A recent growth spurt has left Jethron in the middle of that part of adolescence where new height and reach leads to the occasional trip or fumble. He is verging on scrawny at this point, the rest of his body not yet caught up to his new height. But the broadness of his shoulders and size of his hands hints that one day he'll fill in and move past this awkward phase. Sometimes people mistake him for being older than he is due to his height, but one good look at his face dissuades this notion. Green-grey eyes are set wide on either side of a moderately sized, but rather flat nose. His eyebrows are on the thicker side, and just a shade darker than the mop of untamed golden-brown hair that often falls over his eyes and is in dire need of a trimming. His face still has the roundness of youth, and he is rather tan, though whether this is genetic or a result of spending vast quantities of time outdoors remains to be seen.

Jethron's clothes are simple of make, and have definitely seen better days. A plain linen shirt has the length necessary to cover his long torso, but looks to be much too wide, making the grey leather jerkin he wears over it sit a little strangely. His brown pants seem to be having the opposite problem: Fitting him fine around the waist but being an inch or two too short. His boots are by far the best bit of clothing on him: meant for riding with good soles and of sturdy craftsmanship.


Jethron grew up at Pligan hold, a small farming community along the Telgar river, where his family primarily raises herdbeasts for a living. Jethron's interests however trended more toward the care and training of the family's four runners; of a sturdy work stock bred for herding and pulling a cart. His mother Fenella died of an illness when he was only three turns old, so he doesn't remember her as much as his two older brothers do. Said brothers are Stanrik, who's a turn older than him, and Deverell who's three turns older than him. His father Leland never officially hand-fasted again, but when Jethron was nearing 12 turns old, he finally made it public that he was seeing Miala, the journeywoman harper who runs a circuit along many of the small cotholds in the area, teaching children their learning songs. This union lead to Leala, Jethron's half sister. All three of Leland's sons get along with their adoptive mother rather well. Jethron still carries the flute she made for him, he can even play a few simple tunes on it.

About a turn ago Jethron and his brother Stanrik got it into their heads that they wanted to travel and see the world, an idea planted there by their older cousin Vernagio. Leland and Miala attempted to dissuade them, but the two brothers seemed set on following Vernagio and they bid their parents farewell about 6 months ago. To make a long story short, what started as a great adventure turned sour. Jethron and Stanrik arrived in Xanadu weyr tired, hungry, and bedraggled, with not a mark to their names. The two brothers consider themselves extremely lucky that they still have Copper, the mare their father had insisted they take when they started on their journey. Their only wish at this point is to make enough money doing odd jobs around the weyr to fund their trip back to Pligan.


Name Relation Location Position
Miala Mother (adoptive) Pligan Hold
Leland Father Pligan Hold




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