You see before you a man. He has shortish curly brown hair that is slowly greying. Tanned skin betrays the fact he loves to be outdoors alot. Arching brown eyebrows rest over deep chocolatey eyes that twinkle with a hidden mirth at times, or flash with anger should one provoke him to such an emotion. A somewhat slender nose sits above a most always ready smile. His body is lean, as he loves to dance.

Currently he is wearing a green denim work shirt and wherhide pants. Dark boots cover his feet. A black leather vest covers this and is loosely fastened with some matching ties. A dark red belt ties his multicolored pouches to his person, and they're sealed with a flap and button arrangement. One holds his scraps for his lizards, and that bag is blood red, and a bit bigger than the others. His riding jacket, worn when he flies with Leoth, bears a new patch in the colors of Ista, as well as a patch marking him as a rider in the Tiger Eye wing. His cords now mark him as a rider of Ista.


Jeffry as he was known, was raised in a loving and large family of traders. He is the oldest of the brood. He grew up helping with the trading, and found he had a love for the tanned hides they sold. Curious about the process, he would ask questions of hold tanners. At age twelve his parents took him to the tannercraft for his apprenticeship. He found a mentor and friend in Journeyman Tenaj, when he turned thirteen and lessons continued in the craft. Journeyman Tenake had a recipe for baby soft hides he'd learned from his own master… Five years passed under Tenaj's tutorship and a need for an assistant to the Xanadu Weyrtanner was needed, so Tenaj took Jeffry and a few other apprentices with them to the Weyr. After some time there he met many different people, winged and otherwise, and soon found himself in the same Weyrling class as his cousins Shairla and Kristoph. He was asked first to stand by one of the dragons as the hatching time was coming. He had his robe ready and was out on the stands waiting for quite a while, when suddenly Bronze Leoth cracked his shell and made his way right to Jeffry. At that moment, when Leoth looked into his eyes he became J'vry. From that moment on his world has never been the same.


Name Relation Location Position
Errakiel Weyrmate Ista Weyr
J'vryn Son Fort Weyr Dragonrider NPC
Jevisry Son Healer Hall
Jess Daughter Weaver Hall
Ivarhi Daughter
Vanderam Son
Jei Daughter Ista Weyr Rider of green Yxelth
Candia Daughter High Reaches Weyr Rider to brown Cinrath
J'ril Son Xanadu Weyr NPC Rider of bronze Destroth
Fyrrie Daughter
Jeverre Daughter
Jenna Daughter
Jeffin Son
Jinry Daughter
Serenity Daughter
Lilias Mother
Jeffry Father
Caya Sister
Jesta Sister
Miro Brother
Amiella Sister
Fallesten Brother
Lariss Brother Xanadu Weyr NPC rider to blue Alexaneth
Mysarra Sister
T'maz Brother Xanadu Weyr Rider to brown Dementh
K'roph Relative Deceased
Shairla Relative Xanadu Weyr NPC rider to green Alexanth
Kelly Relative
Tia Relative Xanadu Weyr Rider to blue Viambath
Cecilia Relative
Jeddia Granddaughter
Serena Granddaughter (Jei) Western Weyr
Jenia Granddaughter (Jei) Westeryn Weyr
Jeri Granddaughter (Jei) Western Weyr
Evyn Grandson (Jei) Western Weyr


Brown Fellis

Blue Odo

Blue Uri

Twilight Escape Blue Navarre
A rich twilight blue cloaks this mid-sized fellow, flecked with palest azure and cerulean, darkening toward his muzzle, wingtips, and feet to royal blue. His eyes are sharp and wary, his motions quick and graceful, but with that eternal purpose of escaping coming danger. Unfurled, his wings hold more of those final stars that linger before dawn or approach with nightfall, along with the promise of daylight itself, for he is at the end of the long night, and the beginning of the coming of morning. He was built and imagined solely for this escape, during the balanced time between night and day, and he matches that purpose as no other could.

Delightfully Elegant Jewelry Box Green Hanabi
Brightest emerald shines about this 'lizard, a gleaming jewel tone of rich hues stretched tautly over sinewy muscle and delicate bone. Tiny, she seems fragile, elusive. The sweet tones of her voice match her delicate form, the long neck and narrow cheeks swelling with breath as eyes gently whirl, the muzzle thin and well-shaped beneath nicely proportioned head knobs. Wingsails stretch wide, translucent pools of pale green, nicely contrasting the more brilliant shades of her body, the subtle pastel color dappling her belly and haunches as well. Her long slender tail wraps her body modestly, hiding the small-boned feet and the sharp talons of glowing jade which mount the minuscule paws.


The Bright Snowlion Bronze Leoth
Crystalline ridges sparkle with light dustings of silver and gold, like frost growing on the majestic brow of a gilded statue. Heavy, they hang broodingly over the slowly whirling eyes of this calculating being, separate by a single river of icy frost that leads down between two hot, bronze nostrils and drips off his chin. His long neck is heavily muscled, despite his youth, and the corded meat beneath his dusky hued hide ripples when he turns his head to look with interest at those who have decided to show interest in him. Broad shoulders cradle strong arms that shimmer with an iridescence that is not uncommon amongst the color of dragon that he is, but sparkles in such a way that makes him appear as though he were plucked from the stars themselves. A sure back leads to narrow hips with massive thighs and strong flanks, heavy with muscle that gives its strength to the long tail that does not sweep, but merely twitches. Grand wings are folded against his hide, unfurling just long enough to display a speckling of spots, so faint that were a person not looking specifically for them, they could easily go unseen.


Title OOC Date Cast
Investigating Impression 2008 Aradir, J'vry

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