This teenaged girl is short overall, with a slender frame but generous proportions given that lack of stature. Long black hair is kept tucked in a braid, though short wisps escape to frame an oval face with delicate features and bright azure eyes. She wears a simple sundress, lilac hued and embroidered with tiny pink and blue flowers around the waistline and the cuffs of the short sleeves. On her feet are brown leather sandals with criss-crossing straps, easy to kick off but a bit more complicated to put back on again.


Janaya was born near Xanadu Weyr, her father a retired bronzerider disinclined to deal with the bustle of weyrlife any more than necessary and her mother a runaway from Nerat who'd found her home with him. Her father figured that he'd worked hard for turns as a support rider on Nebula, and felt he deserved some peace and quiet… which Janaya and her siblings promptly disrupted, but her father didn't seem to mind. In fact, he took great pleasure in doting on his daughter - whether that meant trips across Pern, the latest techie toys, or just sitting around on the front porch all day telling her stories. Whatever Janaya wanted, she had, and it's a testament to her good nature (and the hard work of her mother) that she didn't end up spoiled entirely rotten.


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Leikoirath's Kennel Klubhouse


By the looks of this weyr, it's been vacated for a few turns, the wilderness of the forest has worked to reclaim what it can. A work crew has come along and cut back the worst of the encroaching greenery, another has been, and made some obviously needed repairs. Mending the roof where needed, fixing rattling windows, porch steps made safe and shooed out anything that had scurried in and set up a nest.

With the weyr more visible, it is actually a pretty nice place. A two story red and white cabin that is quite roomy. Paint is faded and peeling in places but it just needs a little TLC. Moving around the yard, you can see that some turn in the past, a large barn was added. Built right onto the back side of the cabin it seems large enough to comfortably accommodate a couple of big dragons plus a zoo's worth of pets and beasties.

Inside, someone has given it a good sweeping, washed the walls and even scrubbed the floors. A few additions from Weyr stores give it a more homey feel, like some brightly colored curtains to add a bit of cheer. The stairs to the upper floor have been enclosed, a small door allowing access to the space. Over the door someone has nailed up a small whitewashed plank sign with the words 'The Pupboard Under the Stairs' and tossed in an old thick blanket on the floor. And old barrel has been cut in half long ways and secured to a flat base, so it doesn't shift. Soft bedding pad each half, making a couple of communal flitter beds that will hold several friendly lizards, one for upstairs and downstairs.

There are a couple of unique features to this cottage. A spacious covered porch big enough to add a porch swing, some chairs and a small table. And maybe a couple of lazy canines draped across the planks. Dutch doors run all through the place, including the upper floor's balcony over the porch. It's ready to be lived in, just needs those personal touches to make it your own personal kennel.



The Pick of Rabbit's Litter





Title OOC Date Cast
Mischief Managed June 11, 2015 Esiae, Janaya, Kiena
Little Gotchas June 14, 2015 Esiae, Janaya
Pawsitively Purrsuasive June 18, 2015 Esiae, Gerazal, Nikita (NPC), Janaya, Ezsrisa (NPC), Eliana (NPC), Darsce, Kera, N'talya
Frigid Waters (Janaya's search) June 30, 2015 Janaya Gerazal Maorin Kera
The Creation of FishBoy July 2, 2015 Janaya, Maorin, Quillan
Unwanted Presents = Midnight Chaos July 6, 2015 Janaya, Quillan
Something Fishy About These Chores July 07, 2015 Esiae, Janaya, Joelle, Zak, Zalulia
The Sound Bones Make July 9, 2015 Esiae, Janaya, Quillan, Zak, Zalulia
Orangies and Blueies! July 10, 2015 Janaya, Maelle, Maorin
All Sewn Up July 10, 2015 Gerazal, Janaya
GlitterPoo and the Pink Defender July 16, 2015 Janaya, Maelle, Quillan
Footsteps July 17, 2015 E'tan Maorin Janaya Zak
Shifting Sands (Touch2) July 17, 2015 Janaya, Quillan, Zak, Zhianna
Emergency Summons! July 20, 2015 Innes, Janaya, Kera, Maelle, Maorin, Quillan, Zak, Zhianna
Fire and Fish July 22, 2015 Janaya Maorin Zak Maelle
Wanted: One Winston July 23, 2015 Esiae, Janaya, Maelle, Quillan
Here Comes the Cavalry (The Lonely Beach Rescue) July 25, 2015 Esiae, Janaya, Maelle, Maorin, Quillan, Zak, Zan'ri, Zhianna
Calm Before the Storm July 26, 2015 Kera, Janaya, Maelle, Maorin, Quillan, Zak, Zhianna
Kairoikyriath's and Saburath's Clutch Hatches July 26, 2015 C'rus, Esiae, E'tan, Innes, Is'ac, Kera, Janja, Jaya, Maelle, M'ori, Neyuni, Q'll, Zan'ri, Zhai & Various NPCs
Hatching Aftermath July 26, 2015 Jaya, M'ori, Q'll
Meet and Greet and Lick July 27, 2015 Is'ac and Kivshiralth, Idrissa and Tahryth, Jaya and Leikoirath
Leikoirath is a Muddy Pup July 27, 2015 Jaya, Q'll
Dragon Oiling 101 July 28, 2015 Idrissa, Jaya, Kera
This Round Goes to the Sheep August 4, 2015 Jaya, M'ori, Kera
Up Up annnnndd Right Back Down. August 29, 2015 Jaya, Kera
Bounding Toward an Adventure September 2, 2015 Jaya, Kera
Blue Cascade in the Caverns September 13, 2015 Gerazal, Jaya, Tevla, S'dny, Kyzen, Rezia, Aegnor(C'rus), Polgara(Kera)
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