At first look, if it even earns her a first, one could say this young teenager is rather nondescript in design. From a pale face with oval, hazel blue eyes, and mousy brown hair that frames her face and tapers down her back, she has no alluring or noticeable features from the next lass of her age. Maybe even more so, considering her frame has not yet blossomed into a feminine hint, she's all willow and sinew on a small frame. The most noticeable identifier of this lass is the slightly haunted look her eyes maintain, and the permanent blush edged around her cheekbones, in spite of whatever emotion she might be feeling.
A white, long sleeve shirt is the first noticeable thing of her clothing, baggy sleeves cupping around her wrists in a formal fashion while the body of the shirt seemingly snugs to her frame. Though, that can't be seen due to the emerald green vest she wears over it, buttoned up. The vest's fabric itself is made of a light material for the Southern continent's weather, small vines and leaves tooled into the fabric to twist and twine about in a darker forest green, so that the design is just visible above the color of the sleeveless vest, itself. From there she wears a pair of black pants, with two pockets at her hips, and two other's sewn in at the sides of her knees, with little flaps to button the knee one's closed. The ensemble is completed with a pair of black rider boots, scuffed up a little but shining from being well taken care of.
On J'oy's shoulder is the knot colors of Xanadu Weyr, intermixed with that is a strand of green to indicate her life mate. To contradict the knot, is a Dragonhealer badge at her shoulder, containing the colors of Ierne Weyrhold.


Born at Ailoryn Cothold, near the border of Keroon, Jolyn is the youngest of two girls in the resulting family from Linara and Jon. Being the youngest, Jolyn took to her older sister like glue, and without fail followed her around as she grew up, the two becoming inseparable as they grew older. It was even obvious on the night that Rea was being sent up to Keroon for further teaching with the Harper available at the major Hold… Jolyn begged to go, despite that fact that she didn't need to just yet, and her parents eventually humored her to let her go with her older sister. It's still that same decision that haunts her today, for it was during that visit to the major Hold that her parents were killed. She holds disgust for herself, convinced if she hadn't gone, she might have prevented their deaths… even though to other's it's obvious she would've just been another victim.
Due to both girls being too young to return and take over their parent's cothold, the two were taken to live with their Aunt and Uncle in Fort, where their cousins were spoiled, and they were given the bare necessities. Adding more to the young lass' guilt, her sister did odd jobs around the Hold to buy things for her younger sister, and in the opportunities that she could, Jolyn helped her sister to complete these tasks that she would get paid a mark or two for. This lasted another Turn or so, until the two were old enough to return to Keroon on their own, to which the Lord Holder showed his favor of the young girl's parents, and rewarded them with the marks her parents had saved up for them.
They were only their at Keroon for another six months or so, before Rea was searched by Western Weyr for their upcoming clutch, and in similar fashion, Jolyn followed after her, being fostered at the Weyr while her older sister stood as a Candidate. Another month or two and her elder sister impressed to the young gold… leaving Jolyn mostly to her own devices, something she had never experienced, and at the same time resented in the dragons, who had taken her sister from her.
Even when she was searched by Xanadu Weyr, Jolyn held a small resentment for the dragons of the Weyr, and at the same time felt incredibly alone without her parents or sister with her, or at least nearby. Eventually, she warmed up to her fellow Candidate, Tessa, and made the most of her time as a Candidate at Xanadu, fulfilling her duties to the T, even if she remained the quiet mouse that she had come to be known as. It wasn't until the green hatchling known as Sirenath looked into her eyes that the resentment for dragon-kind fell away, opening the young girl's eyes to an understanding of being a rider that she lacked before.
After Weyrlinghood, the young greenrider decided to take up Dragonhealing as a side-craft, learning as much as she could at the Xanadu craft, and then eventually traveling to Ierne Weyrhold to continue a more in depth study with the Craft. Ierne is where she currently resides, to complete her training, though she still bears the knots of Xanadu, reporting into her Weyr's assigned Wing when she is required to do so. So, one could say the lass has two homes, at the moment…

Search, Candidacy and Impression

Jolyn, the younger sister of the junior Weyrwoman Rea at Western Weyr, was escorted into the barracks by a rather flustered, and annoyed Telira. Though, if asked, the brownrider will assure everyone that it had nothing to do with the girl not much past her fourteenth birthday, but the antics of her wingleader Senkyou.

Jolyn herself is a somewhat subdued teenager, though a certain amount of that could be a side effect of her somewhat depressing youth as well as the rank of her older sister. There's much hope that the twiggy, rather nondescript brown-haired girl will grow out of her shell as she finds herself in a new environment at Xanadu, out from her sister's shadow. While Jolyn seems to be settling in better than many expected, she's still rather a work in progress, slowly making friends.

Despite trying to hide in the shadows of the other candidates as the various eggs hatched on the Xanadu Sands, Jolyn was discovered by a wandering green hatchling who tugged her away from Tessa. But, despite her fear, Jolyn quickly became joyful, and Joy - rider to Drawing the Line Green Sirenath.


Name Relation Location Position
Jon Father Deceased Keroon Holder
Linara Mother Deceased Keroon Holder
Rea Sister Western Weyr Senior Weyrwoman with Gold Bennueth


Drawing the Line Green Sirenath

A sea foam green bubbles around this dragon's lean body, all long limbs that makes this stylish green tower over most other of her color. Her snout is long and sweeps back into a yellow-speckled crown that grace her eyeridges and head knobs, down her elegantly arched neck to the lithe yet powerful shoulders where the yellow darkens into a seductive crimson. The red swirls in and out of the lighter green, melting away only for the darkening emerald down the curves of her belly and haunches and mysteriously unobserved in the teal sails of her small wings. Scarlet returns to highlight the long lengths of her legs and streak down the smooth thin tail that trails far behind her.


Title OOC Date Cast
Xanadu Hatching, December 20, 2008 December 20, 2008 Alix Aradir Arinith Caryn Delgin Delynni Dementh Ellamariseth Gostam Joiran Jollen Jolyn Loralle Neferennu Rea R'miel Rohelte Ryukith Saige Senkyou Seryth Shellie S'ya Tessa Thea Tione T'maz Ulaekimajith Vivian Yaike Ysa Zeituth
NPC Xanadu Hatching, December 10, 2008 December 10, 2008 Andalien, Aradir, Caryn, Delgin, Ellamariseth, Eraniya, Faila, Gostam, Hesketh, Jerillian, Joiran, Jollen, Jolyn, Kate, Keitari, Kilaueth, Loralle, Neferennu, Niva, Noel, Nytor, Rysiea, S'ya, Tessa, Thea, Tione, Vivian, Yaike, Ysa


"Let me be Myself" by 3 Doors Down

I guess I just got lost
Bein' someone else
I tried to kill the pain
Nothin ever helped
I left myself behind
Somewhere along the way
Hopin to come back around
To find myself someday


Lately I'm so tired of waiting for you
To say that it's ok, but tell me
Please, would you one time
Just let me be myself
So I can shine with my own light
Let me be myself
Would you let me be myself

I'll never find my heart
Behind someone else
I'll never see the light of day
Living in this cell
It's time to make my way
Into the world I knew
Take back all of these times
That I gave in to you


That's all I've ever wanted from this world
Is to let me be me

[Chorus x3]

Would you one time… oooh
Let me be myself
Let me be me

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