Standing straight, Jerance is nearly six feet tall, but his common slump of the shoulders and downward glances can rob him of an inch or two. He's wiry, lanky and angular with hands and feet that don't quite seem in proportion to the rest of him, and all the muscle he has built has failed to add any bulk. His features are equally sharp, jaw square and nose pronounced, cheekbones strong and brow high. This is all softened by quileless, round brown eyes with thick lashes - the only thing about his appearance that really seems to fit. Well, them and the thatch of unruly waves that tumble haphazardly over his ears and down into those wide eyes, dark chestnut hair that tends toward frizz in the southern humidity and might not be tamed even if he put some effort into it - which he clearly doesn't.

His clothing is, perhaps unsurprisingly, rumpled and not particularly fashionable. A short-sleeved shirt that was once olive green but is now a drab shade between grey and brown hangs loosely on his frame. The shoulders fit but everything else is baggy and oversized with an untucked hem that falls to his thighs. The pants beneath it are undyed linen, beige with a fair smattering of darker smudges, and as wrinkled as this light material can be. The sandals that peek out beneath the loose trous are sturdy, and when he has his toolbelt buckled lopsidedly around his hips it at least is well-kept.


Title OOC Date Cast
R'in and Jerance 2008 Jerance, R'in
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