Sex Female
Craft Dragonhealer
Rank Grade 4
Age 21 Turns
Birthplace Xanadu Weyr
OOC Casting Call Emma Watson


Dark brown hair with highlights of blonde is seen young this woman, long and curly waves that honestly could use a bit of a cut here and there as it seems a bit a mess at times. Her eyes are bright blue, and there is a rich honey tan that rests upon her showing she's spent more than a few hours outside. She stands about 5'6, and has a slight curvy yet also muscular build that proves she could take care of herself if needed. Her clothing is simple, a tunic of pale green with blue trim across the sleeves, at the moment it is short sleeved and long enough to hang down past her waist. A thin black belt loops around her waist to hold a pouch at her hip, while a pair of well made pants finish off her attire, along with a pair of boots or sandals. A knot is found at her shoulder with the color of Xanadu Weyr, along with the purple strands of DragonHealer within the center.


Jaleynn grew up in Xanadu, to a pair of Dragonhealer parents so it was no surprise when she started her studies to follow in their footsteps. The little family was a strange one, her parents never did impress, though her mother stood several times at Xanadu only, her father more concerned about his studies never found time, or at least that is his tale on the matter. By the time Jaelynn was five her father had left and went back to Irene, leaving Lynn the oldest of three children to help her mother pick up the pieces.

Still Jaelynn never soured and actually became a more friendly child, bubbly and always out to help others. Her mother was pleased when Jaelynn started her studies to be a Dragonhealer, and like her mother Lynn quickly took to them and excelled greatly in the field. With Lynn, she also took on learning every bit of herbal remedy there is to help the dragons she was so in love with. Her younger sister would impress before Jaelynn was even asked to stand for a clutch at Fort,which she went to but as left standing.

Once back at Xanadu she was back at the books an quickly passed her studies for Dragonhealer Grade two. Recently she has started on the next part of her life working on the next step for Grade Three. She has a affection for herbs and remedies to help dragons feel better, either tending wounds, sickness or even towards gestation she could almost swear by a tonic or two. Of course she follows all the rules that the 'higher up's' wish but sometimes put's her own spin on things.

When it comes to her job and lessons she is patience and ever eager to help others understand what and why something is done. She also loves reading books and finding new information that made have been hidden away in some thick brick of a healer's book from the past. If there is a chance for someone to find anything hidden in a book or note Lynn is that person to find it! She also has a way with dragons, her movements careful, slow and always puts the dragon's thoughts first. Thanks to this even firelizards seem to have a attraction to her, to the point that she's given up trying to avoid any that have 'latched' onto her so to speak. Though she does have her favorites.


Name Relation Location Position
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Title OOC Date Cast
New friends!! August 20, 2017 Triven, Jaelynn
Just Touch It! (Dragonhealers and Booties) September 15, 2017 D'lei, Jaelynn, Risali, K'vir


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