. She's decent with a guitar, but that's as far as her ability goes with musical instruments. Thus the skills that enabled her to walk the tables after six turns of study and receive the coveted Journeyman's knot were her precise handwriting, aptitude for musical composition and ease with young children.

Joelle's first posting sent her briefly to the High Reaches Weyr before certain complications arose. A second posting at Half Moon Bay Weyr was equally short (it's impolite to goggle and snicker at certain aspects of dragonriding regardless of the absurdities, who knew?) Finding herself back at the Fort Hold, she divided her time between working as archivist at Harper Hall and teaching beginners classes (mostly young children or illiterate adults) of reading, handwriting, grammar and the basics of music theory at Fort Weyr. The 'hall gossips wonder whether Joelle will ever be found post-worthy again, but the harper in question seems unconcerned.


Name Relation Age Location Position
Joeren Father +20 T Fort Hold Tanner
Ellanae Mother +18 T Fort Hold Herbalist
Joel (Tiny) Brother -3 T Fort Hold Harper Apprentice
Rojen Brother -4 T Fort Hold Harper Apprentice
Lanae Sister -5 T Fort Hold Harper Apprentice
Enela Sister -6 T Fort Hold Hold Brat
Alana Sister -7 T Fort Hold Hold Brat
Joran Brother -8 T Fort Hold Hold Brat
Jaela Sister -9 T Fort Hold Hold Brat
Jonel Brother -10 T Fort Hold Hold Brat




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