Janelle has grown into adulthood, curves evening out to a womanly shape. Her hair is a sandy shade of brown, kind of whispy and holding a bit of natural curl when it's allowed to fall to her mid-back. Eyes of hazel with a smattering of green around the iris shine at any who look. Her features are otherwise simple, though her legs are taut with muscle, as are her arms, showing her no stranger to hard work.
Janelle is often found with a simple pair of leather pants, cropped close as to not catch on items, with the natural colours scuffed and worn at knees and hips. From her waist belt hangs a small dagger for eating, and a little leather pouch. An undyed cotton shirt, somewhat form-fitting but loose enough to cool in summer's heat, adorns her top, a little trail of green thread offering details at hem and neckline. The green stitching continues along the sleeves, which fall just past Jan's elbows. Worn leather boots look to have gotten much use in the past while, probably left over from stores last time her feet grew.


Born the second child of two minecrafters herself, Janelle was smudged by the ground's gifts at an early age. Always finding fun in the rocks and caves that were safe enough for her to be allowed in, it was little surprise to any that she apprenticed in the craft of her parents the very moment she was old enough.
With little fear, a sense of duty and a flair for making others feel safe and secure, it wasn't long before Janelle's training turned towards Search and Rescue.


Name Relation Location Position
Joleine Older Sister Xanadu Weyr


Look But Don't Touch Green Malachite
Sleek, lean lines of toned muscle form the body of this small green beauty. Shades like the most fertile of spring ferns flows across her compact form. The color is interrupted on her limbs and neckridges by a myrtle so dark that it seems nearly onyx. Her underbelly, however, seems to lighten into a nearly lemon yellow that stands out abruptly against the rest of her coloration. Bits of brown cling to her eyeridges and headknobs, and a single streak of silver-white marks her nose and slides halfway down in front of one whirling opalescent eye. Long, stable wingspars seem to give her a strength in flight that is often lacking in other greens. The webbing drawn out between each narrow spar is stretched with a swirling yellow-green which darkens near the tapered end of each wing.

Miraculous Engineer Brown Basalt
Well, isn't he just the little blighter? A MacGyver through and through, this brown is full of cunning chicanery, quick wit, and explosive habits. You will always find him hoarding little objects away - a pencil here, a bit of yarn there - for you never know when you'll need something idiosyncratic like that in order to save the day! Indeed, you may come home one day to find those exact objects tenuously holding up the curtain rod in your weyr. He is something of a miracle worker, in that way, using instinctively inventive know-how to keep his life running ship-shape. Disorder and mess he can abide by, but you will notice that it's all /functional/ in its chaos. It's not like you can deny him anything, anyways - his auburn little hide is dusted along the nose with cute copper freckles, and a rich tone of sepia slashes high on his forehead like a retreating hairline before sweeping long and low over his back and 'ridges. Rust fights hard to find residence on the leading edges of his wings, but as in real life, he will have none of that!, and so it is only a crisp edge along his lub. A rich wheat color twirls about the last tad bit of his tail, indicative of his quirky attitude.


Social Green Wher Jansk
Brilliantly green, this wher's hide has the depth of color that shows only in the finest of gems, although for her it only seems to highlight the imperfections of her form. Even odder, are the randomly placed patches that cover her from nose to tailtip, scattered in size and placement over her hide in slightly varying shades of green. Her face is lighter and somewhat broad, although her nose is slightly squashed and one of her headknobs is tilted at an awkward angle. The rest of her body is short coupled and somewhat heavy, perched on legs that seem far too spindly to support her weight and it leaves her feet splay footed and wide. Her tail is as spindly and thin as her legs, offering no balancing help whatsoever, although it remains that same brilliant green and matches the bright coloring on her short span of wings that she uses to help her walk.

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