A head of bright, curly, reddish-blonde hair is most likely what one will notice first about Jurezid, if not for his height (or, rather, his lack thereof). Although he is young, J'rezi stands only around 5'3" tall — and neither of his parents were vertically gifted, so it seems as though he won't grow much taller. His eyes are a piercingly intense hazel, attentive and curious. Underneath his right eye is a scar from when he was a much younger, a pock mark. Small, and compact, J'rezi doesn't have much muscle to show off — yet. His skin tans, and retains said tans, very easily; the boy is almost always olive-skinned. Freckles dot the bridge of his nose, his cheeks, his shoulders — and mostly everywhere else that has been exposed to the sun. All of it simply adds to his youthful appearance… the one thing J'rezi hates.

As far as clothing goes, J'rezi sticks to mostly whatever his mother deems fit. Darker colors seem to suit his nature, however; almost-black blues, browns, greens — nothing bright will ever be spotted adoring J'rezi's body. The one thing that Rezzie never goes anywhere without is a bandana his father gave him the day that he left Fort — and Rezzie didn't. The bandana is bright red, with thin, black silhouettes of dragons lining the outer edge. Jurezid always keeps it tied around his upper right arm.


Travelling was the family business; Jurezid was born into a family of roaming, roving traders. By the age of 6, Jurezid had seen most, if not all, of the settled Northern Continent. From Hold to Hold, Weyr to Weyr, Hall to Hall — his family (both parents, two younger brothers, and an older sister) never wanted to settle down. That was until, at least, Jurezid's youngest brother, a lad of only 3 Turns, fell from a runner and broke his neck. The boy died instantly, but it left Jurezid's mother heartbroken and nearly inconsolable. Unable to keep up with the business, Jurezid's mother took him, and his older sister, and settled down at the next stop — Fort Weyr. It's been a fair bit of time now, close to two turns, since the boy's death, and the trio still cals Fort Weyr home.

From Fort Weyr to Igen, Jurezid was Searched and brought to the hot, sandy Weyr by O'ren and his blue Nivaath. Candidacy couldn't pass by fast enough, the young boy anxious to stand on the sands and prove himself old enough, and big enough, to Impress! Luckily for him, his dragon just happened to be waiting inside one of Zuhth's eggs! Bronze Ciniterrath found J'rezi in /just/ the nick of time, too! Not too shortly after Hatching, J'rezi recieved word that his mother had fallen suddenly ill, back home at Fort. He rushed back, just in time to speak with her before she passed away. Now, the boy finds himself shuffled to Xanadu for Weyrling Training — and after that, who knows where he'll wander.


Name Relation Location Position
Udjezre Mother Deceased
Irezad Father Trader Caravan Trader
Jezire Sister
D'jeyr Brother
Khazei Half Sister
Jheyred Brother Deceased


Blue Jaero
Darkest blue is gathered upon his hide, night's cloak shrouding his form from behind his stubby headknobs, and along his back, tucked up under his round belly, and swirling around his haunches. Ridges are touched by morning's light, only slightly brighter, while ebony talons remain entrenched in the blackness. Wings are rather stubby when compared to his full form, yet each criss-crossed sail is enough to support him.

Green Zaebe


Bronze Ciniterrath
From tarry depths this dragon's muzzle emerges, dulled down shades of rusted jade. The metallic shine of bronze is muted beneath the film of darkness that curls delicately over prominent eye ridges, seemingly overly large atop sunken eyes. Those orbs, solidly whirling masses of color seem equally overcast in shadow, blackened finish dripping like ink below his jaw and down the softer throat in murky waves, diluting faint specks of metallic gloss. Neck ridges peak, stabbing outward in molten hues, sharply contrasted to the dull and burned bronze of the hide. Red rushes outward, forming flaming bursts that yellow toward their sharpest, wicked point. The musculature is obvious in the forelegs, tightened limbs stretching outward toward five-fingered talons, the color paling to shimmering brass and plunging neatly into burnished green hues. As the torso comes into being, however, it's clear that this dragon is quite oddly shaped. Whether it's a natural slenderness, or having not gotten proper nourishment in his egg, his torso thins down, rib cage prominently shown and sticking out. Shoulder blades protrude, glittering carmine branching up and outward into thinly membraned wingsails, stretched wide in a pattern spider webbed in black. Hips poke outward attaching themselves to muscled hind legs coated in silken russet hues. A tail trails outward, overly long, in an ever-lightening tawny saturation.


Title OOC Date Cast
Kilaueth's Clutching: March 22, 2008 March 22, 2008 Alara, Amarante, Arkoss, Deianeira, Ethne, Hesketh, Heeva, J'rezi, Kilaueth, Kitty, Laureate, Lorena, Lyn, Myesha, Niva, Ryski, Senkyou, T'eo, Zevida
Random Log: Weyrling Lesson: Manned Flight May 2008 Laera, Myra, J'rezi
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