Jessi AKA Jeniosa


Before you is the small figure of a young woman with softly tanned skin. Her long auburn hair hangs past her knees, even when braided which is the normal hairstyle for her. Her eyes are a silvery blue in hue, bright and slightly almond shaped. Light freckles spatter across her cheeks and small button nose while soft pink lips are kept normally in a shy smile.

Upon her body is worn a useful ensemble of pants and tunic with the occasional jacket thrown over a shoulder. Tunic is a soft lilac in colour made of a soft cottony material and falls over the waist of long pants of a black or dark gray hue. When present, the jacket is a darker hue of the same lilac colour as the tunic. The ensemble is completed with a pair of naturally tanned leather boots, very functional and well cared for. Jeniosa's journeyman knot has recently been replaced by the knot of a Weyrling in the colours of Xanadu Weyr. She can often be seen with a pack on her back.


Born to a wonderful man and woman in a well-to-do trader caravan, Jeniosa's first eight turns of life were that of a typical traderbrat. She played and got along well with the other caravan children, she was your typical little girl interested in dolls and shiny things. Her life would be changed at her ninth turn as the caravan was travelling a typical winter route when a harsh blizzard swept in. The weather got harsh so quickly that the lead wagon, driven by her parents went over a cliff after a misstep by one of the wagon's draftbeasts. Jeniosa was asleep in one of the other wagons when she awoke to the sound of the wagon going down. The wagon and its operators were lost instantly and Jeniosa and her siblings were soon told by one of their fellow caravan members that their parents were on the lost wagon. The shock was immediate to Jen, now it was just her and her two brothers left of the family, but the rest of the caravan were quick to offer help and sympathy. The other members of the caravan took the trio in, allowing the children to remain with the group if they wished, which the children did as it was the only life they'd ever known. Jeniosa remained with the caravan, soon growing distant and quiet however, no longer the loud exuberant child she once was. She took to spending time with the animals of the caravan, learning to care for them. She grew so comfortable with animals that as soon as she was old enough she decided to finally leave the caravan and join the Beastcraft, where she was accepted as an apprentice. She spent most of her time alone at the hall, only seen when tending to chores or attending classes. On her 16th turnday she was given a small orange ball of fur as a turnday present from her oldest brother, now 20 turns old and a greenrider at High Reaches Weyr. She decided to name the tiny kitten Citrine, her new best friend. She still spends a lot of time alone studying but she's not completely alone as that little kitten and his fluffy white mate, a recently acquired female feline, are never too far away from their person.
As she went through her chosen craft, learning the ins and outs of the beastcraft, she was promoted to the rank of Senior Apprentice and has since been posted to eastern Weyr. So now starts the task of getting used to weyrlife, forgetting about the one man in her life that promised he'd come back for her, and further studying her chosen specialty of Felines and Feline Related duties. Upon completing her craft project at Eastern Weyr, Jeniosa managed to walk the tables to Journeyman at the age of 18.
As so often happens when you live in a weyr, one day as Jeniosa was rescuing a small kitten from beneath the stair of one of the Eastern riders' porches, she was interrupted by the sudden sniffing of her by green Kojakuth. She was used to her cousin's dragon by now since she is quite the friendly green, so Jen didn't think much of the sniffing, that is until Ur'yu approached her and asked her to stand for the clutch of Arolaeth and Fenrith at Eastern. And, well, not wanting to argue with the pretty green, the journeyman agreed and soon found herself relieved of Beastcraft duties in favour of candidate chores. The candidacy was a fairly normal one, Jen kept to herself mostly, staying out of trouble's way(or trying to anyway). Finally hatching day came and she found herself doing the typical candidate dance of burning feet as she stood out there on those dark hatching sands watching as her fellow candidates were picked away. When all was said and done, Jeniosa was left standing without finding her lifemate, understandibly upset. She tried not to get her hopes up, but wouldn't it have been wonderful to have a dragon find her that day, someone to share her life with? But alas, it wasn't meant to be and so she indulged in something she rarely did: the drink. The next morning she awoke with quite the hangover, and with traces that someone else had been in her hut with her that night though she didn't remember who. After the one brief night of irresponsibility, she slipped back into her lone wolf attitude, carrying on with her craft duties. It wasn't until a few weeks later when she discovered something just wasn't right with her body, and with a visit to the healers she was informed that she was with child. Shocked, to say the least, Jeniosa couldn't believe what she was hearing, and she knew just when it was she had become pregnant. She didn't mess around with men, how could one night of forgetting herself lead to such a life-changing event? At least her pregnancy wasn't too uncomfortable, she managed to not feel sick like many other pregnant do, and she made a new friend during her pregnancy. Jeniosa and Tarrin, the weyr's baker, started spending a lot of time together and she even decided he'd be the baby's adopted uncle. Tarrin was a great help in the latter part of her pregnancy, he helped her around the hut and with her colony of felines as well as spoiling her with many a delicious sweet treat. The baker was even there when Jeniosa went into labour, and he was the first person other than the healers and Jeniosa herself to hold the beautiful baby girl whom Jen would name Rysha. Now add full time mother to Jeniosa's Beastcraft duties and you have one busy woman. She managed, though, to not only keep up with her work but spoil her little girl rotten.
Then, when Rysha was just short of a turn and a half old, Jeniosa was out in the main clearing one stormy day when a visiting rider, Fl'ynn and his blue Kagenaith, wound up in the woman's path to the commons cavern. After some conversation, something about lost blueriders or going to Eastern instead of Western, Jeniosa found herself being asked to stand for Seryth and Romth's clutch at Xanadu Weyr. After careful consideration and plenty of questions, the woman finally agreed to go with the blue and his rider. And so now this is where we find Jeniosa and her daughter Rysha, at Xanadu waiting to see what this clutch might have in store for the journeyman beastcrafter.


Name Relation Location Position
Rytios Buritian Father Deceased Trader
Jenrisha Buritian Mother Deceased Trader
Rysha Daughter Xanadu Weyr Cutie Patootie
J'ios Brother High Reaches Weyr Greenrider
Ryen Brother Pern Trader


~~Blue Azurite~~
This largish, for a blue, firelizard has deep blue as a base colour for his perfectly proportioned body. The blue is mottled with turquoise and sapphire as well as some bits of greenish malachite colouration. Small headknobs are deep blue azure, uninterrupted by any other colours. Delicate wings, when spread, reveal a nearly translucent aqua dotted with specks of crimson. Long tail is marbled blue and green.
Around one of Azurite's hindlegs is a band of a golden yellow, midnight blue, silver, and black which can be noted as being the colours of both the Beastcraft and Eastern Weyr.
Azurite is 4 Turns, 8 months, and 6 days old and is 49 centimeters in length with a wingspan of 80 cm.

Egg Name and Description:
Wisdom of the Ancients Egg
Pale vanilla is riddled by strange designs of sable that, viewed from the right angle, almost seem pictorial in nature. The parchment shell is crackled with age and stained darker, a not wholly even material, lending it the imperfection of things handmade. On one side of the shell there appears to be a starkly white shape, elongated and tapering to a sharp point at one end, suggestive in a certain light of a feather.

Green Avani

Brown Ninad

~~Bronze Copper~~
Awh! Whatever one expected to come out of this shell, this wasn't it. Tiny, for a bronze, this firelizard has been infected with a serious case of the cuteness. A dusty layer of copper drapes across his back, sliding ever-so-smoothly down his forearms like a warm coat. Classic bronze struggles to make his face manly, and fails, freckling back over nose and neckridges in a manner that can only be described as 'impish'. The same would-be bold color forms a sort of epaulet marking on each shoulder, perhaps belying a strong personality to come. Perhaps, because the entire width of his wings has been dusted with soot, blackened and nebulous. From the darkness are pinpricks of white starlight, most tiny and circular save one shooting star racing straight down his spine. Make a wish!
Around one of Azurite's hindlegs is a band of a golden yellow, white, midnight blue, silver, and black which can be noted as being the colours of both the Beastcraft and Eastern Weyr.
Copper is 0 Turns, 1 month, and 5 days old and is 20 centimeters in length with a wingspan of 38 cm.

Egg Name and Description:
Got A Rocket In Your Pocket Egg
Oh my. For whatever this egg lacks in fancy designs, it certainly makes up for in shiny-ness. A burnished silver all over, it seems especially prone to picking up shafts of sunlight and reflecting it across the room with eye-blinding quality. If lobbed in the air, it's safe to say people would see it sparkle clear across the bowl! Its very tip has been daubbed in racer-red, however, a startling but no less pleasant color combined with the silver. Indeed, the egg's bottom is much more alarming - it's as if flames were captured alive and impressed upon the shell's surface, ready to rocket the egg and its contents into the sky!

Gold Saoirse

Bronze Ruin


To Dance with Shadows Green Aisuohkoth
Shadows dance within shadows, where a nimble breath of moonlight can creep through jungles primeval canopy to prowl the lush greens that camouflage this dragons swarthy hide. Nightfall preys upon the wildwood greens of her slim sides; the thicket is darkest along her narrow chest as scattered hues of hunter within forest tabby-swirl and splotch til they are but a spotting along her muscular haunches. Nocturnal hues further course the line of her predators ridges and make inky the tenebrous length of a sinuous tail. A ghostly lunar radiance, ever elusive, kisses that space between her eyes with a coy lick of silver, leaving the drama of darkness to limn her defined lines from the delicate arch of outward-curved headknobs to the too-slight uptick of her gentle muzzle. Eventide sighs through a veil of leaves and petals that color the sails of her tidy wings, where an ebony wilderness of bough and blade extend with spanning spars to the point of lethal winghooks. Supple limbs give way to wide paws lost in the verdant growth of ancient ferns while cimmerian talons are glossed with the onyx of sodden soil.


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