Tall enough but not to much taller than many, Jeric is long of limb, and thinly muscled. He carries chiseled features on his face with deep inset green eyes. A scar cuts from above one eye across the nose and under the other eye through the sallow skin his face. His eyebrows arch high near the temples of his face and his lips are thin as his jaw line narrows. A disorganized puff of brown hair covers his head and completes the picture.

Tightly corded muscles trail down three leather bands and a pair of black leather gloves. The rest of his torso is concealed within the wrappings of a white tunic and a short sleeved leather jacket with a wool collar. Completing the articles about his upper body is silver chain from which hangs a pendent of a cross and moon.

Adorning his lower half are a pair of black leather pants, three belts are buckled just above the left knee and the tight fit reveals even more muscled flesh before disappearing into heavy black boots. Cinching the breeches to his waist is a black belt joined by two oversized belts one hanging from each hip.


Art has been part of his life since he was born. Born of parents who were avid artists of Ierne Weyrhold, he took to it easily as the first born of five children. However, when the others were born he was left to care for them all the time draining his patience easily which only pushed him to hide himself in his artwork. By the time he was 18, he dabbled in pottery and scuplting.

Currently he is married to Xiera with three children, still as an artist living in Xanadu.


There are no RP logs for Jeric

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