Wavy dark brown hair flows over the top of Jeffin's head and is combed back out of his eyes. He has dark blue eyes and a cute small nose. He has high cheek bones and clear lightly tanned skin with a small cleft in his chin. Above that cleft is a pair of pout lips. He has light brown skin and is very fit and in shape. He has a nice muscular chest, but isn't bulky. He has more of a sleek physic, like a swimmer. He stands about 5'8" tall as he just had a growth spurt. He has long arms with big hands and long fingers. Most of his height is in his legs.
Jeffin is wearing a tight red shirt and a pair of dark blue shorts that go all the way down to his knees. On his feet he is wearing a pair of sandals. Around Jeffin's neck is a braided rope necklace with some light blue glass beads in them.
On his shoulder he wears the knot of a Bakercraft Apprenice, a single loop in red and white. Intertwined with this are the blue and and orange cords indicating that he is posted at Xanadu Weyr.


Jeffin is the son of Linua, a journeywoman Winecrafter and J'vry a bronzerider, he has a twin sister named Jinry. He was born at Western but he doesn't remember any of the time there. He was very young when his mother died. The only mother he ever knew was his mother's lover Denna. He was told about Linua as long as he could remember asking the question. He considers himself lucky to have two mothers, Linua and Momma Denna. When he was younger he'd want to spend as much time with Denna as he could. He loved to help out in the kitchen and he picked up on cooking rather quickly. Not that he was allowed to do anything more than mix or stir when he was younger, but he took all the mixing and stirring he did very seriously. When he was 12 he was allowed to apprentice under Denna as she was a Master in the Bakecraft. In the kitchen Jeffin is very serious and Momma Denna is Master Denna no matter what happens in the kitchen. She treats him no different and many times he's been in trouble with her just like any other apprentice. His main goal is to become a Master of the Bakecraft like Denna and he loves to work with steak and bbq's.


Name Relation Location Position
Linua Mother deceased
Denna "Mother" Xanadu Weyr Bakercraft Master
J'vry Father Ista Weyr Rider to Bronze Leoth
Jinry Sister


Tornado Whirled Brown Cinnamon
Clouded taupe spins in a funnel-pattern about the muzzle and head of this stocky brown firelizard, shadowed earth rotates down his neck as though drawn in a loose spiral of adobe. The colors intensify gradually into clay, marking his shoulders and darkening to dirt across his flanks. Muddy soil swirls around his hind legs as the whirlwind markings appear to tighten into a narrow column. A debris-choked vortex of loam seizes his tail, while his wings mimic the overall pattern, lighter beige at his shoulders and deepening to a rich soil at the spar's tips.



Title OOC Date Cast
Late Night Lounge Lizards April 03, 2009 A'di, Alric, Enkavir, Jeffin, Karashi, Kire, Rogawani, Thea
Flowers, Firelizards, and Fainting Healers April 10, 2009 Jeffin, Karashi, Rhasmir, Rogawani, Thea
Riyontali Arrives at Xanadu April 16, 2009 Enkavir, Jeffin, M'gan, Rhasmir, Riyontali, Taerah, Thea
Putting Jeffin Down April 19, 2009 Jeffin, vivian
Boozecakes July 29, 2009 Cenlia, F'yr, Jeffin, Sigam, Thea
Cake Sans Booze July 29, 2009 Jeffin, Thea
Water and a Bath August 03, 2009 Jeffin, Jessamin, Tenebrous, Thea
Xanadu Gone Wild: Taste The Rainbow August 10, 2009 Cenlia, F'yr, Sigam, M'nol, Phylicia, Farrah, R'zel, Keziah, Jeffin
Xanadu Gone Wild: Taste The Rainbow August 11, 2009 Cenlia, F'yr, Sigam, M'nol, Phylicia, Farrah, R'zel, Keziah, Jeffin
In the Kitchen August 24, 2009 D'son, Jeffin
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