Even at 5’7″, there’s something about the manner in which Jeltje carries herself that makes her seem taller. Narrow shoulders are most often held back to match the rigid straightness of her carriage, her stride one that is not particularly delicate for a woman. Black hair prone to waves towards its ends falls to the base of her shoulder blades at its longest, her eyes only just perceptible as a deep, dark brown and not that same shadowy shade. While her nose is slim, her jaw is not particularly so, seemingly rather square until she chooses to smile. Edging into the top of her lip lies a diagonal scar, almost invisible save for the clear indentation it leaves.

For day to day wear, she tends to favour black and jewel-toned blouses and loose corsets in richer colours, worn over dark trousers and heeled leather boots. Visible at the low neckline of her blouse sits an oval fragment of a highly-polished black gemstone, encased in an elaborate setting of silver wire wrapping, its chain composed of generous silver links.

What is Known About Jet

  • Anyone who knows her from Fort would know that she was kidnapped and held hostage only a couple of months after Impressing Kyramith.
  • This was only shortly after Fort’s weyrling barracks collapsed and she suffered a severe concussion that temporarily affected her sight.
  • Since her capture, she uses her bronze firelizards, Blaze and Inferno, as sentinels, and isn’t above feeding them firestone.
  • Jet is not exactly what one would call ‘personable’.
  • She avoids physical contact with most people whenever possible.
  • She almost always carries a particular sword set with garnets and jet stones.
  • Some would know that she underwent weapons and combat training at Fort, after her captors released her.
  • Only those involved in the Underground would know that she was the one who killed Hassoun.
  • Some might know that she has two daughters, given up at birth, and that she does not involve herself in their lives.
  • Kyramith’s flights are sudden and fast. Jet has been known not to show up at the flight weyr in time.


Name Relation Location Position
M'tan Weyrmate Xanadu Weyr Weyrling
Kalaena Second Cousin Minecraft Hall Wherhandler (Green Kalsk)
Safiye Daughter Kadross Hold Child
Arlet Daughter Xanadu Weyr Child


Heroes Never Die Bronze Blaze
He’s a curious creature, this large bronze, his hide almost too pale to be truly bronze, leaving him a little too easily mistaken for a gold. Unfortunately for him, he’s slight of build enough to let the misconception drag on for longer than he might like, his muzzle slender, large eyes edged with faint citrine shadows and each of his limbs slim and delicate. Faint traces of amber sweep their way down his neck, mingling with copper as they wash across his ribcage and flanks, until reaching his tail, where they take on a garnet hue and whirl down his whip-like tail. It’s his gauzy wings that are his defining features, his long, light spars woven through broad, sunshine-bright ‘sails that, when raised to the light, appear nearly translucent. His brilliant white claws are deceptively sharp; gentle until needed and lethal once deployed.

The Hidden Memory Bronze Inferno
Small for his colour, this burnished bronze is no less powerful or confident than a much larger creature, his build one that carries power in his sturdy haunches and shoulders. Between these two points, he’s rather streamlined, not a spare scrap of weight on him that isn’t dedicated to muscle. His eyes are large – almost too big for him – and mottled with copper; a shade that edges each of his ripple-like ridges. Blunt of muzzle and of shadowy claw, his shoulders are rather boxy too, his wings heavy and impressive, thick sails shot through with threads of rust and russet, dark against the brightness of his hide. He moves with purpose, if often too impulsively, throwing himself from perch to place with little care for consequences.

The Dreams That Are Answered Blue Night
This blue firelizard is larger than most – he’s easily the size of the smallest brown. His hide is the rich dark of a midnight sky, with flecks of lighter blues highlighting his eyeridges and wingsails. His talons are deepest purple, looking more black but upon closer inspection the hidden color adds depth to an otherwise menacing looking creature. He’s large but not burly, he’s elegant in his movements, agile in flight. Regal. Defined. His gaze is calculating when it’s leveled on another. The faint traces of the blue of a morning sky dashes across his muzzle and gives him an air of smugness.


Don't Call Me Pretty Green Kyramith
Delicate fringes of jade, emerald and spring green nebula clouds swirl across the hide of this petite, lithe green's form. Lit from within by flickers of distant stars, bright flashes of yellow and gold dot along her muzzle like freckles, cascading down her elegant neck above a shifting swirl of subtle green hues, changing depending on the light. There is depth, here, and a subtle shimmer that harkens back to her dam. Flecks of rust are scattered along the backs of her legs and pool on the bottoms of her paws, creating the illusion of mud from some long-forgotten planet brought with her to the terra of Pern. The shifting green coloration continues along her ridges and across her haunches, spring green over jade, caressing a flash of emerald before fading once more into the paler spectrum of the hue - though pale does not mean boring, as her coloration is striking. Her wings are nearly translucent, their sails webbed with color upon color, layers of clouds stretched across their delicate looking expanse. Narrow and long, she could coast for hours on the solar winds if she chose to.


Logs available at Starlight.

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