She barely stands a little over 5 ft tall with a mass of inky black hair that tumbles over her shoulders when not bound simply behind her. She has high, slanting cheekbones and a sharp, stubborn jaw. With her pale skin, her large deep green eyes are more noticeable within the thinness of her face. An elegant slant of a nose that sits atop pouty dusty pink lips finishes filling out her elegant features. Slim and almost child-like is the rest of her form - a certain frailness often highlighted by graceful movements. Her body is constantly in motion, never still for long, fueled by some inner energy that never seems to need replenishing.


Once upon a time, there was a woman named Zarahan and a man named Jezine who had a daughter they named Jezzara. This girl was a handful, though she never meant to be. Always hyper, always bouncy, she was forever asking questions about this or that. Born to older parents, with several older siblings already grown and gone from the small home, she ran loose, for neither parent had the heart to try and control her.

Zarahan had a younger sister, Hannah, who was a cook at Ista Weyr, and after visiting for a few days, offered to take the young girl back to the weyr with her, much to her parents relief. They accepted the offer, and off Jezz went, with stars in her eyes and the stories of riders in her heart….

Once there, she's made many friends, even falling into love with the weyrleader, R'yn after a kiss on a moonlit beach! She's been Searched by Ista Weyr once, but left standing on the sands at the end of the hatching. Putting on a brave smile, she left with others to party the new weyrlings in the living caverns, ignoring her better judgement, and drinking her first glass of wine - which was followed by several more. The next morning, she awoke with a brownrider, and a hazy memory of dancing on the table the night before. From that moment, she swears to never touch another drop of wine, and goes back to her usual chipper self who's main goal seems to be to dodge her auntie's attempts to make a cook out of her.

That lasted until a trip to Xanadu Weyr where she ended up talking with one of the Jr. Weyrwomen, Qyh, who promised to introduce her to some of the 'good' stuff and promptly took her to the living caverns where she offered several different types of alcohol for the tasting where it all went straight to her head. Her ride came to pick her up, but was informed that the fosterling was staying - she was to stand for the clutch that layed upon the sands! The news surprised Jezzara, and the girl slid right off her chair to the floor giggling. Eventually, she's helped back to the barracks by a cute greenrider and left on a cot to wake the next morning with one horrible headache, and a bit of confusion as to where exactly she was. She found out the next day that she was stuck at the weyr, with no real friends, and a list of chores to do as long as her arm.

The weeks flew by with many a prank from her candidate group upon the poor residents of Xanadu Weyr, leading up to the announcement from the Junior Weyrwoman Qyh that the the entire group was being punished and given extra chores in the mines until further notice. The paints and other 'prank' supplies were locked up, the only key in the Weyrwoman's hands.

Another couple of weeks pass by and in the early hours of the morning, the silence above Xanadu Weyr was broken by the sound of dragons' keening: Weyrleader J'ham had passed away and bronze Branth had gone *between* forever.When the Weyr recovered from the initial shock and began the day's activities, it was to learn of a second change: Weyrwoman Tristjen has stepped down from her position and the former Junior, Qyh, now wore the Senior's knot. It was a sad day for all, one that strained many a nerves, but none so much as those of Qyh, when Jezzara sought to be sure the new Weyrwoman wasn't forgetting herself and not eating. Drudges made sure to exit the area around the table where the two talked, hardly batting an eye when a mug was thrown against the wall before Qyh stormed off. Apologies were made the next day when Jezzara was sent to the Sands with the afternoon meal tray, many figuring if the young candidate could survive the stormy conversation the night before, then she'd weather well on the Sands. They were right. Jezzara even made Frydath's day when she and another candidate, Zalansho, brought her the day's catch after sitting on the dock and fishing.

And then, the day came when the gold let her lifemate know that that would be the day the eggs would hatch, though when, she couldn't exactly say. Candidates were advised to stay close and be prepared for when the dragon's started thrumming. While taking a swim down on the beach with a few others, they got the call, and the group hurried back to the barracks to pull on their robes and make themselves ready to step upon the hot sands.

With dragonets hatching all around her, she lost track of just which ones of her fellow candidates had found lifemates in the stumbling dragonets, her eyes upon the golden egg that was still guarded by the dam, Frydath. And then it moved, and her excitement knew no bounds. Before long, cracks appeared and the shell fell away to reveal the damp golden daughter who carefully made her way towards the remaining candidates, and slowly towards the group where Jezzara stood.

See The Crystal Visions Gold Dragonet edged forward slowly, gaze staying on those inky black curls for long long moment until her muzzle was almost touching Jezzara's robe. Then her gaze shifted downwards a fraction to colide with those deep deep green eyes. She'd made her choice. It's right, it's perfect. Jezzara was the other half of her soul!!

« For you, Jezzara, I am Zaislinth. »

So, now she finds herself in the weyrling barracks with her new golden lifemate, still dazed by her good fortune. The days ahead promise to be filled with many new experiences as the two learn more about each other, and their duties to Xanadu Weyr.


Name Relation
Zarahan Mother
Jezine Father (deceased)
Hanin Brother
Zaran Sister
Zineh Sister
Hannah Istan Aunt


Green Popette
Wow! Is this a little plant that moves, or a firelizard? Its hard to tell… Dark on dark green is best to describe this petite girl's hide. Her wings are ragged on the edges, bumped in and out in half-circles of leafiness, and small 'cuts' that seem to resemble insect-eaten parts, though from her bright glittering eyes and graceful movements, this girl is in perfect health! The major veins on this flit seem to be even more extreme to the darkest of greens, the hide wrinkled and folded where it is closest to the veins, and flat and quite bulgy around them, folded as though her hide was several sizes too big for her! Like her skin, she tries to get more friends, help out more, and play more games and get into more trouble than she can handle!

Extremely small for a green, this little one looks like she likes taking her time about things. Her movements are firm and measured, reliable. Her head tapers into a long wedge, with bright dancing eyes. Her hide is a brilliant emerald green, like a sun dappled forest. Flecks of gold outline bone structures, such as her jaw, her head knobs, her ridges and eye ridges. Her underside from her throat to her tail is flecked with a snowstorm of the same shade of gold. Her wings are huge and enveloping, the green of new leaves in spring. Her claws glint golden, and her teeth overhang her mouth slightly. She chirrups warmly, curious with the world yet wise.


Gold Zaislinth
Breathy shades of moonlit amber twist and turn across her slim form, a thousand ripples dappling her hide in an ever changing mantle of white-gold glory. Gilt-etched crystal frames kitten-soft whirlpool eyes, whispers of lambent sunshine embraceing her charmingly elegant headknobs and a gently rounded nose before fading to shimmering topaz along her delicate throat. Soft ribbons of silvered flame cross her slender chest, weaving over smooth flanks to linger on lithe limbs and deepen to warmer peach on dainty paws where lustrous ivory shimmers as razor-edged talons. Her angelic lines continue with natural grace, the sheen of hot honey seeping through creamy satin hide on trim haunches and spilling in heated waves to engulf a sylphlike tail with buttermilk froth. Pearly threads knot and tangle over narrow 'ridges, skeins of platinum silk braid into graceful wingspars and fray over golden gossamer sails stained with a touch of palest apricot-rose, haunted with the ghostly echo of fire-opal's passion.


Title OOC Date Cast
Zaislinth's Clutching, July 13, 2003 July 13, 2003 Alhenaeth, C'ian, Jezzara, Jutin, Kisli, Matteo, Niva, Robyn, Vatyri, Zaislinth
Xanadu Hatching: August 14, 2003 August 14, 2003 Alhenaeth, Daniella, Estasravel, Evy, Ferry Jezzara, Jutin, Kisli, Lahela, Lecil, Matteo, Niva, O'ran, Phaelba, Vatyri, Yanlish, Zaislinth
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