Broad of shoulders, muscular and tall, Jakkal matches his strong, rather-square jaw and large ears easily. His face is also host to a pair of hazel eyes and a small, round nose that appears quite out of place. His bay coloured hair is worn in a foot-long 'tail and swings with every motion of his head.
He wears comfortable, fitting dark pants with a paler brown shift and a dark brown jacket over the top. Upon his shoulder is a knot of rich indio and pale blue, marking him as a member of the Sallen Sea Trader Fleet.


Born during a spring squall on the deck of the Sallen Sea Trader's Flagship Klarabelle, Jakkal found his sealegs much more quickly than most of his other sibblings who were born while the Fleet was anchored by the shore. Amongst those sibblings was his little brother Pelleran who later Impressed and became known at P'ler at Ista Weyr.
Where his younger brother seemed to have a natural attraction to trouble, Jakkal's loud voice and outgoing nature, along with his dedicated work ethic, meant that he was entrusted with scouting out new trade partners from the time he was fourteen and started to show signs of his impressive frame.
As a result, he and an Uncle were checking out prospects near Ista Hold while the family went to pick up Pelleran who had been asked to Stand during their last visit to the Weyr. When the family came to pick him up, Jakkal noted the absence of his little brother. He spent the time before the next visit speaking to his father and trying to convince him of the reasons why having a Rider in the family might not be a bad idea.
Jakkal put his mind into making sure his father did not feel that the workforce had suffered as a result of losing P'ler, and, when the Fleet once more stopped at Ista, he suggested that he might remain with his runnerbeast, Amber, and a few members of the Fleet to properly explore the prospects to be found on Ista Isle.
In the time since, Jakkal has set up semi-permanent residence with the Traders stationed at the Weyr, but is often seen riding about Ista or getting a ride to the newly created "party island" to see where there might be a need of Trade and how he might assist his father in building up the Fleet's renound by filling those requirements.


Name Relation Location Position
Jakor Father Sea Trader
Nahla Mother
P'ler Younger Brother Brownrider
Nahlaj Younger Sister


Sleep With One Eye Open Brown Kappa
A behemoth of a brown, this stocky firelizard might not seem terribly capable of being unseen or quiet — those who might presume as much would be dead wrong. He is a blunted beast, low-slung and long, with only his tail giving him the impression of real length. His hide is a somewhat rusty sort of brown, with darker encrustations — like so much dried blood — remaining in the creases and folds of his hide where no amount of scrubbing will ever remove them. The leading edges of his wings are similarly colored, crimson bleeding back into shadowed darkness. Even his sharply angled neckridges are tinged in that ominous hue, forming a terrible stripe down the length of his back. His tail is not spared from that gory patterning, either — along the underside, flecks and spatters of red mar the rusted brown, only to burst into a vicious spray of crimson at the ends of his tail.

Burning With Loyalty Brown Morgawr
One might be convinced this firelizard is black at first, naught more than a beast composed of passionate charcoal and ash. In some lights, the truth of his color is easily seen — brown beneath the illusion of char, easily oiled into glory again. His handsome muzzle is graced with flecks and streaks of brown so light that it might be confused with white, flecks of hide-bound ash that drift further down his neck and stick securely to his powerful shoulders and neckridges. Shimmering sparks of gold and heated red chase at the trailing edges of his wings and cluster at his haunches, forever smoldering embers made manifest in nearly glowing lines of red-gold. Where the red coals seem to spill away just past his haunches, cherrywood brown can be seen, unbroken and pure along the undulating length of his tail.

Beauty Monster Green Siren
Beautiful lines make up this sleek, trim green firelizard. She is beautiful but strong, as her muscle structure is clearly visible. One can easily trace the lines of her powerful muscles make along her compact little body. However, she's not muscular enough to be ugly. In fact, that power and strength is contained in a beautiful little shape.
Her whole body is a light olive brownish-ochre green color that makes it just a little difficult to tell whether she's brown or green at first glance. But it only takes a second look to note that the olive green is more prevalent. Lines of darker olive seem to follow her muscule structure, accentuating it.
What's odd about this green is that her rounded, smoothed eyeridges seem to meet slightly further down her muzzle than they should. She also seems to have at least two more ridges on her forehead, meeting in a "V" that points down her elegant muzzle, towards the tip. Or perhaps these are just more of those dark olive lines….



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