Taken piece by piece, Jethaniel's face is plain, sometimes even bordering on homely. Almond-shaped grey eyes that dip slightly at the inner corner. Shaggy dark brown hair. A wide mouth. Long, lean cheeks. Ragged stubble across his square jaw. A large, slightly bulbous nose. All together, they make a set of ordinary, somewhat brooding features. when he smiles or laughs, they all light up together.

He's of a fairly average build; perhaps a little on the tall side, but he's almost always slouching, so it evens out. He's got a fair amount of muscle, focused more on his upper body than his lower, and his fingers are long and lean, often smudged by grease.

His clothing is simple; a pair of tight-fitting brown trousers tucked into heavy boots, and a sleeveless shirt of steel blue. In cold weather, he adds a black leather jacket.



Jethaniel was born in Cove Hold, the third of five children. His mother Jessa was a bakercraft apprentice turned assistant headwoman, and his father Lianiel a seacrafter whose ship, more often than not, gave pleasure rides to watch the sunsets and dolphins. It was an idyllic sort of place, and Jethan was the third of five siblings.

He was slow to speak, as younger siblings so often are. By his fifth turn, his parents were beginning to wish for the quiet toddler once more, because Jethan was forever asking questions - particularly "Why?" and "How?" Before long, his questions grew beyond what his parents and the Hold's harper could answer.

Young Jethaniel was sent off to Landing at the age of ten, fostered by a StarCrafter woman named Azliet. He was a student for several years, taking various classes, and then at the age of fifteen apprenticed to the Techcraft. A somewhat late apprentice, but one with a head start in his core sciences thanks to Azliet. He got some teasing for being the biggest junior 'pprentice, but it - and his status as a junior - didn't last for long. Jethan's calm temper likely helped with that, as did his willingness to help those apprentices (junior or otherwise!) who didn't have the advantage of years of general science lessons. It's hard to keep teasing someone who's just helped you with a physics project.

Jethan did fairly well in most subjects, but he seemed to particularly shine when it came to optimization and adaptability. He wasn't the fastest in the lab, nor the most creative, but his machines tended to work, they tended to be efficient, and he tended to be able to work around substandard materials or mechanical problems. As a senior apprentice, he wanted to choose EngineerCraft as his focus, but was persuaded to also spend his time on Repair.

He received his Journeyman knot at the age of twenty, and thus began a series of assignments to various small holds - often brief, and generally with a specific mechanical goal; say, repairing a failing system, or (particularly as he grew more experienced) getting some new system set up and established under what were sometimes difficult circumstances. In between, he taught some classes - usually overseeing labs, as he honed the skill of not just making things work, but recognizing when they were about to go terribly, horribly wrong.

Some turns later, a posting to Xanadu Weyr that began as yet another version of the familiar theme - the issue at hand involved power outages and damage in the wake of a storm - became something more. Jethaniel accepted a longer posting at the Weyr, during which time he conducted repairs and improvements to the Weyr infrastructure.

This may be why Weyrwoman Thea concluded he would be suitable to address that infrastructure from a different perspective. Regardless of her precise motivations, she appointed Jethaniel Steward, and he did not reject the assignment. As such, he began to learn a variety of new skills.

In response, the Techcraft Hall - after, doubtless, a great deal of consideration - chose to acknowledge Jethaniel as a Senior Journeyman, with the suggestion that he use his technical expertise for the benefit of the Weyr. This was, perhaps, a political move intended to avoid the necessity of acknowledging his departure.

The other change to Jethaniel's life took the form of a blonde model from Ierne who inquired as to his drink preferences. That was how he first met Darsce. His further interactions served to establish an increasingly complex mental model for the model. Eventually, it became so complex as to also merit the establishment of a relationship model, and after a time, they became engaged - which state (as it is prone to do) transitioned into being married.


Name Relation Age Location Position
Darsce Wife Xanadu Weyr Headwoman
Lianiel Father +26T Cove Hold Seacrafter
Jessa Mother +24T Cove Hold Assistant Headwoman
Azliet Foster Mother +17T Landing Starcrafter
Liessa Sister +4T Cove Hold/Traders Baker
Artur Brother-in-Law +3T Traders Trader
Tolenar Nephew -15T Cove Hold/Traders
Ramodel Nephew -24T Cove Hold/Traders
Lariette Niece -27T Cove Hold/Traders
Erijeane Sister +2T On a Ship Seacrafter
Sulliam Brother -2T Some Farm Farmer
Viorena Sister-in-Law -3T Some Farm Farmer
Vidalia Niece -29T Some Farm
Nereilse Sister -5T Cove Hold Seamstress


If You've Got it Flaunt it Green Stardust
The iridescence of teal and abalone washes down the graceful neck of this lissome green firelizard to ripple across lithe flank and flow along supple back. Aquamarine variegated with pearlescent seablue-green ebbs in a tropical tide, waters lapping neck and backridges tinted pale aubergine all the way to the tip of her tail. Lit mistily, translucent wings flare open in a splash of cool ocean foam.


Title OOC Date Cast
Midwife Mur'dah January 01, 2014 Chapar (npc), Darsce, Feral (npc), Jethaniel, Mur'dah, Raelii
I worry January 01, 2014 Darsce, Jethaniel
Intended for...Consumption? January 23, 2014 Darsce, Jethaniel
Reckless February 14, 2014 Darsce, Jethaniel, healers (npc), jockeys (npc), spectators (npc)
Things Stay The Same February 15, 2014 Kiena, Jethaniel, Mur'dah
Memories February 16, 2014 Jethaniel, Mur'dah
Not Fully in Mind February 16, 2014 D'had (npc), Jethaniel, Mur'dah, Thea
Vital Monitoring February 17, 2014 Cyrus, Jethaniel
Being There February 18, 2014 Jethaniel
Chaos and Risk Management February 21, 2014 Darsce, Jethaniel, Mur'dah, NPC healer
Follow Up February 22, 2014 Darsce, Jethaniel
Crazy Good February 22, 2014 Cyrus, Darsce, Jethaniel
Effective Alternatives March 14, 2014 Darsce, Jethaniel
Investigating Alternatives March 14, 2014 Erijeane (npc), Jethaniel
Conceivable Collaboration April 01, 2014 Darsce, Jethaniel
Verifiable and Reproducible Results April 01, 2014 Darsce, Jethaniel
The Soft Goodbye April 03, 2014 Darsce, Jethaniel
The Future April 22, 2014 Marel, Jethaniel
Something For Remembrance April 27, 2014 Jethaniel, Mur'dah
Reminders April 29, 2014 Darsce, Jethaniel
Butterflies May 01, 2014 Darsce, Jethaniel
Steam...Bath May 02, 2014 Darsce, Jethaniel
After Glow...Fore Glow May 02, 2014 Darsce, Keziah, Jethaniel
The Shizz Hits the Fin May 14, 2014 Darsce, Jethaniel
Blast From the Past May 14, 2014 Darsce, Jethaniel
Situationally Appropriate June 02, 2014 Daoi, Jethaniel
Post Gestational Infant Nourishment June 06, 2014 Darsce, Jethaniel
Pern's Payback June 14, 2014 C'rus, Darsce, Jethaniel
The Downside of Surrogate Shopping June 17, 2014 Darsce, Jethaniel
Strategic Avoidance Fail June 24, 2014 Darsce, Jethaniel, Kera, Mur'dah, firelizard hatchling (npc'd by Jethaniel)
Transforming an Internal to an External June 28, 2014 Dariel, Darsce, Jethaniel, npc healers
Acquirable Skills June 28, 2014 Dariel, Darsce, Jethaniel
Door to Door Delivery June 30, 2014 Darsce, Dariel (npc), Jessa (npc), Jethaniel
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