Fair-skinned and slender of build, the young woman stands before you at approximately 5' 7". Azure orbs sparkle brilliantly, catching any ambient light and reflecting it like twin pieces of aquamarine. Her hair is honey-gold, waist length, and straight as a harp string. It is tied with a leather thong into a loose tail at the back of her head, with a few unruly locks forever escaping to frame her heart-shaped face. Her full, rosy lips perpetually seem to bear the hint of a smile. A faint dusting of freckles dance across the bridge of her nose, sometimes brought out more by the sun. While there is no question of her femininity, neither is she top-heavy.

Her clothing is often a mishmash of bright, eye-catching colors, with materials varying to suit the season. Of late, she seems to be favoring an ankle-length patchwork skirt made of squares of jewel-hued wool, a white, scoop-necked woolen tunic embroidered with summer flowers, sturdy brown leather shoes, and a knitted woolen shawl dyed a deep shade of green.

On her right shoulder is an orange and blue knot in a single loop with no tail, signalling her status as a resident of Xanadu Weyr. Just below that is a second knot, formed of twined cords in lavender and white; it, too, is in a single loop with no tail, denoting her as a junior apprentice of the Weaver Craft. A padded, quilted area on the left shoulder of her tunic, matched by one on her right shoulder, outlined by embroidered vines in cream thread, forms a subtly elegant perch for the young faire of firelizards always found in her company.


Born and raised in Ista Weyr, Jessamin was brought to Xanadu during the last Search. Having failed to Impress on the first try, she nevertheless holds out hope that one day, she will take to the skies a-dragonback. In the meantime, she makes herself useful with needlework—though it is not unusual for her to be seen (and heard) melding music of past and present in this technologically diverse Weyr.

While her second time standing on the Sands brought no more success than the first, Jessamin still keeps her hopes up, and has decided to stay on at Xanadu Weyr. The friends she has made here — whether on the wing or on the ground — have become the closest to family she has, with her parents passed on, and her younger brother missing. She has also decided to seek formal apprenticeship in the Weaver Craft, beginning her studies under the rider Loeashia. Yet, with the current troubles in Ista, she can't ignore the ties to her birthplace. What will she do now? Only time will tell…


Name Relation Location Position
Danek Father Ista Weyr Deceased (Jman. Harper)
Roslyn Mother Ista Weyr Deceased (Seamstress)
Allan Brother (younger) currently unknown apprentice Harper


Name Color Dam Sire
Madder Brown gold Hanama bronze Sinister
Turquoise Blue green Hazel brown Brat
Stitch Brown gold Eirwyn bronze Vesuvius
Sekhmet Green green Doll brown Brat
Bahrain Bronze gold Rosea bronze Sobek
Indigo Blue gold Cachucha bronze Hilt


A sampling of Jessamin's work can be seen here, (Small Projects) (Big Projects) (Apprentice Projects)



Title OOC Date Cast
Tavern Trouble January 06, 2010 Aludra, Avani, Eledri, Fros, Jessamin, M'nol, Niva, Norela, Rezso
An Excuse to Quilt January 11, 2010 Jessamin, Thea
Early Morning Observations January 27, 2010 Avani, Jessamin, R'owan
Eggs in the Morning January 27, 2010 Avani, Jessamin, Thea
Eggs in the Evening (egg touch) January 28, 2010 Jessamin, Natishen, Phylicia, Rio, Rished, Satoris, Tecoah, Thea
Comforting an Upset Belly January 30, 2010 Natishen, Phylicia, Jessamin, Satoris
Slippery When... Oiled? February 02, 2010 Satoris, Jessamin, Phylicia, Rished, Natishen, V'dim
Raining on Your Parade (Survival Camp) February 04, 2010 D'had, M’nol, Natishen, Phylicia, Rished, Rio, Jessamin, Thea
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