Reaching a height of 6 feet tall, Jaleldan doesn't seem to notice your gaze. His deep midnight black hair, almost blue, reminds you of a starless night when only the shadows are your company. It falls to slightly below his shoulders in gentle waves, usually tied back into a runner-tail to keep it out of his eyes when he is working. His eyes, like two bright Emeralds reflect the truth in his soul. Pure bliss and happiness that dances around inside of him like two fairies waltzing around on a midsummers night.

Every inch of his body from head to toe is made up of pure muscle. His well toned muscles created from hard work, sweat and perseverance. His pecks, so firm, push out any shirt he wears. The muscles don't stop there, they ripple along his body, stretching down to his long legs that radiate the power beneath them, enticing both males and females for a closer look. His firm washboard abs are usually even apparent through the different shirts he may wear.

His skin is tanned deep klah brown which is covered in black skin tight weyrhide pants that hug his strong pert hips, and perfectly heart shaped butt. His shirt is skin tight and a deep blue that sets off his Emerald eyes and his muscular biceps. Leading down from his strong biceps are Jaleldans hands, probably one of his best features. Big and strong, but well cared for despite the obvious work the man does with them. His knot flows around his biceps, letting everyone know that he is a Master of the Beastcraft since they are in red and yellow. Below the knot is a patch with an Auryn symbol for the Mystical Stables on his left shoulder. Jale appears to be 30 Turns, 9 months, and 13 days.


Jale was born out of a accidental moment between a young stablehand, and Craft Master Jaledan. When Jale's mother found out she was pregnant, she told Jale. Jale, though he was skeptical, remembered that he had a drunken night in the stables several weeks back and it was possible that he had lain with his first ever female. He however quickly informed her that he didn't like women that way, but he would support his child.

Jale grew up not really knowing his father too well, though they clearly were father and son. They shared many interests, and apparently even the same sexuality. Jale would stop by a couple of times a turn when his runners would go to auction, but Jale was living with his mother in another Weyr, and it was hard for his father to get away from his runners.

When he became craft age, he joined the Beastcraft Hold just like his father, and when he was finished with schooling, his father brought him to the ranch and taught him the in's and out's of Mystical Stables. Eventually, Jaleldan, Jr. worked his way up to Master, which he now proudly holds. He helps his father produce top quality racers, and is slowly breeding other breeds to be the same.


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